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PIPPETT, James, Queen's Dining Rooms, family cook, confectioner, and restaurateur,
136 Buchanan street.
PIRRIE, John, of Alexander Glasgow # Co.; house, 201 St. Vincent street.
Pirrie, Robert, of Alexander Glasgow & Co.; house, 201 St. Vincent street.
Pirrie, Mrs., 201 St. Vincent street.
PITKETHLEY, James, of R. S. Muir $ Co., 60 Hill street, Garnethill.
PITT, Thomas, bookseller, 41 East Clyde street; house, do.
PLAIN, Walter, musical instrument maker, 21 Brunswick place.
Plate Glass Insurance Company; agent for Glasgow, James Connell, 100 West
George street ; house, Pollokshaws.
PLAYFAIR, Bryce, and Co., merchants, 75 West Nile street.
Playfair, George M., of Lamb, Play fair, § Co.; house, 4 Queen's crescent.
Playfair, James, of Dennistoun, Bryce, $ Co.; house, 4 Queen's crescent.
Playfair, Patrick, and Co., merchants, 20 St. Vincent place.
Playfair, Patrick, of P. Playfair $ Co. ; house, 1 Woodside place.
POE, Mrs. John, 42 Greenhill street.
POLE, Colonel Van Notten, inspecting field-officer, 9 Moray place.
Police Office, 9 South Albion street.
Police Collec'or's office, 70 Bell street.
Police Treasurer's Office, 70 Bell street.
POLLOCK, Alex., tea merchant and general grocer, 47 Gallowgate ; house, 49 do.
Pollock, Alexander, victualler, 94 Crown street ; house, 92 do.
Pollock, Archibald, writer, 36 St. Vincent pi. ; house, 51 Chatsworth pi. Whitevale.
Pollock, Archibald, hosier and draper, 67 George street; house, 118 do.
Pollock, George, of Rhindmuir, by Ballieston. Letters may be left at W. W. Pollock's,
52 Virginia street.
Pollok, Gilmour, & Co., merchants, 19 Union street.
Pollock, Jas., saddler and saddlers' ironmonger, 151 Stockwell st. ; ho. 105 Douglas st-
Pollock, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 114 Renfrew street; house, 112 do.
Pollock, J., news agent, 147 Canning street.
Pollock, John, & Co, spirit dealers, 72 Clyde street, Anderston ; house, 74 do.
Pollock, John, of Alexander and Pollock; house, 14 Warwick street.
Pollock, John, writer, Commissary Clerk's Office, 41 Virginia st. ; ho. 2 Monteith row.
Pollock, John, of Ilalley and Pollock, 180 Main street, Anderston.
Pollock, Martin, spirit dealer, 226 Broomielaw; house, 419J Argyle street.
Pollock, Matthew, spirit dealer, 85 Main street. Bridgeton ; house, 1 Muslin street.
Pollok, Morris, of M. Pollok and Son ; house, Govan factory.
Pollok, Morris, yr., of M. Pollok and Son; house 5 Govan facton\
Pollok, Morris, and Son, silk throwsters, Govan factory, Long Govan.
Pollock, Rev. Robert, Kingston, 33 Abbotsford place.
Pollock, Robert, brush manufacturer, 19 Turner's court; house, 21 Abbotsford place.
Pollock, Robert, Caledonian Patent Rivet Co., 16 Canal street; house, 11 Cathcart
place, Sauchiehall street.
Pollock, Robert, smith and farrier, 19 Parson street; house, Glebe street.
Pollock, Robert, draper, 41 Eglinton street; house, 37 do.
Pollock, Thomas, coppersmith, 107 Cheapside street ; house, 42 London street.
Pollock, Walter W., writer, 52 Virginia street.
Pollock, William, baker, 38 Eglinton street ; house, do.
Pollock, William, merchant and commission agent, 62 George street; house, do.
Pollock, Mrs , 7 Fitzroy place.
Pollock, Mrs. Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 48 and 74 Parliamentary road.
Pollock, Mrs., dairy keeper, 42 London street ; house, do.
Pollock, Mrs., rag merchant, 29 Canon street; house, 146 Rottenrow street.
Pollock, Misses, seminary for young ladies, 48 Holmhead street.
POLSON, Robert, warehouseman, Peel street ; house, 30 George street, Mile-end.
Poison, Anne, soda bread baker, 17 Macfarlane st.
POMMIER & Co., patent proteine and archil manufacturers, Alexandria, Dumbarton-
shire ; Jas. Miller, Son, & Co., agents, 85 Queen street.
POOLE, James J., M.D., surgeon, accoucheur, 57 Drygate; house, Dobbie's place, do.
Poor House, City Parish, 326 Parliamentary road.
Pope's Eye tavern, Moodie's court, 31 Argyle street ; John M'Gregor.
POPPLE, William, painter and paperhanger, 47 Nelson street, Tradeston.
Pokt-Dundas Bottle Works, Port-Dundas.

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