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Hodge, William, tailor, 298 High street.
Hodge, Mrs. Win., Glasgow Register Office for Servants, 57 Hutcheson street, house,
4 Albert place, Hill street, Garnethill.
HODGES, George, manager, Gorbals Gravitation Water Co., 90 South Portland St.,
house, 5 Nicholson street.
HODGETON, Thomas, cabinetmaker and joiner, Milton lane, house, 53 Maitland st.
HODSON, William, Thistle and Soho hotel, 41 Glassford street.
HOEY, John G., grain merchant, 60 Union street, house, 111 New City road.
HOGAN, William, merchant, 184 Gallowgate.
HOGG, Alex., smith and farrier, 12 Pitt street, house, 204 Holm street.
Hogg, A., slater, 90 Great -Hamilton street.
Hogg, James, General Assembly Free Church missionar}', 100 St. George's road '
Hogg, John, fruit merchant, Bazaar, house, 10 Stirling square.
Hogg, John, & Co., rivet manufacturers, Mill road, Finnieston.
Hogg, J., umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 36 Candleriggs.
Hogg, Robert, 135 Renfrew street.
Hogg, William C, warper, 62 Hutcheson street.
Hogg, William J., fancy cabinetmaker, 73 Great Hamilton street, house, 75 do.
Hogg, William, fruit merchant, Bazaar, house, 32 South Albion street.
Hogg, William, spirit dealer, 255 Duke street.
Hogg, Mrs., milliner, 428 Argyle street.
Hogg, Mrs., green grocer, 150 Sauchiehall street.
Hogg, Margaret, victualler, 155 High street.
HOGGAN, Andrew, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, and Clark, house, 8 South Portland st.
Hoggan, A., plasterer, 131 Renfield street.
Hoggan, Bliss Elizabeth, remnant warehouse, 51 Canon street.
HOLDING, William, engraver to calico printers, Balfour's buildings, M'Auslan st.
HOLIDAY, John, & Co., engineers, millwrights, and machine-makers, 77 Bishop
street, Anderston.
Holiday, Samuel, of John Holiday cf Co., house, 4 Washington street.
HOLMES, Donald, at T. § D. Wilson <f Co., 145 Ingram street.
Holmes, James, commission agent, worsted, woollen, and spun silk, 40 Miller street,
house, 77 Renfrew street.
Holmes, James, baker, 54 Canning street, Calton.
Holmes, N. J., & Co., printers, lithographers, and fancy dress manufacturers, 28
Cochran street.
Holmes, Nath. J., of N. J. Holmes cj" Co., house, 17 Buckingham terrace.
Holmes, Robert, of Jos. 3DLean Cf Co., house, 2 Rutland place.
Holmes, R. R., of Douglas cf Holmes, writer, 73 Hutcheson street.
Holmes, William, fret-cutter, 410 Argyle street.
Holmes, Mrs. John, general ironmonger, 79 King street.
HOLT, John, surgeon, 16 Ure place.
Holt, Joseph, manager, Caledonian pottery, house, 198 Stirling's road.
Holt, Thomas, & Co., loan company, 201 High street, house, 16 Ure place.
Holt, Thomas, & Co., Laurieston loan office, 15 Coronation buildings, Herbertson st.
Holt, William, at Caledonian Pottery, Garngadhill.
Homeopathic Institution and Dispensary, 16 Bath street.
HONE, Patrick, butter and egg merchant, Bazaar, house, 10 Stirling square.
HONEYMAN, James, 5 Dixon street.
Honeyman, John, & Son, corn-factors, 5 Dixon street.
Honeyman, John, of John Honeyman and Son, house, 21 Carlton place.
Honeyman, John, malt and hop merchant, 76 Gallowgate.
Honeymaiij John, jun, at Alexr. Munro'i, 213 Buchanan street.
Honeyman, Michael, of John Honeyman and Son, house, 21 Carlton place.
Honeyman, P. S., writer, 135 Buchanan street, house, 21 Carlton place.
HOOD, Charles, ironmonger, tinplate-worker, gasfitter, and agent for Peter Hay,
Hood, George, grocer, 15 Hospital street.
silk dyer, 295 Sauchiehall street, and 175 Holyrood place, New City road.
Hood, John, commission agent, 20 Union street, house, 84 West street.
Hood. John, jun , house factor and insurance agent, 20 Union street, house, 10
Franklin terrace.
Hood, John, manufacturer, 5 Graham square.
Hood, John, potato merchant, 32 Clyde street, Anderston.

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