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Bank, Belfast, and branches ; Bank of Whitehaven, Whitehaven ; Alcocks, Birkbeck,
& Co., Burnley, and branches ; Birmingham Town and District Bank, Birmingham;
Carlisle City and District Bank, Carlisle ; Cumberland Union Bank, Workington,
and branches ; Huddersfield Bank, Huddersfield ; Liverpool Borough Bank ; Nor-
thumberland and Durham District Bank, Newcastle, and branches ; Uuion Bank of
Manchester, Manchester ; Yorkshire Banking Co., Leeds, and branches ; North of
Scotland Bank, Aberdeen, and branches ; and Central Bank of Scotland, Perth, and
branches. — Town Branches, Anderston, Hugh Maclachlan, agent ; Calton, Andrew
Reid, agent ; Cowcaddens, Niniau Purves, agent ; Laurieston, Wm. Thomson, agent.
National Security Savings Bank, 86 Wilson Street. Instituted 1836.
Donald Smith, Treasurer ; William Meikle, Actuary ; George S. Miller, Accountant.
Open every lawful day from 10 till 3, and on the evenings of Wednesday from 7 till
9, and Saturday from 6 till 9. The object of this Bank is to provide for the safe
custody and increase of the Savings of the Industrious Classes. The sums received
are invested on the security of Government ; and the Depositors are allowed Interest
at the rate of Three per Cent. No charge is made for Pass-books ; and sums so low
as One Shilling are received. An Individual may deposit £30 a-year ; a Charitable
Society £100 a-year ; and a Certified Friendly Society, any amount. The Capital
of the Bank amounts to £602,818 16s. 3d.; and the number of its Depositors is
33,394. Depositors and others may purchase Government Annuities, from £4 to
£30, through this Bank.
The Head Office of each Bank is printed in Italics.
Aberchirdee. — North of Scotland Banking Company, J. Alexander, jun.
Aberdeen. — Aberdeen Bank, D. Wylie, Cashier. Draw on Royal Bank, Edin-
burgh ; Glyn & Co., London.
Aberdeen Town and County Bank, William Littlejohn, Cashier. Draw on
Royal Bank, Edinburgh ; London Joint-Stock Bank.
North of Scotland Banking Company, J. Westland, Manager. Draw on Com-
mercial Bank, Edinburgh ; Barclay & Co., and Union Bank of London.
Bank of Scotland, Arthur Thomson.
British Linen Company, Patrick Keith.
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Robert Grigor.
National Bank of Scotland, Alexander Chivas.
City of Glasgow Bank, William Bain.
Aberfeldy. — Central Bank of Scotland, Robert Peter.
Abovne. — North of Scotland Banking Company, James Ogg.
Airdrie. — Bank of Scotland, George W. Hill, agent.
National Bank of Scotland, James Kidd.
Western Bank of Scotland, Alexander Galloway.
Alexandria. — Clydesdale Bank, Graham Kinloch.
Alford. — Aberdeen Town and County Bank, William Garden.
North of Scotland Banking Company, A'. Wilson.
Alloa. — Commercial Bank of Scotland, James Moir.
Union Bank of Scotland, Thomas Brydie.
Western Bank of Scotland, John Fotheringham.
Alyth. — Western Bank of Scotland, William Yeaman, agent.
Alva. — Edinburgh and Glasgow Bank, Peter M'Culloch.
Anderston (Glasgow). — Union Bank of Scotland, R. Thomson.
Annan. — British Linen Company, Charles Armstrong.
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Simpson and Skelton.
"Western Bank of Scotland, Forrest and Downie.

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