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Urand & Mollison, dyers, 70 Queen street ; works,
74 Milton street.
Brand, Robert S. M., commission mercliant, 105
Soutli Portland street.
Brand, William, of M^Na'vr <j- Brand; house, Bar-
sliaw, Renfrewshire.
Brand, AVilliam, nf Brand ij- MoUhon ; house, 7
West Prince's street.
Brand, Mrs. A., 14-1 George street.
BRANNAN, P., rag and waste merchant, 12 Main
street, Go:bals; hou^e, 103 Saltinarket.
Braniian, Agnes, broker, 5G King street, Tradeston.
BRANNIGAN, Hugh G., tailor and clothier, 42
Bedford street.
BRANSTON, 'I'homas, assistant superintendent of
police, ad inU'rim, Western District, Warroch
street; liouse, 140 Stobcross street.
BRaSH, Robert, sen., cooper, 100 Mnxwell street;
house, G Croy plitce.
Brash, Walter," o/ Walter Brash ij- Co. ; house, 152
Hill street, Garneibill.
Brash, Walter, & Co., warehousemen, S'J Ingram
street and 93 GLissfbrd street.
Brazilian Vice Consulate, 98 Fife place, West
George street ; Robert Gray, vice-consul.
BREADY, John, scrap iron and general merchant,
4 & G Centre street ; house, 20 JIain St., Gorbals.
BREBNER, John, of Scohle, Bnbiier, <j- Levack ;
house, 154 Hill street, Garnethill.
BREDIE, J., brush and basket warehouse, 203
Sauchiehinll street; house, 3 Buccleuch street.
Rkedisiioi.m Coal Co., 243 Buchanan street.
BREEN, James, fruit merchant, Bazaar; house,
14 1 George street.
BREMNER, Duncan, baker, 334 Gallowgate.
Bremner, D., merchant, 56 Howard street.
Bremner, G. W . M., Xorthern Insurance Co., 97
North Fiederick street.
Bremner, Maf;nus, book-keeper, St. Rollox Glass-
works ; house, 74 Taylor street.
Bremner, Rev. Robert, M.A., clergyman of Free
Gorbals Church, 26 King street, Tradeston; house,
10 Kingston place.
Bremner, William, plasterer, 24 Soutii Apsley place
and 73 Centre street ; house, 50 South Apsley pi.
BRENNAN, James, broker, 18 West Milton street.
BRERETON, Mrs., professor of music, 33 Scotia
BRICELAND, Michael, general merchant, 92 Main
street, Gorbals; house, 80 do.
BRIDGE, Samuel, fruiterer, 22G George street;
house, 223 do.
Bridgegate Church (Estab.), 14 East Clyde St. ;
Rev. Jas. Mitchell, minister; house, 28 Abbots-
ford place.
BiiiDGKTON Bowling Green, 237 Main St., Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Church (Estab.); Rev. G. Simpson, A.M.,
minister, Dale street, Bridgeton.
Bridgeton District liegistry Oilice, 44 Canning st ;
Alex. Waddell, registrar; house, 72 Canning St.
Bridgeton Free Church, John street, Bridgeton ;
Rev. Ale.x. Wilson, minister.
Bridgeton Old Victualling &■ Baking Society; Thos.
M'Gibbon, grocer and spirit dealer, 98 & i)8J
Main street, Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Public Library and Reading Room ; AVm.
Wishart, librarian and stationer, 97 JIain street;
house, 92 John street, Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Public School, 94 Main street. Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Victualling Society, grocers and spiiit
merchants, 176 Main street, Bridgeton ; David
Ballantine, mimnger.
BRIGGS, John, of Briggs cj- MadeHan ; house, 88
Abbotsford place.
Briggs & ?ilaclellan, clothiers, hat and shirt nier-
cliants, 57 Union street.
Briggs, Thomas, manuf.icturer of patent colliery
ropes, cart and r.dlway waggon covers, tarpauling,
oil-clolh canvas, twine, &c., 72 & 98 Hutclieson st.
BRINKLEY & Wilson, dint and whiting manufac-
turers, North Woodsivie Jlills.
BRISB.\NE, Peter, cowfeeder, 163 West Graham st.
Britannia Life Assurance Co., 20 Buchanan street
and 126 Renfrew sireet; Neil Johnston, agent.
British Asphahe Co., Asphalte and Tar Distilling
Co.; office, 62 Buchanan street; Gregory Bird,
British Emfiire Mutual Fire & Life Assnr.ance Co.,
62 Buchanan street ; Robert Walker, jun., agent.
British Empire Fire Assurance Company ; Robertson
& Son, agents, 38 King street, Tradeston.
British & Foreign Steam Navigitiun Co.; G. & J.
Burns, 9 Buchanan street.
British Guarantee Association; D. & A. Cuthbert-
snn, 110 Fife place. West George stieet, and S.
JI. Penney, 10 St. Vincent place, agents.
British Iron Foundrj' ; Alston & Gourlay, 598 Gal-
British & Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company, 22 &
24 Royal Exchange square.
British Linen Compan}- Bank, corner of Queen st.
& Ingrain street ; Patrick Brodie, agent.
British & North American Royal Mail Steam-Packet
Company; G. & J Burns, 9 Buchanan street.
British Plate Glass Co.; David Ramsey, & Co.,
agents, 128 St. Vincent street.
British Woollen Mart, 67 Argyle street; Andrew
BRITTAN, Martin, tailor, 132 Trongate.
BROADFOOT, Alex., ofBroadfoot, Duuglas 4- Co. ,-
house, St. James's terrace.
Broadfoot, Douglas, & Co., shawl manufacturers &
commission merchants, 4 John street.
Broadfoot, James, commercial traveller, 42 St. An-
drew street ; house, 36 do.
Broadfoot, John, plumber & lead mercht., 28Lance-
fie'.d qua}'; house, 20 Minerva street.
Broadfoot, Miss, milliner & dressmaker, 36 St. An-
drew street.
BROADLEY, J. hn, at II. P. Bee cf- Ca.'s ; 82 St.
Vincent street.
Bioadlej', John, grocer, 60 Muse lane ; house, 56
Stewart street, Cowcaddens.
Broadley, Mrs., confectioner, 25 Milton street.
BROCK, Archibald, eating house, 110 Main street,.
Anderston ; house, do.
Brock, Hugh, spirit mer., 74 Carrick st. ; house, do.
Brock, JameS; accountant, 48 Buchanan street.
Biock, James, tobacco manufacturer, GO Stockwell
street; house, 115 Thistle street, Uutchesontown.
Brock, John, fruiterer & green grocer, 125 New
City road.
Brock, Wm., & Son, grain mercht3.,37 E. Howard st.
Brock, William, sen., of Wm. Brock if Son; house,.
1 5 Abbotsford place.
Brock, Mrs. Henry, 12 Woodside crescent.
BROCKAT, William, joiner, ship-carpenter, and
blockmaker, 20 Yoik street ; house, 24 do.
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