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Marshall, Wm. 12 Garscadden street.
I Miller and Pearce, 7 1 Hydepark street.
Morton, John, 3 Calton entry.
Rattray, John, 104 Renfield street.
Robertson and Reid, 111 Hydepark st.
Ross, Andrew, & Co. 14, 16 Drury st.
Scott, J. and A. 81 Wellington street.
Shaw and Drummond, 32 Dunlop street.
Sim, John, 24 Hospital street.
Smith, George, 76 Nelson street.
Smith, John, 138, 140 Stockwell.
I Speirs, Robert, 36 1 Argyle street.
I Steel, James, 4 Washington street.
I Steven and Mason, 158 Buchanan st. and
328 Dumbarton road, Partick.
I Stevenson, William, 76 Brown street.
I Sutherland, Wm. 24 Oxford street.
Sutherland, W. G. & Co. 27 Nicholson st.
Sword, Andrew, 28 Norfolk court.
Thomson, Robert, 472 Gallowgate.
Thomson and Yorkston, 49 1 Gallowgate.
I Twaddle and Reid, 117 West George st.
and 1 7 London street.
Walker, James, 392 Gallowgate.
Wallace and Allan, 28 West Nile street.
I Wallace and Connel, 108 Argyle street
and 174 North street, Anderston.
Watson, Archd. 36 George street.
Watson, Thomas, 1 Centre street.
I White and Henderson, 2 Sauchiehall st.
and 133 West Nile street.
Wood, John F. 5 Great Hamilton street
and 50 Dalmarnock road.
Young, John and William, 419^ Argyle
street and 91 Carrick street.
Younger, John, 9 Centre street.
Wilson & Matheson, 54, 58, 60 Candler.
Campbell, Duncan, 143 Buchanan street.
Fisher, B. A. 1 Ingram street.
Graham, Robert, & Co. 108 W. George st.
Barclay, Perkins, and Co. Carron wharf,
Bass & Co. 40 Dunlop street.
Cromer, Geo. 34 Dunlop street.
Dantzic Black Beer Store, 73 Hope st.
Dublin Porter Store, 53 Hope street.
Falkirk Ale Stores, 73 Hope street.
Mack, Mrs. E. 104 Cowcaddens.
Reid & Co. 15 Drury street.
Dessurne, Theresa, 2 Lynedocli pi.
Douglas, John, 128 South Portland st.
Dudgeon, Thomas, 1 South Frederick st.
Greenlees, Robert, 101 St. Stephen's pi.
Holmes, Basil G. 2 Chesham place.
Hunter, J. K. 109 Dale st. Tradeston.,
Hutcheson, J. A. 70 Buccleuch street.
Knott, Tavernor, 55 Bath street.
Lindsay, George, 9 St. Andrew square.
Lutenor, G. A. 86 Bath street.
M'Nee, D. 132 West Regent street.
Magues, Louis, 64 Buchanan street.
Miller, James, 5 1 North Hanover street.
Munro, Daniel, 65 Bath street.
Ritchie, T. L. 201 Buchanan street.
Robertson, A. D. 48 Dundas street.
Robertson, Edward, 255 Sauchiehall st.
Robertson, James, 60 Bath street.
Scott, Sylvester, 39 Cadogan street.
Wallace, William, 104 St. Vincent st.
Wighton, William, 87 Union street.
Woolnoth, Charles, 121 Clarence place.
Adam, John, 232 Duke street.
Anderston Pottery, 149 Finnieston.
Annfield Pottery, 539 Gallowgate.
Bell, J. and M. P. & Co. Stafford street.
Caledonian Pottery, C. basin, Townhead.
Clough, Wm. 604" Gallowgate.
Cochran, R. & Co. Verreville.
Divine, Hugh, & Co. 21 Macfarlane st.
Ferguson, Miller, & Co. 206 Buchanan st.
Glasgow Pottery, Stafford street.
Hydepark Pottery, 45 Hydepark street.
Leviston, S. & Co. 706 Gallowgate.
Lyon & Co. Mountainbleau.
M'Adam, John, 45 Hydepark street.
M'Adam, William, 45 Hydepark street.
Murray and Fullarton, 45 Garngadhill.
Port-Dundas Pottery Co. 66 Bishop st.
Thomson, John, Annfield Pottery.
Wellington Pottery, 604 Gallowgate.
Wilson, Wm. and Son, 706 Gallowgate.
Allan, Mrs. George, 2 1 9 George street.
Allan, James, 8 Wellington arcade.
Alston, W. 95 West George street.
Carton, Mrs. J. P. 125 Fife place.
Duff, Alexander, 111 West George street
and 325 Sauchiehall street.
Fielding, James, 70 Norfolk street.
Gow, Mrs. 199 Sauchiehall street.
Hubbard, R. 1 49 West Regent street.
Liddell, John, Bazaar.
M'Cue, William, & Co. 45 Stockwell.
M'Culloch, Francis, 113 West Nile st.
M'Indoe, Mrs. 75 Prince's street.
M'Pheely, Patrick, 37 Bridge street.
Monteith, Mrs. 187 New Dalmarnock rd.
Rankin, Mrs. David, 59 St. George's pi.
Stalker, Mrs. 7 Great Western road.
Weir, John, 87 West George street and
68 West Nile street.

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