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WESTENHOLZ, A., Danish vice-consul, 80 Union street.
Westenholz & Co., merchants and corn-factors, 80 Union street.
Western Bank of Scotland, 10 Miller street ; Donald Smith, manager.
Western Bank of Scotland branch, 70 Canning street ; Andrew Reid, agent.
Western Bank of Scotland branch, 350 Argyle st. ; H. Maclachlan, ag., ho., 60 Hill st.
Western Bank of Scotland branch, 73 South Portland street ; Wm. Thomson, agent.
Western B. of Scot, branch, 211 Cowcaddens st. ; N. Purves, ag. ; G. B. Robertson, ac.
Western Club House, 147 Buchanan street ; Alexander Milne, master.
Western Friendly Society Office, 129 St. Vincent street ; John Smith, manager.
Western St. James's School, 8 East Clyde street ; James Muir, teacher.
Western Training Academy, 8 Thistle st., Sauchiehall road ; Jas. Long, A.M., rector.
— See Advertisement in Local Institutions, under head of Educational Department.
WESTLANDS, Robert, at J. and W. A. Blair's, West Howard street, house, 33
Paterson street, Kingston.
WESTON, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Buchanan street.
WHANNEL, James, at Service and Workman's, house, 89 Hospital street.
WHARRIE & Steel, land surveyors, 3G Renfield street.
Wharrie, Thomas, of Wharrie and Steel, house, 10 Ayr place, Carnarvon street.
Wharrie, Mrs., 1 Ayr place, Carnarvon street.
WHEATLEY. Mrs., 130 South Portland street.
WHITBREAD & Co., brewers, London; Sheniff, Brown, &°Co., agents, 9 Virginia st.
WHITFIELD, William, agent to Newton, Keats, & Co., ho., 2 Oakvale, Hillhead.
WHYTE, Alexander, heddle-maker, 1G Canon street.
White, Alexander S., tea, coffee, and spice merchant, 28 Stobcross street, house, 72
William street, Anderston.
Whyte, Alexander, of SPNaughtan and Whyte, house, 34 Hill street, Garnethill.
Whyte, A. O, tea and coffee mer., 220 and 224 Argyle st., ho., 16 N. St. Mungo st.
Whyte, Andrew, of Whyte and Dick, house, 33 North Hanover street.
Whyte, Andrew R., 27 Garscube place, Port-Dundas road.
Whyte, C. & R., spirit dealers, 101 Gallowgate, house, 16 Adelphi street.
Whyte, Daniel, boot and shoemaker, 127 West Nile street.
Whyte, David, machine maker and weavers' wright, 5 Sydney street, house, 17 do.
White, David, of W. and D. White, house, 28 Balmanno street.
Whyte & Dick, manufacturers, 1 6 Montrose street.
Whyte, Donald, spirit dealer, 189 Castle street.
White & Gairdner, accountants, sharebrokers, and house-factors, 20 Buchanan street.
White, George, watchmaker and jeweller, 69 Union street.
White & Grant, engineers, boiler-makers, and patent safety-cage manufacturers, 154
Dalmarnock road.
White & Henderson, plumbers, gasfitfers, and lead merchants, 2 Sauchiehall street
and 133 West Nile street
Whyte, Jas., & Son, cabinetmakers & uphols.,140 Queen st, workshops, 89 W. Nile st.
White, James, pawnbroker, 13 Orr street, house, do.
White, James, optician, mathematical and philosophical instrument maker, 14 Ren-
field street, house, 14 Gloucester street.
White, James, baker, 76 New City road.
White, James, spirit dealer, 198 Gallowgate.
White, James, wine and spirit merchant, 46 Adelphi street, house, 45 do.
Whyte, James, jun., at James Whyte and Sons, house, 5 West Regent street.
Whyte, James, sheriff-officer, 35 Miller street, house, 105 New Dalmarnock road.
White, James, baker, 17 Richard street.
White, James, grocer, 134 Garngad road.
White, James, of J. and J. White, house, Hayfield, near Rutherglen.
White, John and James., manufacturing chemists, 31 Union street, works. Shawfield,
near Rutherglen.
White, J. P., photographist, 14 Buchanan street.
White, John, of J. and J. White, house, Clydebank, near Rutherglen.
White, John, Shawfield, near Rutherglen.
White, John, teacher of English, geography, and history, 8 Windsor place.
White, John, boot and shoemaker, Bazaar.
Whyte, John, purveyor of soirees, &c, and Temperance hotel, 132 Trongate.
Whyte, John, & Co., general brassfounders, 35 Great Hamilton street, ho., 92 do.
Whyte, John, at J. and B. Smith's, house, 281 St. George's road.

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