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Porteous, A., & Co., Ill Rose st.
♦fPringle, R., Beaverbank and
fPurdie, Andrew, & Son, Home
Sinclair & Moir, 12 St James' sq.
Stocks, David, 20 Niddry street
Sumner, Henry, 5 Fountainbridge
Tait, Mrs J., 58 Low Calton
^'tWhite,Burns,&Co. ,Bonnington
fWhite, Thos. G., Shrubhill lane
Young, H. D., & Sons Ltd., 60,
62, and 88 High street
Young, David E., 60 and 62 High
Young, Thomas L., 62 High st.
^ee Bead.-Booms and Booksellers.
Lime Merchants.
Abbey, David Y., Leith Walk
Baird, Wm. , 4 Coltbridge gdns.
Clippens Oil Co.Ltd.; N.Macphie,
14 Lauriston gardens, agent
Jurrie & Co. Ltd., 4 North St
David street. Tower street,
Scotland Street station, and 18
Bothwell street, Glasgow
Dougal, Alex. , & Sons, 100 Foun-
jribson, Mercer, & Co., 208 Cause-
way side
Luke, F. R. & C. H., & Co., 122
George st. ; depots, 8 Dock pi.
Mitchell, Peter, & Sons, 34 St
Andrew square
Rough, Walter G., & Co., 30
Hanover street
Tynecastle Lime Co. , 71 Gorgie rd.
W'Uson, H. C, 4 Hermand ter.
Lime Juice Mannfrs.
Seddle, Jas., & Co., 17 Mitchell
Melrose, Drover, Limited, 14, 15,
16, 17, 25 to 31 MitcheU street
iose, L., & Co., Ltd., 41 Mitchell
Thomson, D. J., & Co., 2, 3, & 4
St Anthony street and 38 Gt.
Junction street
Literary & Reporting
George street ; Telephone,
2231; Telegraph, 'Insert'
See Engravers.
I Litho Draughtsmen.
ji-damson, Wm. , 25 St James' sq.
^.itken, George A., 31 St Andrew
irchibald. Fowler, & Ferrier, 32
York place. See Adv. Index
Bannerman k Steel, 6 Picardy
Bowie, John D., 3 Queen street
Cawkwell, Albert A. , 4 Abercorn
Frater, J. & D. , 13 St James' sq.
M'Farlane, E. F., 16 Picardy pi.
Melville, James, & Sons, 7 and 7a
Clyde street
Mills, William, 26 George street
Morrison, Arch. C, 26a Morning-
side drive
Paterson, William, 74 George st.
Reid, J. T. R., 34 St Andrew sq.
Smith & Porteous, 3 North St
Andrew street
Lithographic Transfer,
Inks, and Papers.
M'Intosh, Geo., maker, 55 Calton
Live-Stock Agents.
See Cattle Dealers.
Livery Stable Keepers.
See Postmasters.
Kelly, John, & Son, 113 Rose st.
See Adv. Index
Alexander, Miss, 25 Stafford st.
Allan, Miss, 5 Alva street
Amos, Mrs, 78 Montgomery st.
Anderson, John, 6 Melville street
and 6 Melville crescent
Anderson, Mrs J., 7 Bruntsfield
Anderson, Mrs, 5 Picardy place
Angus, Mrs Jn. , 1 Queensf erry st.
Archibald, Mrs, 8 Forres street
Avant, Hannah A., 47 Great
King street
Baillie, Mrs, 3 Lothian street
Bain, Mrs, 1 Alva street
Bain, Mrs, 24 Rutland street
Barclay, Miss, 10 Perth street
Beattie, Miss, 8 Montpelier park
Beaton, J., 4 Grindlay street
Begg, Miss M. , 31 Alva street
Bell, Miss S., 18 Dundas street
Bell's, 507 Lawnmarket
Binning, Miss M. , 4 Gillespie ores.
Binning, Miss, 6 Coates place
Black, Mrs W., 39 and 41
Melville street
Blaikie, Mrs, 14 Warrender Pk.rd.
Blyth, J. B. G., 6 Elm row
Blyth, Mrs, 18 Walker street
Boak, Mrs Allan, 10 Abbotsford
Brown, Mrs C, 10 Cornwall street
Brown, Mrs James, 87 Bruntsfield
Brown, Miss, 44 Great King st.
Bruce, James, 12 Hart street
Bruce, Mrs M., 64 Leamington
Bruce, Mrs, 4 Queensferry street
Brunton, Miss, 4 Walker street
Buchanan, J., 22 E. Preston st.
Cameron, Mrs, 2 Charlotte place
Campbell, Mrs A., 8 Thirlestane
Campbell, Miss, 5 Lauriston park
Carron, Mrs, 72 Leamington ter.
Castle Lodging House, 75 Grass-
Cathie, Miss, 82 Marchmont cres.
Charteris, Misses J. & A., 20
Melville street
Charteris, Misses M. & M., 22
Melville street
Charters, Mrs, 19 Montgomery st.
Chisholm, Miss J. F., 81 Grove st.
Christie, Mrs E. , 7 Union street
Clark, Mrs A., 99 Shandwick pi.
Clark, Mrs C, 243 Morningside
Collison, Wm., 3 Warrender Park
Coltart, Miss G. D., 74 Blackford
Cook, Miss J., 18 Dundas street
Cossar, Miss, 22 Panmure place
Cowie, Mrs, 20 Montpelier park
Croal, Mrs B., 73 George street
Cunningham, Mrs J., 189 Dal-
keith road
Cuthbert. E. M., 8 Rutland sq.
Dall, Mrs, 72 Marchmont road
Davidson, Miss, 10 Henderson row
Davies, Mrs, 3 Rutland square
Dempster, Misses, 11 Walker
Dick, Mrs, 129 Gilmore place
Dixon, Misses, 23 Royal crescent
Dodsworth, Miss M., 12 War-
render Park terrace
Donaldson, Mrs, 77 Leamington
Donaldson, Miss C.,104 Viewforth
Dow, Mrs C, 6 Castle street
Dowell, Miss, 20 Stafford street
Drummond, Mrs M., 17 Cathcart
Duff, Mrs J., 11 Henderson ter.
Duncan, Mrs, 26 Nelson street
Dunnett, James, 2 Coates crescent
Edgar, Misses, 18 Sciennes road
Edinburgh Coffee House Co. Ltd. ,
1-3 and 13 Blair street
Edinburgh Lodgings, 61 and 377
High street
Edward, Mrs Mary, 4 Grange
Elder, Sarah F., 67 Brunswick st.
Elphinstone, Misses,13 Albany st.
Erskine, Miss, 22 Gillespie cres.
Fairbairn, Mrs, 10 E. Norton pi.
Farquharson, Miss, 19 Torphichen
Ferguson, Mrs Mary, 11 Albany
Finnie, John, 30 W. Maitland st.
Flinn, Jas. , 8 Lauriston place
Forbes, Mrs G., 45 Marchmont rd.
Forsyth, Miss, 4 Coates place
Fulton, Mrs A. P., 7 Albany st.
Gairn, Mrs., 14 Stafford street
Galloway, Mrs, 10 B. Norton pi.
Gardner, Mrs H. C, 76 Comiston
Garner, Mrs Helen, 12 Broughton
Gibson, J., 12 Alva street
Giles, Mrs, 11 Stafford street
Gill, Mrs Robert, 29 Alva street
Gillie, C, 18 Nicolson street
Grieve, Mrs, 7 Wellington street

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