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Robertson, John, 9 Turner's court.
Robertson, William, 31 Trongate.
Ronald, Hugh, 102 Hospital street.
Ross and Buchanan, 122 Hope street.
Ross, George, 44 Cook street.
Roxburgh, Richardson, & Co., 1 Royal
Bank place.
Russell, John, 113 Dry gate street.
Sallars, James, 107 Hospital street.
Scott & Dickie, 30 Hope street.
Shanks, John, 29£ Bridge street.
Sheriff, Brown, & Co., 9 Virginia street.
Seaton, James, 77 St. -Vincent street.
Seton, Alex. B., 20 St. Vincent street.
Shaw, William, 197 Thistle street.
Sloan, William, & Co., 63 Miller street.
Smith, Alexander G., 113 Hospital st.
Smith, John, 85 St. Vincent street.
Smith, Walter, 12 Royal Exchange sq.
Sneddon, William, 47 Canning street.
Stark, Robert, 40 Kent street.
Steven, S. M., 46 West George street.
Stevenson, M., & Co., 33 Renfield street.
Stevenson, William, 150 Buccleuch St.
Stewart, Donald, 47 George square.
Stewart, John, Royal Exch., s. entrance.
Thorn, Robert, jun., 164 Trongate.
Thomson, Geo., & Co., 11 Exchange sq.
Thomson, George, 26 Glassford street.
Thomson and Manson, 40 Ur.i >n street.
Thomson, William, 9 Sister st, Calton.
Thorburn, Charles, 33 Virginia street.
Tolmie, Alexander, 166 Buchanan street.
Tower and Arrol, 9 Dixon street.
Train, Thomas, 179 Argyle street.
Wordie & Co., 251 Argyle street and 66
Brunswick street.
Wright, John Brooks, 5 N. Exch. court.
Wright and Muir, 55 Glassford street.
Wylie and Mitchell, 100 St. Vincent st.
Young, George^ 25 Gordon street.
Young, James, 4 North Albion court.
Young, John, 222 Gallowgate.
Young, Mrs. David, 28 Saltmarket.
Law, Alexander, Shettleston.
Law, Robert, Shettleston.
Young, C. D., & Co., 32 St. Enoch sq.
Adam, James, 502 Gallowgate.
Baird, John, 7 Abercromby place.
Baird and Thompson, 132 Hope street.
Black and Salmon, 141 Moore place, West
George street.
Brown, James, 3 Wellington place,
Sauchiehall street.
Burnet, John, 50 Renfield street.
Burns, T., 189 Buchanan street.
Carrick, John, office, 17 Sou. Albion st.
Clarke arid Bell, 51 St. Vincent street.
Crawford, Robert, 87 Union street.
Dingwall, John, 135 Buchanan street.
Gildard and MTarlane, 160 Hope street.
Gow, Alex. M., 23 Sou. Hanover street.
Henderson, James, 7 Exchange place.
Herbertson, J., 86 St. George's place.
Johnston, Robert, 162 Hospital street.
Lewis, J. F., 9 Lorn place, Fartick road.
M'Call, Thomas, 27 Montrose street.
Mathieson, K., 58 Hope street.
Munro, Alexander, 213 Buchanan street.
Robertson, James, 49 West George st.
Rochead, J. T., 3 Windsor place.
Russell, James, Three-mile house.
..Smith, James, 124 St. Vincent street.
Spence, William, 97 Union street.
Thomson, A. G., 146 Buchanan street.
Thomson, James, 135 Buchanan street.
Wilson, Charles, 33 Bath street.
Chomer, Mrs., 189 Buchanan street.
Cooper, Hugh, 445 Argyle street.
Stevenson, Mrs., 25 Rutherglen loan.
Wyld, Misses, 4 Russell street, east.
Young, A., & Co., 57 Oswald street.
British Asphalte Co., 62 Buchanan st.
Dalmarnock Asphalte Co., 89 Kumf'ord
street, office, 83 Jamaica street.
English Asphalte Office, 35 Miller street.
Glasgow Asphalte Co., 33 Virginia st.
MacFarlane, Dugald, 107 Buchanan street.
Miller, George, & Co., 89 Rumford street,
office, 83 Jamaica street — See Advertise-
ment in Appendix.
Stewart, William, & Co., 35 Miller st.
Auction Mart, 62 Argyle street.
Barclay & Skirving, 14 Buchanan street.
Baxter, Cruickshank, & Co., 22 Argyle st.
Brown & Ure, 76 Queen street.
Burns, James, 133 Trongate.
Burn, Peter, & Co., 9 Exchange place.
Campbell & Co., 42 Gordon street.
Curie, R. M., & Co., 62 Argyle street.
Currie, Alexander, Exchange buildings.
Davidson, John, & Co., 87 Argyle street.
Hamilton, James, 90 Argyle street.
Harkin, John, 80 Bridgegate street.
Howarth, Samuel, 148 Queen street.
Hutchison & Dixon, 8, 12 Virginia st.
Keith, John, & Son, 5 Hutcheson street.
Lyon, Robert, 43 Argyle street.
M'Corkindale, Hugh, 59 New St., Calton.
M'Indoe, John, 5 Royal Exchange square.
M'Tear & Kempt, 97 Argyle street.

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