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Garven, John E., 57 Union street.
Gibb, John, Royal Exchange buildings.
Gibson, Peter, 48 South Coburg street.
Glen, John, 7 Garthland street.
Goodwin, Robert, 235 George street.
Gordon, George, 13 Clyde place and 58
Buchanan street.
Gordon, Thomas, 22 St. Enoch's square.
Graham, William, Glas. & S. W. Rail.
Grange, A. J., & Co., 182 Trongate.
Gray, John, jun., 12 St. Vincent place.
Greenshields, Jas., & Co., 33 Virginia st.
Greig, W.,for Wordie <f Co., Madeira co.
Gunn, F. D., 33 John street.
Hahn, Augustus, 98 Fife pi., W. Geo. st.
Hamilton, John, 19 Gordon street.
Harvie, James, jun., 147 High street.
Hastie, Win., sen., 3 Antigua place.
Henderson, James, ship, 34 Forth street.
Hendrie, William, 116 St Vincent street.
Hill, Neil, 230 Argyle street.
Hinshelwood, John, 17 Miller street.
Hood, Charles, 295 Sauchiehall street.
Howey, Thomas, & Co., E. & G. Railway.
Huie, James, 28 Cochran street.
Hutchison & Dixon, 8,12 Virginia st.
Hutton, Joseph, 87 Union street.
Innes, Nor., emigration, 56 Bath street.
Jack, David, 49 Duke street.
Jamieson, William, ] 5 Buchanan street.
Johnston, Peter, 24 Clyde street, Calton.
Kay, R., 104 Eglinton" street.
Kerr, J., 43 Stirling square.
Kerr, John, 514 Gallowgate.
King, George, 43 Queen street.
King, Thomas W., 43 Queen street.
Kirkwood, John, 33 Buchanan street.
Laird, A., & Son, 133 St. Vincent street.
Lambie, W., coal, 34 Rutherglen loan.
Lamond, Archibald, 142 N. Dalmarn. rd.
Lang & Graham, 136 Buchanan street.
Langlands, Matthew, 32 St. Enoch sq.
Langlands and Ritchie, 32 St. Enoch sq.
Lewis, Potter, & Co., 28 St. Enoch sq.
Little, Henry, 5 Dixon street.
Livingston, Peter, 40 Union street.
Logan, J., 251 Argyle street.
Lusk, John, for Greenock Railway Co.
Macgeorge & Kerr, 78 Mitchell street.
Mackie, Andrew & John, 99 StockwelJ st.
Mackie, J. L., 74 Maxwell street.
Maitland, Jas., & Co., 11, 13, 15 Druvy st.
MArly, Thomas, 16 Canon street.
M'Arthur, John, jun., 172 Argyle street.
M'Arthur Brothers, ship, 259 Arjrye st.
M'Callum, Dugald, 12 Stirling street.
M'Donald, Alexander, 83 Hutcheson st.
M'Donaki, Duff, & Co., 1 West Regent st.
M'Donald, W., 36 Royal Exchange sq.
M'Ewen, William, 48 Queen street.
M'Farlane, Malcolm, 103 St. Vincent st.
M'Farlane, Robert, 3 Hopetoun place.
M'Intyre, John, 15 West Nile street.
M'Kean & Lamont, 18 Gordon street.
M'Kechnie, James, 25 East Clyde street.
M'Kellar, Dugald, 45 Gordon street.
M'Kinlay, A., 18 St. Enoch square.
M'Kinlay, James, 55 North Hanover st.
M'Kinnon, W., & Co., 116 St. Vincent st.
M'Lean, W. R., 196 Rottenrow.
M'Lellan, A. H., & Co., East India, 37
West George street.
M'Lure, Joseph, 5 Richard street.
M'Michael, John, steam-boat, 22 Ander-
ston quay.
M'Nab, Duncan, 68 Glassford street.
M'Naughton, A , 58 Bach-man street.
M'Neil, Neil, 40 Union street.
M'Phail, Miss, 63 Stockwell street.
Menzies, Alex., letters left at 19 St. Vin-
cent place.
Miller, George, 9 Brunswick street..,
Miller, James, son., & Co., 9 Royal' Ex~
change square.
Miller, John, 14 Rutland crescent.
Miller, John, 21 Findlay street.
Miller, John, 289 Parliamentary road.
Miller, John, 41 Bumsidte street.
Milne, William, & Co,, l£p St. Vincent st.
Mitchell, James, 116 St.. Vincent street.
Moody, Andrew, 19.Royai Exchange sq.
Morrison., Robert, 1:2 South K inning pi.
Morrison, William,. 11 West Nile street.
Muir, John, \ Antigua place.
Nevatt, W. Q., 1.08 North Hanover st.
: Niven, Ma\col"m,.l Royal Exchange pL
3 Orr, John Karr, 80 Union street..
Orr, Thomas C, 20 Union. street..
Oviugtors,. Richard, 57 Buchanan,* street..
Pagan, James, 81 Glassfordstieet.
Parfitt^ H. T., ship, 1 Robertson street.
Parke,r t James, 52 Glassford street.
Pate-rson, James, & Co., 23 Howard St..
and 70 Mitchell street.
Pa'terson, John, 207 Main street, Gorbals,
Paterson, Peter, 212 Gallowgate.
Pattison, Adam M., 62 Buchanan steat.
Pattison, Andrew, 35 Miller street.
Peare, R. M., & Co., ship, lb Jamaica st.
Potter, Wilson, & Co., 28 St. Enoch's sq.
Potter, Lewis, 28 St. Enoch's square.
Purves, N., 211 Cowcaddens street.
Rainey, Knox, & Co., 8 St. Vincens pi.
Ramsay, David, &Co., SO St. Enochs sq.
Ramsay, James, 56 Broomielaw.
Ramsay, James, for J. and P. Cameron,
carriers, 145 New City road.
Rankine, James, ship, 57 Buchanan st.
Reid, Andrew, 70 Canning street, Calton..
Reid, John, sen., 21 Bath street.
Renton, George, 15 Trongate.
Rhind, William, 64 King street.
Robb, Charles, 102 Brunswick street
Roberton, Andrew, for East. Necropolis
Robertson, George, & Co., 16 Jackson st
Roberton, W., 11 West Nife street

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