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Sutherland, D., &Sons, 62 Inver-
leith row & 104 Raeburn place
Taylor, William J., 128 Con-
stitution street
Tescornea, Jolm, 48 Arthur st.
.Thorn, Jas., & Sons, 12a Grange
iWaterston & Son, 37 Lutton pi.
; Watson, Adam, & Son, 23 Union
t street
1 Watson, John, 32Valleyfield st.
Watson, WUliam, & Sons, 22;
Morningside road ;
Watters, Geo., 7 W. Nicolson st.
and 25 Raeburn place I
Weatherhead, Robt., 12 and 13
E. Norton place i
. Webster, G. & J., 32 St Bernard's
Webster, G. Arbuthnott, 111
Hamilton place
Welsh, John, 3 Caledonian place
iWhite, Charles & George, 9'
Nicolson square '
Whittaker, Alfred, 26 Hillside st.
Whytock, Reid, & Co., 9 George,
street '
Ice Manufacturers and
Marked * are Manufacturers.
*Aitken&AYright, 66 Constitution
. I street and 43 to 45 Quality st.
Anderson, J., &Sons, 29 Castle st.
Edinburgh Ice & Cold Storage Co.
Limited, Lochrin Place lane
Jameson, J., & Son, 58a Castle st.
Norwegian Ice Co. Limited, 66
Salamander street
|i Illuminated Address
'\ Writers.
Flint, F. W, , 38 Cockburn street
MiUs, William, 26 George street
Indiarubber, Airproof,
and Waterproof Goods
Marked* are Manufacturers.
*Caledonian Rubber Co., 98
Princes street
Chatham, John, 383 High street
*Currie, Wm., & Co., 124 to 130
Dairy road I
Dicks, 'R. & J., 383 High street
Dickson, Fred., 35 and 18a
1. Morrison street
': Forth Rubber Co. Ltd., 6 George
street, and Whitehall crescent,
: Dundee,
; *Goudie k Co., 25 Princes street
i ' Hamilton, R. , IS Waterloo place
( Heriothill Rubber Co., Dunedin
Pendleton Rubber Co. Ltd., 63
Frederick street
•Manchester AVaterproof Co., 36
Lady Lawson street
MUIR, ALEX., 15 Cockburn st.
*North British Rubber Co. Ltd.,
Castle mills, Fountainbridge,
and 106 Princes street
Russell, A. M., 29 Grassmarket
Scott, Andrew, & Son (oU), 48
Sandport street
*Scottish Vulcanite Co. Limited,
Viewforth, Fountainbridge
CO., 47 Cockburn street
*Spence, John N., 1 Swinton row
*Stungo, M., & Son, 63 Elm row
*Tait, David, Dunedin street,
Beaverhall road. See Adv.
*Thornton & Co. Ltd., 78 Princes
street. See Adv.
*Thomton & Co. Ltd., 2 Hanover
* Victoria Rubber Co. Ltd., The
Victoria Indiarubber MiUs, 236
Leith walk j
*Walker, WiUiam, 95 Abbey hill I
*Waverley Rubber Co., AVaverley !
works, Roseburn
Ink Manufacturers.
Dane & Co., 3 East Register st.
Fleming, A. B., & Co. Limited,
Granton. See Adv.
Blossman Bros., Silvermills. See
Adv. index
Paterson, D., & Co., Eyre place
Shackell, Edwards, & Co. Limited,
5 Red Lion passage. Fleet st.,
London, E. C. ; agent for Scot-
land, AV. Addison Banks, 80
Blackford avenue
Winstone, B., & Sons Limited,
London ; agent for Scotland,
A. B. M'llvride, 34 St. Andrew
See Hotels.
Inspectors of Works.
Bain, James, 2 Montague street
Ballingall, George, 3 Hope Park
Clark, Allan E. L. , University,
South Bridge
Clark, William, 7 Maryfield
Cornelius, Charles, 4 Coltness pi.
Crawford, James W., 21 Dalmeny
Davis, George L., 33 Grange loan
Dickison, George, 6 Glenogle pi.
Fairgrieve, James, 4 Argyle Park
Fenton, John R., 17 Upper
Gilmore place
Frew, William, 109 Warrender
Park road
Gammie, W. F. , 19 Jordan lane
Gibson, John, li Briarbank ter.
Gray, Andrew, 107 Ferrj' road
Henderson. .Tn . , 21 Murieston ores.
Hendry, James, 24 Westhall
Hogg, .James S., 1 Coltbridge
Holland, James, 2'Tarvit street
Howie, John, 26 Lutton place
Hutton, James, 14 Brunton ter.
Hutton, Wm., Ill D.ilkeith road
Keay, John, 24 Deanpark street
Kirkaldy, P. , 19 Marchmont cres
Ligertwood, Wm. L., 9 Spottis
woode street
Lindsay, jWm., 9 Livingstone pL
M'Laren, David, West Mont-
gomery place
M'Pherson, Jn., 18 Caledonian rd.
Matthew, D., 155 Ferry road
Millar, Alex., 19 Primrose terrace
Moffat, Thomas, 5 Henderson ter.
Mo.scrip, J., 24 St Patrick square.
See Adv. Index
Muir, James, 6 E. London street
Ponton, Thomas M., 14 Melville
Ross, David, 24 Bonaly road
Scott, A., 24 Blackwood crescent
Scott, Thomas, 20 Parsonsgreers
Scott, William, 9 Merchiston grove
Tnlloch, John, Windmill house,
Buccleuch place
Webster, Saml., 15 Primrose ter.
Insurance Agents.
LTD., 10a George st. ; Tele-
phone. 2231
Hercus, J. W. Moffatt, 69 York pL
Insurance Brokers.
See Shipping Agents.
Insurance and Invest-
ment Companies and
Banks, etc.
Aberdeen Heritable Securities and
Investment Co. Ltd., 46 Greorge
Accident Insurance Co. Limited,
52 Hanover street ; Isaac
Connell, resident secretary
Accident Life and Fidelity Insur-
ance Co. Limited (Scottish),
115 George street
Aitchison & Sons Ltd. , 15 Queeru
street ; Arthur Drummond,
C.A., secretary
Alliance A33ur=ince Co., 95 George
street. See Adv.
Alliance Fire and Life Assuranee
Co., 58 Queen street
Alliance Mortgage & Investment
Co. Ltd., 123 George street
Alliance Marine and General
Assurance Co. Limited, 4:>
Constitution street
American Mortgage Co. of Scot-
land Limited, 36 Castle street
Amicable Property Investment
Building Society, 22 Rutland
Anglo-American Telegrajih Co-.
Ltd., 50 Frederick st. and 30
Constitution street
Arizona Copper Co. Limited, 74
George street
Assets Co. Limited. 11 Duke st.
Atlas Fire and Life Assurance
Co. , 5 Archibald jjlace
Atlas Loan Co. of Ontariio,
Canada, 86 George street
Australian Deposit and Mortgage
Bank Limited, 4 Thistle court
Australasian Investment Co.
Limited, 18 St Andrew squiare

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