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President, William Murray, F.G.S. — Honorary Secretary, Walter Crum.
Secretary, William Ambrose.
James M'Clelland.
Andrew Bannatyne.
William Balfour.
William M'Lean.
John Wilson.
Dr. James Watson.
Natural Philosophy, Dr. Taylor.
Chemistry, Dr. F. Penny.
Mathematics, Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigo-
nometry, Mensuration, Surveying, &c.,
A. Laing.
Anatomy, Dr. M. S. Buchanan.
Surgery, Dr. R. Hunter.
Practice of Medicine, Dr. A. Anderson.
Materia Medica, Dr. Easton.
Institutes of Medicine, Dr. E. Watson.
Museum. — This extensive collection of Natural History, Antiquities, and other
curiosities, is now open to the public every lawful clay, from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m., ia
a splendid suite of apartments in the University Buildings, George Street.
Janitor and Keeper of Museum, John Jardine.
Medical Jurisprudence, Dr. Crawford.
Midwifery, Dr. Paterson.
English Grammar, Composition, Elocu-
tion, Geography, Astronomy, and Use
of Globes, Professor Lesingham.
Drawing and Painting, J. Crawford.
German Language and Literature,
French, William Anderson.
This Institution was founded by the Mechanics of Glasgow, for obtaining instruc-
tion in the useful branches of knowledge, especially as connected with the arts, and
was opened to all classes of the community on November 5, 1S23.
A fee of 5s. entitles to the rank of membership, to attend the course of Lectures on
Chemistry or Mechanics, and to receive books from the Library, consisting of 6,000
volumes, chiefly scientific works. The management is invested in a committee of
nineteen ; sixteen of whom are chosen by ballot from amongst the members, the
remaining three being selected from the list of Honorary Councillors.
In addition to the courses on Chemistry and Natural Philosophy, there are now
Lectures on Popular Anatomy and Physiology; there are also Classes for Mathematics,
Drawing and Perspective. The ticket of each of these courses, which consists of
twenty-five lectures, entitling to the use of the Library during the course, is 5s.
There is also a Reading Room in connection with the Institution, in which there is
above thirty of the best periodicals received, and the use of which is granted to the
members of any of the classes, for one shilling a year.
Honorary Patron, The Eight Honourable Lord Brougham.
Vice-Patron, John Leadbetter.
President, William Campbell of Tillichewan.
Vice-President, Thomas Gordon. Treasurer, Mudie Macara.
Secretary, George Good. Superintendent, William M'Lellan.
Lectures, Session 1852-53.
Natural Philosoplry,
Popular Anatomy,
Mechanical Drawing,
Mathematical Class,
English Grammar,
Dr. F. Penny.
Professor J. Scott.
Dr. Alex. Lindsay.
Robert Harvey.
Professor J. Scott.
John Craiff.
Diploma or Certificate of Proficiency. — This Institution grants a diploma
to those who attend two courses of Mathematics, two courses of Mechanical Philosophy,
and two courses of Chemistry, and who are found sufficiently qualified on undergoing
an examination.
Curator and Collector of Subscriptions, Wm. Swanston.
Morning, Day, and Evening, English and Commercial Classes, with Geography,
History, and Phonography,— Conducted by Mr. John Craig, F.E.I.S., and Assistants.

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