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Skimming, Mrs. wools & hosiery,
27 & 29 Great Western road;
house, 1 Otago street
Skinner, F. E. (of D. Macmasier
& Skinner), 1 South Park ter
Sloan, Alex. 5 Ashton ter
Sloan, John, 17 Victoria cres
Sloan, Win. ship owner, 4 Bel-
mont crescent
Small, Francis, nursery and seeds-
man, West Bank ho. Gibson st
Smeaton, Henry, 161 Sandring-
harn terrace
Smeaton, John C. 6 Rokeby ter
Smith, Alex. 26 Ashfieid ter
Smith, Chas. A. 24 Oakfield ter
Smith, Chas. A. 4 Hamilton Park
Smith, David, 3 Gr. Western ter
Smith, Hugh F. 1 Craiglaw pi
Smith, Gordon, 3 Belgrave ter
Smith, James, Benvue, Dowanhill
Smith, James (of Francis & James
Smith), St. Kilda
Sinith,Jas. Oakvale ho. Oakvale
Smith, J. B. 2 Florentine ter
Smith, J. Baird, 9 Victoria cres
Smith, John (of Wilson & Mathe-
son), 5 Kersland terrace
Smith, Patrick, 30 Hamilton dr
Smith, Hubert (of John H. Good-
win, Bradford), 1 Viewfield ter
Smith, Sydney, painter and paper-
hanger, Gt. Western rd. and 110
W. Reg. st. ; ho. 2 Bothwell ter
Smith, Wm. 11 Bloomfield pi
Smith, W. H. 4 Portman pi
Smith, W. R. W. 27 Buckingham
Saodgrass, G. W. 6 Buckingham
Snodgrass, J. F. (of J. & K.
Snodgrass), 5 Crown gardens
Snodgrass, John (of J. & R. Snod-
grass), 5 Crown gardens
Sornmerville, Rev. A. N. minister
of Free Church, Cadogan St. ;
house, 11 South Park ter
Sornerville, Arch. Hillsborough sq
Sorley, Robert, 1 Kerrsland st
Speirs, D. Alex. 12 Doune terrace
Speirs, George, 12 Doune terrace
Speirs, James, 1 Kerrsland st
Speirs, Moses, & Sons, plumbers,
gasfitters, and heWhaD gears, 39
G. West, rd; ho. 43 Bothwell pi
Spencer, John, 2 Eostyn ter
Spens, Ju. A. writer, 3 Gran'oy ter
Spens, Nathl. C. A. 3 Granby ter
Spens, Mrs. Wm. 3 Granby ter
Stark, J. M. teacher of English
and classics, 25 Buckingham ter
Steegmann, Julius, 32 Bucking-
ham terrace
Steel, James, jun. 24 Buckingham
Steel, Jas. boot and shoemaker, 15
Bothwell pi. Gt. Western rd
Steele, Jn. 12 Albion cres. Dowanh.
Steel, Mrs. Thos. 43 Bothwell pi
Stenhouse, A. W. University
bookseller and stationer, Uni-
versity Avenue; ho. 63 Great
Western road
Stenhouse, A. W. University and
general bookseller and stationer,
University avenue, College gate;
ho. 63 Great Western rd
Stenhouse, Mrs. James, 63 Great
Western road
Steven, Alexander, jun. 6 South
Park terrace
Steven, Hugh, 4 Buckingham ter
Steven, James, 6 Eton ter
Steven, Mrs. John, 6 Bothwell ter
Stevenson, Boyd M, 28 Sardin. ter
StevensoD, J. M. Polkck, 15 Sar-
dinia ter
Stevenson, T. Hu. 8 Belmont cres-
Stevenson, W. A. 11 Hillsboro. sq
Stevenson, Wm. 6 Nelson st
Stevenson, Mrs. Thos. 2 University
drive, Ann street
Stewart, Alex. 2 University drive
Stuart, Jas. Hay, 5 St. James' ter
Stewart, Jas. 6 Buckingham builds
Stewart, J. 41 Bothwell pi
Stewart, John, 11 Bloomfield pi
Stewart, John, 1 Kersland st
Stewart, John R. 6 Loudon ter.
