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Australasian Mortgage and
Agency ComxJany Limited, 64
Queen street. See Adv.
Ballachulisli Hotel Co. Limited,
23 York place
Bank of Mauritius Limited, 134
George street
Bank of Montreal, 28 Rutland sq.
Bank of New Zealand, 35 Queen
Bank of New South Wales, 67
George street
Bank of \''ictoria Limited, 67
George street
Barnton Hotel Co. Ltd., Cramond
Boiler Insurance (Vulcan), 7
Hope st. ; Jas. Howden, agent
Book Debts Insurance Co. Ltd.,
6 N. Charlotte street
Braid Hills Hotel Co. Ltd., 5
Queen street
Bridge ton Land Co. Ltd., 76
George street
Bivitish Assets Trust Limited,
43 Charlotte square
British Bank of South America,
Limited, 12 Queen street
British Canadian Loan and Invest-
ment Co. Limited, 28 Rutland
British Empire Mutual Life
Assurance Co., 2 St Andrew sq.
British and Foreign Marine Insur-
ance Co. Limited, 22 Constitu-
tion street
British Investment Trust Ltd.,
46 Castle street
British Law Fire Insurance Co.
Limited, 47 Frederick street
British Legal Life Assurance and
Loan Co. Limited, 7 South
Charlotte street
British \Yorkman's General As-
surance Co., 4 York buildings
Building and Loan Association,
Toronto, 16 Castle street
Caledonian and Australian Mort-
gage and Agency Co. Limited,
5 Albyn place
Caledonian Insurance Co. (Fire
and Life), 19 George street.
See Adv.
Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance
Co. Ltd., 10a N. St David st.
See Adv.
California Pastoral and Agricul-
tural Co. Ltd., 123 George st.
â– Canada Landed and National In-
vestment Co. Ltd., 35 Queen
street and 15 Hill street
Canada Permanent Loan and
Savings Co., oG Castle street
Canada Settlers' Loan and Trust
Co. Ltd., 123 George street
Chartered Bank of India, Aus-
tralia, and China, 119 Princes
City Bank of Sydney, 18 St
Andrew square
City Dye Works and Laundry
Ltd., Duff St.; registered office,
15 Queen street ; Arthur
Drummond, C.A., secretary
City of Glasgow Assurance Co.,
21 St Andrew sq. See Adv.
Colonial Mutual Life Assurance
Society Limited,38 Frederick st
Colonial Real Property Co. Ltd.
46 Castle street
Comraei'cial Bank of Australia
Limited, 11 South Charlotte st.
Commercial Fire Insurance Co.
of Scotland Ltd. , 102 George st.
Co. Limited, 30 Hanover st.
Commercial Union Assurance Co.
Limited, 37 Hanover street
Conishead Priory Hydropathic
Co. Ltd. , 88 George street
County Fire Office, 123 George
street. See Adv.
Credit (The) Assurance and
Guarantee Corporation Ltd.,
4a St Andrew square
Crown Accident and Norwich and
London Accident Insurance
Cos. Ltd., 14b George street
Deltic Investment Co. Ltd., 21
Thistle street
Dominion Savings and Invest-
ment Society, London, Ontario,
Canada, 9 and 10 Albyn place
Edinburgh American Land Mort-
gage Co. Limited, 4 Melville
street. See Adv. Index
Edinburgh Co-operative Building
Co., 32 South Castle street and
Dunrobin place
Edinburgh Heritable Security Co.
Limited, 141 George street
Edinburgh House Proprietors Co.
Ltd., 52 Hanover street
Edinburgh Investment Trust
Limited, 1 N. Charlotte street
Edinbiirgh Life Assurance Office,
22 George street. See Adv.
Edinburgh Lombard Investment
Co. Ltd. , 41 Hanover street
Edinburgh Model Lodging House
Co. Limited ; John M'Donald,
secretary, 28 Queen street
Edinljurgh Mutual Investment &
Building Society, 118 Princes st.
Edinburgh North American In-
vestment Co. Ltd. , 2 York pi.
Edinburgh Railway Access and
Property Co. Ltd., 16 Young st.
Edinburgh and San Francisco
Redwood Co. Ltd., 15 Hill st.
Employers' Accident and Live
Stock Insurance Co. Ltd., 30
St Andrew square
Employers' Liability Assurance
Corporation Limited, 16 South
Charlotte street
Employers' Mutual Insurance
Association of Scotland, Ltd.,
86 George st. See Adv. Index
English Bank of Rio de Janeiro,
12 Queen street
English and Scottish- American
Mortgage and Investment Co.
Ltd., 35 Queen street
English and Scottish Law Life
Assurance Association, 120
Princes street. See Adv. Inde.e
Equitable Fire and Accident
OflSce Ltd., 108 George street.
See Adv. index
Equitable Fire and Accident
Office, 21 St Andrew square
Eskbank Feuing Co. Ltd. , 5 Queeni
Fairbairn Limited, IOa Georgei
street ; registered office, 15!
Queen street
Farmers' Trust Co. Limited, 123:
George street
Fidelity Securities Co. , of Sioux
City, Iowa, 63 Castle st.
Fine Art and General Insurancei
Co. Ltd., 13 So. Charlotte st. ,
Fourth Edinburgh Property In-i
vestment Co. , 5 St Andrew sq. (
Fourth Provident Investmetffe
Building Society, 5 North Ste
David street
Free Church of Scotland Firei
Insurance Trust Limited, 68(
George street
Friendly Insur. Co. , 40 Princes at^
See Adv. Index
General Accident Assurance Qt&k
poration Limited, 20 Albany st;i
General Life Assurance Co., II
Hanover street
General Property Registration
Agency, 3 York buildings
Glenburn Hydropathic Co. Ltd.,
122 George street. See Adv.\
Goldsmiths' and General Burglary
Insurance Association Ltd., 63*
George street
Gresham Life Assurance Societyt
Limited, 73 George street
Guarantee Society, 39 Frederiefc
street. See Adv. Ind^ex
Guardian Fire and Life Assurance
Co. , 18 York place
Guardian Plate Glass Insiu-anget
Co., 68 George street
Guardian Society of Scotland, 30
St Andrew square
Guthrie Street Lodging House
Co. Limited, 44 Queen street.
Hand in Hand Fire and Life
Officp, 150 Hope St., Glasgow
Heritable Investors Co. Ltd.,
58 Castle street
Heritable Securities and MortgagCt
Invest. Association Limited,
76 George street. See Adv.
Horse, Carriage, and General In-
surance Co. Limited, 25 Dublin
street. See Adv. Index
Imperial Bank of Canada, 12
Queen street
Imx^erial Insurance Co. Ltd.,
5 Albyn place .1
Imperial Loan and InvestmeAt'
Co. of Canada Ltd., 25a St'
Andrew square
Imi3roved Edinburgh Property
Investment Building Society,:
102 South Bridge
Income and Proiaerty Tax Repay-
ments Agency (Scottish), 3
Queen street and 21 Brunton
Insurance Co. of Scotland, 95
Geoi-ge street. See Adv.
Investment Company (Fourth),
Edinburgh Proi^erty, 5 St
Andrew square
Investment Co., New Scottish
Friendly Property, 5 St Andrew

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