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WEDDERSPOON, John, of J. and T. C. Wedderspoon, French vice-consul, i
Bothwell street, house, 18 Elmbank crescent.
Wedderspoon, J. & T. C, commission merchants, 4 Bothwell street.
Wedderspoon, William, of Cross, Wedderspoon, <j' Co., house, 18 Elmbank crescent.
Weekly Register office, Ro. Ex. buildings, area, s. side, R. Stuart & Co. J. Gibb. ag.
WEILD, John, 22 St. Enoch square, house, Thornliebank.
WEIR, A. C, teacher, St. George's Parish School, 66 Brown St., ho., 67 Cadogan st.
Weir, Alexander, spirit dealer, 21 Clyde terrace, house, 20 do.
Weir, Andrew, hairdresser and perfumer, 21 Hutcheson St., house, 41 Charlotte st.
Weir, Archibald, spirit merchant, 365 Gallowgate.
Weir, David, mail guard, 18 North Albion street.
Weir, David, wine and spirit dealer, 128 Renfrew street.
Weir, Duncan Darkness, M.A., professor of Oriental Languages, College.
Weir, George, grocer, 433- Govan street.
Weir, Gilbert, merchant, 15 Claremont street.
Weir, James B., draper, 99 Main street, Bridgeton, house, 101 do.
Weir, James, fiesher, 128 Garscube road.
Weir, John, commercial traveller, 60 Stockwell street.
Weir, John, provision dealer and dairyman, 1 74 High street.
Weir, John, grocer and provision merch., 102 Garscube rd., bo., 2 N. Woodside rd.
Weir, John, spirit dealer, 104 Great Hamilton street, house, 92 do.
Weir, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 11 Miller street, house, 90 Great Hamilton street.
Weir, M'Elroy, & Co., ironfounders and smiths, 33 Malta street, Gorbals.
Weir, Robert, of Robert Weir § Co., house, 95 Montrose street.
Weir, Robert, & Co., papertnakers and stationers, 44 Queen street.
Weir, Robert, contractor, 123 Castle street.
Weir, Rev. Robert, minister of Seamen's Chapel, house, 34 Eglinton street.
Weir, Walter, draper, 1 32 Main street, Anderston.
Weir, Dr. William, surgeon, 3 Hill street, Garnethill.
Weir, William, jun., of William Weir, jun., $• Co., house, 96 North Hanover street.
Weir, William, jun., &, Co., sewed-muslin manufacturers, 17 South Frederick street.
Weir, William, successor to Andrew Watson & Co., fiesher, 4 King street.
Weir, William, joiner, South Wellington street, house, 197 Thistle street.
Weir, Mrs., furniture-print glazier, 43 Sauchiehall lane.
Weir, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 56 John street, Bridgeton.
WELCH, Andrew, spirit dealer, 34 Green street, Calton.
Welch, Charles, pianoforte maker, 46 Shamrock street.
Welsh, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 103 Canning street, Calton.
Welsh, John, coppersmith and gasfitter, 25 Brown street, house, 30 do.
Welsh, William, baker, 16 Havannah street, house, 37 Duke street.
Welsh, Mrs., Temperance hotel and coffee-hov.se, 108 Argyle street.
Welsh, Mrs. D., furnishing shop, 125 George street.
WELLBURN, John, bootmaker, 32 Dale street, Tracleston.
Wellington New Hotel, 272 George street; James Norris.
Wellington Pottery, 604 Gallowgate ; Mrs. Williamson.
Wellington Spinning and Weaving Works, Govan street.
Wellpark Free Church, Ark lane, Duke street.
WELLWOOD, John, victualler, 17 George street, Mile-end, house, 21 do.
WENLEY, Mark, clerk of inland revenue, house, 18 Rutland place, Govan road.
Wesleyan Association Chapel, Canon street; Rev. Thomas Newton, minister.
Wesleyan Chapel, 29 John street; Rev. Jacob Stanley, minister.
WEST, Daniel, gilder, 115 High street.
West, George, Primitive Methodist minister, 189 George street.
West, Matthew, smith, gasfitter, and bellhanger, 46 Back -wynd.
West, William, portioner, 95 Crown street.
West of England Fire and Life Insurance Co. Agents, Ralph Wardlaw, Jr., Com-
pany's Offices, 44 St. Vincent place; James Wilkie, 135 Buchanan street; and
Alexander Black, 13 Prince's sq. Fire-engine station, 30 East George lane,
behind the Company's Offices, in St. Vincent pi. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
West of Scotland Electro- Plating and Gilding Establishment, 308 Buchanan street.
West of Scotland House and Land Register Office, 52 Argyle arc; John Dunn, agt.
West of Scotland Malleable Iron Co., 11 West Nile street; Jas. Anderson, manager,
house, 1 1 Canning place.

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