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Aird, Andrew, 9 Buchanan street.
Alexander, John, 75 Argyle street.
Anderson, Robert, 3 Royal Exchange sq.
Bell and Bain, 1 5 .St, Enoch square.
Blackie, W. G. & Co. 50 St. James' rd.
Bowie and Moore, 121 St, Vincent street.
Brown, James, 85 Blackfriars street.
Buckie, W. F. & Co. 16 St. Enoch sq.
Burns and Stewart, 28 East Clyde street.
Cameron, James, 147 High street.
Christian News and Day Star Office, 142
Trongate and Brunswick lane.
Chronicle Office, 15 Turner's court.
Citizen Office, 22 St, Enoch square.
Clow and Macrone, 13 Dixon street.
Collins, Win. & Co. Ill N. Montrose st.
Constitutional Office, 20 Dixon street.
Courier Office, 75 Argyle street.
Darley, George M. & Co. 15 Turner's ct.
Davidson, K. and R. 33 Virginia street.
Donald, John, 470 Argyle street.
Dunn, S. and T. 102 Union street.
Eadie, Wm. & Co. 8 Prince's square.
Examiner Office, 7 Argyle street.
Free Press Office, 164 Trongate.
Gilchrist, W. 145 Argyle street.
Glasgow Advertiser Office, 104 Union st.
Graham, John, 23 Royal Exchange sq.
Gray and Son, 67 Trongate.
Hamilton, W. 137, 141 Eenfield street.
Hedderwick, J. & Son, 22 St. Enoch sq.
Herald Office, 182 Trongate.
Holms, N. J. & Co. ornamental, 30 Cochran
Hntcheson, J. 9 Sussex pi. Adelphi st.
Inglis, Robert, 203 Gallowgate.
Jarvie, James, 220 Thistle street.
Leitch, W. M. 6 St. Andrew's lane.
Lindsay, James, 9 King street, City.
Lyle, Robert, 18 Turner's court.
M'Callum, James, 182 Trongate.
M'Corquodale & Co. 32 Dunlop street.
M'Donald, John, 280 Argyle street.
M'Farlane, W. and R, 333 Sauchiehall st,
and 24 George street.
M'Gregor, Adam, 59 Crown street.
M'Kenzie, Peter, & Co. 24 Howard st.
Mackenzie, William, 45, 47 Howard st.
M'Laren, W. G. 229 Argyle street.
M'Lay, John, & Co. 108 Argyle street.
Maclure, D. and Son, 62 Argyle street.
Maclure & M'Donald, 20 St!" Vincent pi.
M'Nab & Co. 42 St. Andrew square.
M'Nab, James, 11 Miller street.
M'Pherson, Charles, 31 Taylor street.
Muir, Robert, & Co. 4 Dunlop street.
Munsie, R. Guardian Office, 94 Miller st,
Murray, T. & Son, 16 St. Enoch square
and 49 Buchanan street.
Nisbet, Hay, 142 Trongate.
N. B. Advertiser Office, 10 R. Exch. sq.
N. B. Daily Mail, 102 to 114 Union st.
Outram, G. & Co. 182 Trongate.
Orr, Francis, and Sons, 107 Union street.
Rankin, Wm. 37 Jamaica street.
Reformer's Gazette Office, 24 Howard st.
Richardson, George, 55 Glassford street.
Ross & Co, 118 Union street.
Saturday Post Office, 87 Argyle street,
Scott, John, 145 Argyle street.
Scottish Guardian Office, 94 Miller street.
Sinclair, Archibald, 62 Argyle street.
Smith, Thomas, 42 Argyle street.
Steven, R. M. 16 Montrose street.
University Office, 55 Glassford straet.
Wright, C. L. 45 Union street.
Wright, John, & Co. 62 Argyle street.
Anderson, William, and Co., 2 Howard st.
Athya, John, and Co. 11 Dixon street.
Bald, James, 41 Oswald street.
Brace and Kerr, 30 Hope street.
Davie, John, Virginia buildings.
Edmiston and Mitchell, 25 Gordon st.
Finlay, John R. 32 St. Enoch square.
Fyfe and Morton, 19 St. Enoch square.
Kincaid, John, 80 Union street.
Lambert, Walter, 22 Exchange square.
M'Kenzie, James, Virginia buildings.
Peare, R. M. 13 Dixon street.
Robertson, Robert, 40 Union street.
Robinows and Marjoribanks, 116 St.
Vincent street.
Stuart, George, and Co. 346 Argyle st.
Smith, Wm. and Co. 18, 20 Dunlop st.
Wilson, H. L. 128 St. Vincent street.
Abernethy, John, 223 High street.
Aitchison, W. & Co. 76 Cumberland st.
Aitchison, William, 72 Robertson street.
Alexander, Thomas, 328, 330 Gallowgate.
Alexander, Mrs. A. 406 Parliament, rd.
Alison, Miss, 6 Wood lane.
Allan, Alex. jun. & Co. 72 Candleriggs.
Allan, Archd, 8, 10 East Nile street.
Allan, A. and J. 127 Candleriggs ; store,
St. David's court.
Allan, David, 20 Hospital street.
Allan, Robert, 22 Com street, P.-Dundas.
Anderson, G. 164, 166, 168 Castle st.
Anderson, John G. 2 Howard street.
Anderson, W. 133 West Campbell street.
Anderson, Wm. 33 Gloucester street.
Andrew, Mrs. R. 201 Gallowgate.
Armstrong, T. 76 Clyde street, Anderston.
Arthur, John, 106 Maitland street.
Baillie, John, 124 Stobcross street.

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