Observatory road
Stewart, Jn. 2 Hamilton Park ter
Stewart, Robert, Linden lodge,
Dowanhill gardens
Steven, Alex. jun. 6 So. Park ter
Stirrat, Robert, 2 Stuart pi
Stiven, James, 6 Eton ter
Stobo, William, builder, 26 Sar-
dinia ter. Cecil st
Stodart, John, 2 Kelvinside ter
Strachan, Ales. 10 Kerrsland ter
Sirachan, Wm. 10 Rokeby ter
Strang, M. W. (office for Dowan-
hill and Broomloan Estates),
ho. 6 Westbank ter
Strang, Samuel H. 26 Hamilton
Park terrace
Strathern, Mrs. 14 Kew ter
Stronach, R. S. (of City of Glas-
gow Bank), 13 Crown gardens
Strong, Rev. Charles, minister, 3
Lianwood terrace «
Strong, Rev. Dav. minister of Hill-
head Church, 5 Linnwood ter
Struthers, Thomas, 5 Oakfield ter
Sutherland, J. F. teacher, Hill-
head house, Hillhead st ; house,
2 Florentine ter
Sutherland, Mrs. Laurelbank, Wil-
son street
Sword, Robert, Marleybauk
Symington, John (of National
Bank of Scotland), Bloomfield
house, Great George st
Symington, R, S. 16 Ashton ter
Taggart, Henry R. 7 Westbourne
Tait, Benjamin, grocer and wine
merchant, 68 Hamilton place;
house, 4 St. James' st
Taylor, Gilbert, 12 Victoria cresc.
Taylor, Hugh, Dowauside, Ob-
servatory hill
Taylor, Jones, 20 Bloomfield pi
Taylor, John, 6 Kersland ter
Taylor, J. M. writer, North bank,
Kelvinside gardens
Taylor, Robert, 1 Hamilton drive
Taylor, Rev. Walter Ross (of
Kelvinside Free Church), ho.
1 Marchmout ier. Victoria park
Taylor, Misses, 2 Kirklee avenue
Teesdale, Jas. E. 4 Smith street
Telf'er, Eliza. Robertson, teacher
of piano, 4 Ashfieid place
Templeman, James, 63 Great
Western rd
Templeman, Mrs. 63 Great West-
ern road
Templeton, James (at Archd. Orr
Ewing's), 5 Belmont ter
Templeton, Mrs. 5 Belmont ter
Thorn, James, 9 Belmont crescent
Thomas, Chas. 15 Hamilton drive
Thomas, John, 15 Hamilton drive
Thomas, Margt. 15 Hamilton drive
ThomsoD, Allen, M.D. professor of
anatomy, University; house, 9
Thomson, Alex. 6 Nelson ter
Thomson, Alex. H. F. 2 Floren-
tine ter
Thorns .i), David, 5 Rokeby ter
Thomson, D. J. 4 Rosiyn ter
Thomson, Hugh J. 12 Hillhead pi
Thomson, Hugh, 6 Nelson ter
Thomson, Rev. Jas. 14 Nelson ter
Thomson, James, LL.D., Professor
of Civil Engineering and Mecha-
nics (University), resid. Oak-
field House
Thomson, Ju. 6 Westbourne gard
Thomson, J. S. 3 Victoria cresc.
Thomson, Jonath. 3 St. John's ter
Thomson, Laurence, 2 Kelvin ter
Thomson, M. C. manufacturer, 9
Ashton ter
Thomson, Robert, dairyman, 11
Buckingham buildings ; ho. 138
St. George's road
Thomson, R. 12 Hillhead pi
Thomson, Robert, 2 Kelvin drive
Thomson, S. M. seed merchant, 13
Rokeby terrace
Thomson, Theodore P. tobacconist,
34 Belmont place
Thomson, Thos. 1 Oakvale
Thomson, Wm. L. R. 12 Mark-
land terrace
Thomson, Wm. 1 Oakvale
Thomson, Sir Wm. LL D. pro-
fessor of natural philosophy,
University ; house, do
Thomson, Mrs. Archibald, 2 Cecil
st. Buckingham buildings
Thomson, Mrs. M. 13 Rokeby ter

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