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IJowslcad, William, & Co., tobacco pipe inanufactrs.
G ! Duke street.
liOYACK, Alexander, cigar merchant and tobac-
conist, 16G Argyle street ; house, 47 Oswald st.
I50YCE, John, jun., & Co , merchants, Virginia bds.
Hoyce, John T., jiin., of John Boyce, jnn ^ if Co.
liOYD, Adam, wright and timber merchant, 35
Douglas street ; house, ] i do.
Boyd, Adam, con-mission merchant, 95 Hutcheson
street ; house, Fife place, Shawlands.
lioyd, Alexander, manufacturer, G2 Hutcheson st
lioyd, David, & Co., wholesale stationers, 119 In-
gram street.
Boyd, Edmund, teacher. Free Normal Sominarj-;
house, 3Icadowvaie Cottage, Ch'de st., Bartick.
J)oyd & Fergnson, brici^ builders, 8 Crown street and
5 Moore street.
lioj^d, George, ironmonger, S-IS Buchanan street;
liouse, 57 Nortli Hanover street.
Uoyd, Henry, whip and thong manufactory, 117
Stockwell street.
Hoyd, Henrj-, M.D. and surgeon, 2 19 Gallowgate.
Boyd, Rev. James, D.D., minister of the Tron
parish ; house, 5 Woodside terrace.
Bovd, James, tailor, l-i Gloucester street.
Hoyd, James, merchant, 64 Oxford street.
Boyd, James, baker, 2\b Argyle street; house, 192
Argyle street.
Boyd, Jas., grocer, "23 I'riJgest ; ho. 70O.\fordst.
Boyd, James, grocer, 18G Stirling's road.
Boyd, Captain John, at G. cf J. Bums' ; house, 1
Great Wellington street. Paisley road.
Eoyd, John, writer, 17 Gordon street; house, Kirk-
hill, Mearns.
Boyd, John, wright and joiner, 38 Charlotte lane
and 79 Greendyke street; house, 54 Oxford street.
Boyd, John, clerk, Statute Labour Office, 1 Police
lane ; house, 4 Herbertson street, Laurieston.
Boyd, John, hairdres-er, C4 Stockwell street.
Boyd, John, 31 Morrison street, Kingston.
Boyd, Joseph, spirit dealer, 8 Abercrombj' street;
house, 73 New Vennel.
Boyd & Penman, coalmasters, Pather Colliery,
Wishaw; office, 83 Jamaica street.
Bo3d, Eidph S., of Darid Boyd iSf Co. ; house,
Nithfdale place. Paisley road.
Boyd, Robert, baker, 39 Nelson street, Tradcston.
Eoyd, Robert, & Co., yarn and goods commission
merchants, 70 George square ; goods' entry, 273
George street.
lioyd, Robert, of Robert Boyd tf Co. ; house, Oak-
shawhead, Paisley-.
Boyd, Robert, carter, 271 Parliamentary rd. ; ho. do.
Hoyd, 'ihomas, calico piinter, 9 George square,
until September; after that date, 23 Exchange
square; house, 25 India street.
Bo^d, William, salesman, T. Boyd's^ house, West-
banl; cf:ttage, Partickhill.
lioyd, William, grain and flour merchant, Rockvilla
(irain Mills; office, 53 Oswald street; house. Oak-
bank liouse. Old Basin.
Hoyd, \ViIliam, & Son, cabinetmakers and wocd
merchants, 82 Union street; workshops, 4 Hyde
park street.
Hoyd, William, of Boyd cj- Penman ; house, 18 Pol-
lock street, Paisic}' road.
Hoyd, William, 38 Windsor terrace.
Ho3'd, William, iron-founder, John street Foundry,
114 John street ; house, 65 Bath street.
Bo}-d, Mrs. Alexander, 12 Pollock street.
Boj-d, Mrs. David, 303 St. Vincent street.
Boyd, Mrs. James, 41 Oxford street.
Boyd, Mrs. James, 11 Abbotsford place.
Bovd, Mrs. John, broker, 38 Clyde st , Anderston.
Boyd, Jlrs., bookseller and stationer, 11 Glebe st.
Boj'd, Misses, straw-bonnet and dress makers, 108
South Portland street.
Boyd, Helen, grocer and victualler, 287 High street.
Boyd, Jane, hotel and innkeeper, II M'Pherson
street, and 52 High street.
BOYLE, Alexander, carver, gilder, and picture-
frame maker, 53 Stockwell street ; house, 47 do.
Boyle, Alex., victualler, 50 Saltniarket.
Boyle, Edward, spirit dealer, 13 St. Ninian street.
Boyle, James, contractor and spirit dealer, 150, 152
Main street, Goibals.
Bo3-le, James S., bag maker and waste dealer, 69
Brunswick street; house, 85 Trongate.
Boj'le, James, eating house keeper, 26 Bell street.
Boyle, John, brickmaker & builder; brickwork,
Newlands, Camlachie ; house, 102Bellgrove st.
Boyle, John, rag merchant, 31 Brown street ; house,
157 Bridgegate.
Boyle, John, spirit dealer and contractor, 1 Great
Hamilton street.
Boyle, John, dairynan, 73, 75 Dale St., Tradeston.
Boyle, Robert, & Co., painters and paperhangers, 73
Union slnet.
Boyle, William, contractor for carting, 39 Alston
street; house, 16 Hope street.
Boyle, Mrs., cowfceder, 48 Crown street.
Boyle, Miss E., straw hat maker, 40 Candleriggs.
Boyle, Misses, straw-hat makers, 46 Eglinton street.
BOYSON, Hans, stevedore, 23 Oxford street.
BRACE, Edmund, & Co., wine and spirit brokers, 9
Exchange square and 85 Queen street ; agents for
Ysasi &Co., Xerezdela Frontera; Offley, Cramp,
& Co., Lisbon and Oporto; I.anson, Pere &, Fils,
Eheims ; Plar.at & Co., Cognac ; A. Barthes &
Co., Catalonia ; L. Dclbos, Aine, Bordeaux ; and
Cantor & Son, Crenznach.
Brace, Edmund, of Edmund Brace tj- Co.; house,
Clvdeview, Partick.
BRACKENRIDGE, David, grocer, 2 Finnieston st.
Brackenridge, John, bootmaker, 13 Eglinton St.;
house, 7-J do.
Brackenridge, Mrs., lodgings, 36 Sauchiehall street.
BRADLEY, James, spirit dealer, S3 East Clyde st.
Bradley, John, broker, 15 Rottenrow ; house, 13 do.
BRAD'SHAW, Philip, cork manufacturer, 33 Stir-
ling street; house, 100 Nelson street.
Bradshaw's Railway Guide Office; James Eeid,
agent, 138 Argyle street.
Bradsliaw, William, wine and spirit merchant, 77
Stobcross street; house, 34 Dumbarton road.
Braicmead Colliery Depot, 2 Tennant street ; James
Crawford, agent.
BRAID, Alexander, hairdresser, 342 High street.
Braid, Alex , cabinet and picture frame maker, 8
Buchan street ; house, 45 John street.
Braid, Thomas, builder, 26 Robertson street.
BRAIDWOOD, Andrew, engineer, 71 Stockwell
street ; house, do.
BRAMWELL, Misses, dressmakers, 132 Renfrew st.
BRAND, David, lea merchant, 335 Argyle street ;
house, 76 Douglas street, Blj-thswood terrace.
Brand, John, Cdd-fellovi-'s Music .'^aloon and Tavern,
31 Saltniarket.

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