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Port-Dundas Chemical Works, 128 Bishop street, Port-Dundas.
Port-Dundas Foundry Company, 112 Port-Dundas road.
Port-Dundas Ink and Blacking Company, Dougall M'Dougall, proprietor ; works and
office, 33 Douglas street. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Port-Dundas Pottery Co., 66 Bishop street, Port-Dundas ; James Miller, manager.
Pokt-Eglinton Spinning Company, worsted spinners and carpet manufacturers, 9
St. Vincent place ; works, Port-Egliuton.
PORTEOUS, James, commission agent, 12 Dixon street; house, 48 Abbotsford pL
Porteous, James D., of Post Office; house, 134 Upper Thistle street.
Porteous, James, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 17 John street.
Porteous, James, of J. Porteous cf Co. ; house, 7 Greenlaw place, Paisley road.
Porteous, John, writer and procurator fiscal for the burgh of Rutherglen, and agent
for the Times Fire and Life, and Guarantee Assurance Companies, 33 Buchanan
street ; residence, Balvaird, Rutherglen.
Porteous, Peter, spirit dealer, 135 Trongate ; house, do.
Porteus, Thomas A, sewed muslin and lace manufacturer, 12 Royal Exchange square;
house, 18 Rutland place, Govan road.
Porteous, William, drysalter, 1 4 Stirling square ; works, Rutherglen quay, Ruther-
glen; house, 115 Main street, Blythswoodhill.
Porteous Brick Works, 1 Rutherglen green; office, 14 Stirling square.
Porteous, Mrs. J , capmaker, 150 Victoria buildings, Stockwell street.
Porteous, Euphemia, Airthry and Dumblane water-dealer, and Post-office Receiving-
house, St. George's road toll-bar ; house, 19 Richard street.
PORTER, Clement, upholsterer, 15 Charlotte lane.
Porter, Francis, assistant superintendent of police, northern district; ho. 26 Grove st.
Porter, G. & W., brickbuilders and potters, Bellgrove Pottery, 14 Bellgrove street ;
house, 493 Gallowgate street.
Porter, Hugh, watch and clock maker, 227 Argyle street.
Porter, James, surgeon, 43 Stevenson street ; house, 45 do.
Porter, James, writer, 69 Glassford street ; house, do.
Porter, Joseph, tavern keeper, 88 Trongate.
Porter, Michael Russell, surgeon, 95 Main street, Bridgeton; house, do.
Porter, Peter, merchant. Letters left at Robert Gow, jun.'s, 71 Queen street.
Porter, Rev. S. T., Independent minister, Bath Street Independent Church ; residence,
Midddlefield house, Partick.
Porter, W. and J., & Co., brassfounders, 18 North Coburg street.
Porter, William, nailmaker, 50 Centre street ; house, 30 Dale street, Tradeston.
Porter, Eliza, butter and egg merchant, 81 Abercroinby street; house do.
Possil Colliery Office, 160 West George street.
Post-Office, 42 and 44 Glassford street.
Post, and Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer Office, 15 Turner's court.
POTT, Mrs., 2 Royal terrace.
POTTER, Alexander, of Potter, Wilson, # Co. ; house, Shawburn, Hamilton.
Potter, James, of APSymon and Potter, 13 Rutland place, Paisley road.
Potter, Lewis, & Co., agents for Liverpool traders and Levant screw steamer, 28 St.
Enoch square.
Potter, Lewis, Uddingston, Hamilton.
Potter, Thomas, eating-house and spirit dealer, 116 Canning street; house, 110 do.
Potter, Wilson, & Co., merchants, 28 St. Enoch square.
POWELL, Stephen, of Anderson cf Co.; residence, Currie house, Hamilton.
Powell, Thomas, English teacher, Highland Society's School, 69 Montrose street ;
house, 209 Thistle street.
Powell, Mrs., commercial lodgings, 72 Wilson street.
Powell, Mrs. G., 89 North Frederick street.
POWER, Mrs., lodgings, 82 George street.
POYNTER, John, chemist and drysalter ; works, Shaws-water, Greenock ; office, 83
Jamaica street ; house, 2 South Portland street.
Practical, Mechanic's Journal, William Johnson, C.E. and patent agent, editor, 166
Buchanan street.
PRAEGER, Francis, & Co., merchants, 12 and 14 Montrose street.
PRATT, David, 34 Cook street.
Pratt, Robert, &Co., engine and cotton- waste merchants, 8 Nelson street, Tradeston;
house, 50 Bridge street.

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