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Gunn, Archibald, 44 Melville st.
Gunn, Misses E. & A., 46 Melville
Harvey, Mrs, 37 George street
Hay, H. , 27 Royal Park terrace
Henderson, Mrs, 9 Queensferry
Henderson, Miss, 9 Antigua street
Hicks, Mrs, 20 Coates crescent
Hogg, Mrs A. , 6 Palmerston place
House of Call, 10 Burgess street
Howison, Mrs, 23 Eutland square
Hughes, Thos. L., 22 Stafford st.
Hume, Mrs, 37 South Clerk street
Ingram, Mrs W. , 34 Lauriston pi.
Jeffrey, Mrs, 1 Viewforth
Jessiman, Mrs A., 14 Pitt street
Joel, Henry, 36 Grindlay street
Johnston, Mrs E., 5 Claremont
Johnston, Mrs, 18 Alva street
Kaltenbach, Mrs, 13 Warrender
Park terrace
Kay, I\Irs, 2 Cambridge street
Keith, Misses, 12 East Preston
Kelly, Mrs, 11 Hatton place
Kennedy, Mrs Charles, 32 AYest
Kennedy, Mrs J. A., 7 Coates
Ker, Mrs, 59 Melville street
Kerr, George, 17 Melville street
Kerr, James, 1 and 13 Melville
Kerr, N. I., 50 Queen street
Kidd, Miss, 20 Grosvenor street
Kilgour, Miss, 29 Howe street
Knight, Mioses, 2 Hartington pi.
Laidlaw, Miss Janet, 2 Randolph
Launhardt, Mrs, 4 Hope street
Longmore, Mary E. [late Elston,
12 Hope St. ), 18 Melville street
Low, Miss, 18 AthoU crescent
Lumsden, Miss Jean, 47 Mardale
Lunn, Mrs, 43 Melville street
Lyell, Mrs, 54 Monti^elier park
MacAdam, Mrs, 54 India street
M'Cubbing, Misses, 23 Torphichen
M 'Donald, Mrs, 23 Forrest road
Macdougall, Mrs, 112 Thirlestane
M'Gregor, Adam, 6 Grosvenor st,
M'Gregor, Mrs M. ,30 Montgomery
Macgregor, Mrs, 22 Chalmers st.
M'Inroy, Mrs James, 1 Atholl
M'Kenzie, Miss Mary, 2 Alva st.
M'Laren, Miss J., 32 Dundas st.
M'Leod, Mrs, 16 Melville street
M'Leod, Mrs, 47 Forrest road
M'Pherson, John, 52 Manor pi.
M'Pherson, Mrs R. A., 17 South
St James' street
Macpherson, Miss, 29 Alva street
M'Rae, Mrs, 11 Leslie place
M' Robert, Robert, 37 George st
M'Tavish, Mrs, 54 Melville st.
Meekg, Miss, 9 Coates crescent
Menzies, Misses, 37 Melville st.
Metropolitan Lodging-house, 89
Millar, James, 42 Northumber-
land street
Millar, Mrs, 11 Warrender Park
Millar, Miss H., 67 Brunswick st.
Miller, Thomas, 29 Frederick st.
Mollison, Mrs, 12 Alva street
Morris, Miss J., 18 Dublin street
Morrison, Miss, 7 Castle terrace
Morrison, Miss E. S., 6 North
Charlotte street
Moss, Mrs, 28 Hay terrace, Lower
Broughton road
Moubray, Mrs, 60 Cumberland st.
Muirden, Misses, 8 Atholl cres.
Munnoch, Miss, 26 Castle terrace
Murison, C. W., 149 West Port
and 20 Shore
Naples, Miss, 10 Riitland square
Noble, Mrs A. , 19 Walker street
Paterson, Mrs J., 62 Hanover st.
Penney, Miss, 8 ISrandon ter.
Percival, Mrs, 14 Walker street
Percival, Miss, 4 Torphichen st.
Petrie, Mrs, 1 Livingstone place
Phimister, Miss, 10 Bruntsfield
Plaston, Albert, 24 Alva street
Prior, George, 22 Dundas street
Rankine, Andi'ew, 13 Coates crest.
