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Bank; Wakefield and Barnsley Union Bank; Lancaster Banking Co. and branches;
Derby and Derbyshire Bank; Moore and Robinson's Bank, Nottingham; Taylor
& Lloyds, Birmingham ; Greenway and Greaves, Warwick and Leamington ; Ashton,
Stalybridge, Hyde, and Gl»ssop Bank, Ashton-under-Lyne; Carlisle and Cumberland
Bank and branches; Whitehaven Joint-Stock Bank and branches; Wakefield,
Crewdson, & Co., Kendal ; Northumberland and Durham District Bank, Newcastle,
and branches ; East of England Bank, Norwich, and branches ; and on the branches
of the National Provincial Bank of England; on the Provincial Bank of Ireland's
branches; the Belfast Bank and branches; Hunters & Co., Ayr, and their various
branches; on the Unim Bank of Scotland in Greenock and Paisley ; on the branches
of the London and County Joint-Stock Bank at Brighton, Cambridge, Canterbury,
Chelmsford, Chichester, Gravesend, Oxford and Witney, Richmond, Romford, Ton-
bridge Wells, and Woolwich ; on Eoulds and Oppenheim, Paris ; on the Oriental
Bank, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Port-Louis, Mauritius, Singapore, Colombo, and
Kandy (Ceylon), Canton, Hong Kong, and Shanghae; Bank of British North
America, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Kingston, Hamilton, Brentford, Halifax (Nova
Scotia), St. John (New Brunswick), and St. John's (Newfoundland), and on the
agents in New York ; on the houses of Messrs. Brown, Shipley, & Co., in New York,
Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Mobile; Union Bank of Australia,
Sydney, Bathurst, Melbourne, Geelong, Portland, Adelaide, Hobart Town, Launees-
, town ; also Wellington, Auckland, and Ly ttelton, in New Zealand. And the Na-
tional Bank issues circular letters of credit available in all the Continental towns,
and negotiates bills in every place in Scotland, England, and Ireland, where there is
a bank or banker.
North British Bank, 92 West George Street. — Interim Managing Director,
James Orr. Cashier, William Greig. Other Officers, Robert Davidson, George C.
Lindsay, Thomas Elder, John Fleming. Draw on Overend, Gurney, & Co., London ;
the Union Bank of Manchester, Manchester ; the Birmingham Banking Co., Bir-
mingham ; the Northumberland and Durham District Bank ; Carlisle City and Dis-
trict Bank ; Halifax and Huddersfield Union Bank ; Leeds Banking Co., Leeds ;
Bradford Banking Co., Bradford ; Sheffield Banking Co., Sheffield ; Samuel Smith
& Co., Nottingham ; Wilts and Dorset Banking Co. ; National Bank of Ireland and
branches ; Northern Banking Co., Belfast. Negotiates bills on all towns in Great
Britain and Ireland.
Royal Bank, Exchange Square, Queen Street. — Cashier, Laurence Robertson.
Sub-Cashier, Robert Bell. Accountant, Edward Fairley. Tellers, George Richmond,
William Gow, William Callender, A. R. Munro. Clerks, John Wright, John Aikman,
G. D. Charles, Thomas Bell, Win. Greig, John G. Fairley, John Taylor, Francis B.
Fairley. Porters, G. Ramsay and Alex. Brown. Draw on Coutts & Co., London.
Royal Bank, Agents for Bank of England, Bank of Ireland, Aberdeen Bank, Aber-
deen Town and County Bank, Dundee Union Bank, Arbroath Bank.
Union Bank of Scotland, 97 Ingram Street. — Manager, James Robertson.
Cashier, James Watson. Sub-Manager, James Reid. Secretary, James Beckett.
Accountant, M. J. Bowden. Tellers, A. Campbell, P. M'Intyre, Dun. RPArthur, J.
Robertson, and Quintin Bell. Draw on Glyn & Co., London ; Provincial Bank of
Ireland ; Belfast Banking Company ; Tipperary Joint-Stock Bank and branches ;
Manchester and Liverpool District Bank and branches ; Manchester and Salford
Bank; Northumberland and Durham District Bank and branches ; Sheffield Bank-
ing Co. ; Hull Banking Company and branches ; WTiitehaven Joint-Stock Banking
Co. ; Carlisle City and District Bank ; Moore and Robinson, Nottingham ; Beckett
& Co., Leeds ; Birmingham Banking Co. ; Huddersfield Banking Co. ; Eastern Bank
of Scotland and branches ; Perth Bank ; North of Scotland Bank and branches ;
Caledonian Bank and branches ; De Rothschild, Freres, Paris ; Gore Bank, Hamil-
ton, Upper Canada : Denniston, Wood, & Co., New York ; Union Bank of Australia,
Sydney, Melbourne, and other branches. Negotiates bills on all towns in Great Bri-
tain and Ireland where there is a banker. —Branch Offices, 15 Trongate, George Ren-
ton, agent ; and 6 Washington Street, Robert Thomson, agent.
Western Bank of Scotland, 10 Miller Street. — -Manager, Donald Smith.
Assistant-Manager, John Taylor ; Secretary, John Buchanan ; Cashier, John Bulley.
— Draw on the Bank of England and branches ; Messrs, Jones, Loyd, & Co., and
the Union Bank of London, London ; Bank of Ireland, Dublin, and branches ; Ulster

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