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Thomson, Mrs. R. 6 Rokekby ter
Thomson, Mrs. Hugh, 6 Nelson ter
Thomson, Mrs. Robert, 12 Hill-
head pi
Townsend, Jos. 15 Grosvenor ter
Tomlin, R. K. warehouseman, 5
Kerrsland ter
Trobe, Fredk. Scott La, 3 Kerrs-
land ter
Tulloch, Wm. 96 St. Vincent st ;
house, 2 Ashton terrace
Turnbull, Alex. 4 Thornville ter
Turnbull, Andrew H. Dunard villa,
Turner, Alexander Angus, 2 Vic-
toria ter
Turner, John, 2 Victoria ter
Turner, Mrs. "Wm. M. 2 Victoria
ter. Dowanhill
Tweedley, David, jun. writer, 3
Otago street
Union Bank of Scotland, Billhead
branch, 21 Gt. Western road
Vass, David Ross, 2 Belmont
Veitch, John, M.A. LL.D. Prof,
of Logic and Rhetoric, The Col-
lege and the Loaning, Peebles
Waddell, A. M. house factor, 10
Bothwell ter
Walker, David D. 11 Bothwell pi
Walker, David P. 8 Bloomfieldpl
Walker, John E. cab office, 44
Hamilton pi
Walker, Robert, 63 Kelvin ter
Walker, Robert, jun. 6 Crown cir
Walker, Robert, 6 Nelson ter
Walker, Walter, wine mprch. 12
Rokeby ter.; ho. 1 W. Garden st
Walker, W. J. 14 Huntly gardens
Walker, William, Derwent house,
Kelvinside gardens
Walker, Mrs. 6 Buckingham bulds.
Wallace, Walter, church officer,
Established Church, Victoria
St.; ho. 22 Church st. Partick
Wallace, Dr. Wm. analytical che-
mist, F.R.S.E , F.C.S., 8 Gran-
by ter. Hillhead st
Walls, Wm. 2 Belhaven ter
Walton, William Gaudy, 6 Hills-
borough square
Walton, Mrs. 6 Hillsborough sq
Wands, Charles, 6 Hillhead pi
Warden, James, 4 Oakfield ter
Warden, Thomas, 53 Hamilton dr
Warden, Miss, 4 Oakfield ter
Watson, Alex. James (of Mitchell
& Watson), 10 Kew ter
Watson, Henry (of J. & R. Young
& Co.), 8 Victoria crescent
Watson, John E. 16 Belhaven ter
Watson, Laurence, 11 Belmount
Watson, Robert, 9 Belhaven ter
Watson, Thomas, 9 Belhaven ter
Watson, Thos. 11 Belmont cresc.
Watson, Mrs. David, 11 Belmont
Watson, Mrs. James, 2 Floren-
tine gardens
Watt, Charles C. 5 Hamilton
Park quadrant
Weir, Duncan H. D.D. professor of
oriental languages, University;
house, University
Weir, James, baker & confectioner,
1 Buckingham buildings, Gt.
West, rd.; ho. 33 Bothwell pi. do
Weir, William, 10 Prince's ter
Wells, Andrew, 13 Nelson ter
Wharrie, Thos. 5 Kew ter
Wharrie, Miss, 18 Wilson st
Whyte, Angus (of Easdale Slate
Co. Easdale), ho. 30 Sardin. ter
Whyte, James, H.M. Customs, 6
Hillhead pi
White, John C. Oakfield cottage,
University avenue
Whyte, William, Oakfield cottage,
University avenue
Whitelaw, Gavin, 14 Merkland ter
Whitelaw, Wm. 10 Kelvin drive
Williamson, Geo. 3 Kelvin ter
Williamson, Jas. butcher, 4 Buck-
ingham buildings
Williamson, Jas. 4 Sardinia ter
Williamson, Jas. F. property agent,
4 Sardinia terrace
Williamson, Mathew, flesher, 8
Ashton pi. ; ho. 76 Raglan pi.