Reed, Joseph, 11 Manor place
Reekie, Mrs, 3 Barony street.
Regan, M., 71 Cowgate and 98
Reid, Mrs J., 65 York place
Reid, Mrs, 12 Union street
Reynolds, Mrs H., 8 Keir street
Riach, Mrs, 115 Rose street
Rintoul, John, 29 Stafford street
Ritchie, Mrs, 40 Heriot row
Ritchie, Mrs, 26 Rutland street
Robb, Mrs E. , 18 Panmure place
Roberts, Miss, 27 Alva street
Robertson, James, 2 Alva st.
Robertson, Mrs, 44 Howe street
Robertson, Miss M., 63 Frederick
Rodger, Mrs, 13 Shandon street
Roger, Miss, 23 Lutton place
Ross, Miss, 2 Coates place
Samuel, Mrs, 22 Grosvenor street
Sandeman, Mrs R., 29 East Pres
ton street
Sanderson, Misses, 21 Stafford st,
Schmuckert, F. A. , 20 Sandport st,
Scott, Mrs H. ,lRoualdson's wharf
Scott, Mrs R. , 16 Leven terrace
Scott, Miss, 18 Brandon terrace
Shaw, Thomas, 58 & 60 Melville
Sheffield, Mrs, 73 George street
Sim, Mrs, 29 Alva street
Smith, Mrs, 13 Stafford street
Smith, Miss, 100 Morningside
Smith, Miss, 27 Stafford street
Spence, Mrs, 23 Union place
Steward, Mrs, 4 Atholl crescent
Stewart, James, 13 Manor place
Stewart, Mrs A., 29 Alva street
Stewart, Mrs J. C, 15 Atholl
Stewart, Mrs, 10 India street
Stewart, Miss, 139 George street
[Stiven, Mrs Wm., 18 Viewforth
Stuart, A. D., 41 Lothian street
Sutherland & Wilkie, 48 Melville ;
Swan, Miss, 6 W. Claremont st.
Swanston, Miss D. , 35 Alva st.
Thom, Alexander, 7 Atholl cres.
Thom, Mrs, 7 South Charlotte
Thom, Miss, 23 Melville street
Thomson, W. D., 10 Keir street
Turnbull, Thomas, 18 Coates cres.
TurnbuU, Mrs E., St Ann's villa,
Strathearn road
Turnbull, Miss E., 16 Broughton
Turner, James, 6 Coates crescent
Tweddle, Mrs J., 10 S. Charlotte ;
Urquhart, Miss, 15 E. London st. ,
Vernal, Miss M. , 8 Frederick st.
Victoria Lodging-houses, 85 West
Port, 115 Cowgate, and 3 Mer-
chant street
Wadbrook, Mrs, 14 West Preston
Wade, Misses, 21 Alva street
AVallace, Miss J. M., 1 Alva st.
Waterston, Miss A. , 74 George st.
Watson, Mrs, 1 Lochrin terrace
Williamson, Mrs L., 29 East
London street
Williamson, Mrs M., 21 Salisbury
Williamson, Mrs, 33 Warrender
Park road
Wilson, Mrs A., 4 E. Broughton
Wilson, Mrs, 25 Torphichen st.
Wilson, Miss, 91 Marchmont rd.
Wood, James, 1 Gayfleld place
Wood, John, 19 Atholl crescent
Yates, Chas. A., 21 Torphichen
Young, Alex., 7 Melville cres.
Young, Elizabeth, 2a Albany st.
Machine Makers.
See Engineers.
Magnetic Appliances.
Smith, Robert, 121 Princes st.
See Adv. Index
Malt and Grain Scoop
Cunningham, Jas., k Sons, 33
Bath st. and 10 James place,
Leith .
Bernard, Thomas, & Co. Limited,
Jeffrey, J., & Co., Roseburn ;
office, 37 Grassmarket
Melvin, A., & Co.,Breadalbanest.
Mandoline Importers
and Repairers.
Princes street, 7 and 9 Arcade,
Princes st., St Patrick st., and
30 Morningside road

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