Williamson, Oliphant, 7 Albion
crescent, Dowanhill
Williamson, Mrs. D. 3 Kelvin ter
Wilson, Alex. 6 Ashfield terrace
Wilson, Archd. C. town clerk, 16
Ann street
Wilson, David, 14 Hillhead gards.
Wilson, James, 5 Oakvale
Wilson, James, letter-carrier, Hill-
head ; ho. 2 St. Ann's pi. Duke st
Wilson, James, artist, 11 Bel-
grave ter. Great Western road
Wilson, James A. (of John Wilson
& Sons) 1 St. James' street
Wilson, Jn. (of Wilson & Christie),
house, Hillhead
Wilson, John, M.D. F.F.P.S.G. 2
Eton gardens; ho. 59 Wilson st
Wilson, John, 10 Nelson terrace
Wilson, M. & J. china merchants,
36 Belmont place
Wilson, Robert, tea merchant, 22
Ashfield terrace
Wilson, Samuel, 6 Belmont cres
Wilson, Wm. (of Campbellfield),
house, Holmhurst
Wi'son, Mrs. 9 Kelvin drive
Wilson, Miss, 5 Hillhead place
Wingate, John, 6 Kelvin drive
Wingate, John Birkmyre (of Black
& Wingate), 9 Windsor terrace
Wingate, W. E. (of Hewit & Win-
gate), 18 Hillsborough sq
Whitehead, Jas. L. 10 Belgrave
Wink, James, C.A. 2 Doune ter
Wollheim, Leopold, merchant, 5
South Park terrace
Wood, John Muir, 17 Roslyn ter
Wright, J. Brooks, 6 Belhaven ter
Wright, Thos. G. 4 Belgrave ter
Wright, Thomas, 1 Belmont ter
Wright, Wm. 19 Kew terrace
Wyld, Thos. 23 Hamilton drive
Wylie, Mrs. R. D. 3 Crown gards.
Wjlie, Mrs. 12 Oakfield terrace
Wyse, Miss, 12 Markland ter
Yuill, Alexander, 2 Ashfield ter
Young, Rev. David, Baptist minis-
ter, house, 2 Ashfield ter
Young, F. 18 Eton place
Young, James S. 18 Merkland ter
Young, James, 9 Doune ter
Young, John, 9 Doune terrace
Young, John E. manufacturer, 15
Westbourne gardens
Young, John, jun. 3 Kelvin drive
Young, John, 4 Cecil street
Young, John, M.D. professor of
natural history, University; ho.
13 Sardinia terrace
Young, Robert, 8 Crown gardens
Young, Thomas, 18 Eton place
Young, Thos. 18 Merkland ter
Young, T. C. writer, 4 Gt. Kelvin
Young, T. C. M.A. jun. 4 Great
Kelvin terrace
Young, Wm. (of Young & Kin-
loch), ho. 6 Rokeby ter
Young, Mrs. 1 South Park ter
Thomas Dick, senior magistrate;
George Lindsay and William
Mair, junior magistrates
1st Ward. — Joseph Leckie, Andw.
Dunleavy, James Whyte
2nd Ward. — Thomas Dick, Andw.
Boa, Wm. Aitchison
3rd Ward. — George Lindsay, Peter
Young, William Mair
4th Ward. — James Hamilton, Jas.
Hillhouse, Osbourne Smith
William Lucas, clerk; Charles
M Arthur, fiscal; W. R. Cop-
land, C.E. surveyor; Jas. Pa-
terson, treasurer and collector;
John Dougall, M.D. medical
officer ; and Donald M'Donald,
sanitary inspector ; Burgh office,
Retreat pi Stanley street
As this Burgh is within the City
delivery, the names are given
in General Directory
Adam, Alexander, teacher, head
master, Langside Academy,
Edgehill I ouse
Adam, Wm. artist, Edgehill house
Algie, Matthew, Norwood

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