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Currie, J. G., commissary clerk depute, 14
Leamington terrace
Currie, J. L., 72 S. Clerk street
Currie, James, janitor. Dairy public school
Currie, James {J. C. dj Co. ), Trinity cot. , Ferry rd.
Currie, James (O. d: Co.), 12 Viewforth terrace
Currie, Jas. {J. & W. C), 10 Wellington place
Currie, Rev. James, M.A., LL.D., rector. Train-
ing College, 16 Chambers street and Johnston
terrace ; house, 70 Great King street
Currie, Joseph A. (/. A. C. <& Co.), Sans Souci,
Spylaw road
Currie, John, 1 3 Bank street
Currie, John, chimney sweep, 24 Damside, "Water
of Leith
•Currie, Kobert, 15 Oxford street
Currie, Robert, 8 Rosehall terrace
Cun-ie, Thomas, Edina villa, Eastei- road
Currie, William ( W. C. d: Co.), 6 Strathearn road
Currie, Wm. , 27 Oxford street
Currie, William, cork manufacturer, 7 Elbe st. ;
house, 63 Charlotte street, Leith
Currie, Wm., 12 Gladstone place, Leith
Currie, Wm. K. (H.M.G.), 23 Woodbine terrace
CniTie, William, painter and drysalter, 33 Home
st. and 147 Fountainbridge ; ho. 31 Home st.
Currie, Mrs E., confectioner, 27 Leven st. ; ho. 15
Currie, Mrs J., 4 Leven terrace
Currie, Mrs R., 4 West Newington place
Cunie, MrsThos., spirit merchant, 14 Market st.
Currie, Mrs, apartments, 4 Hope street
Currie, Mrs, 6 West Newington terrace
Currie, Miss M., trimmings, 96 Kirkgate ; ho.
10 Janefield place
Currie, Miss, trimming shop, 52 Lauriston place
Currie, Miss, dressmaker, 4 West Newington pi.
Currie, Miss, milliner & draper, 33 Broughamst.
Currie, Catherine, registry office, 60 Princes st.
Curror & Cowper, S.S.C., 1 India buildings
Curror, David, of Wester Craigduckie, S. S. C. , 25
Northumberland street
Curror, Pat. R., farmer, Myreside, Colinton road
Curtis, J. R., 38 Lady Menzies place
Cushnie, Mrs William, 10 St Catherine's place
Cusin, Rev. Alex., M.A., 17 Greenside place
Customhouse, Commercial street
Cuthbert & Marchbank, S.S.C, 18 Frederick st.
Cuthbert, A., inspector (Soc. for Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals), 13 W. Newington ter.
Cuthbert, Archibald, painter, 29 Nelson street
Cuthbert, David, enameller. East Silvermills ;
house, 17 Tantallon place
Cuthbert, E. M. , apartments, 21 Stafford street
Cuthbert, Hugh, 5 Brandon street
Cuthbert, Joseph, butcher, 149Pleasance; house,
6 Beaumont place
Cuthbert, J. H. , umbrella maker, 20 St Patrick sq. ;
house, 7 East Preston street
Cuthbert, Robt. {British Linen Co. ), 2 Church hill
Cuthbert, Mrs, 23 Downie place
Cuthbert, Miss, apartments, 6 Forres street
Cuthbert, Miss, 5 Findhorn place
Cuthbertson, A. G. , & Son, merchants and com-
mission agents, 55 Constitution street
Cuthbertson, G. R. {E. O. L. Co. ), 26 Waterioo pi.
Cuthbertson, H., reporter, 4 Argyle park ter.
Cuthbertson, Henr}', 68 Grassmarket
Cuthbertson, James, grocer and ship store mer-
chant, 65 Shore
Cuthbertson, John, 1 Randolph place
Cuthbertson, Joseph, joiner, 3 Market street
Cuthbertson, W., wholesale stationer, 10 Picardy
place ; house, 1 Malta terrace
Cuthbertson, Wm. {A. B. Fleming d: Co., Lim.),
34 Marchmont crescent
Cuthbertson, William F., wholesale stationer,
4 Albany street
Cuthbertson, W. G. , 1 Malta terrace
Cuthbertson, Mrs W. F., 2a Albany street
Cuthberston, Mrs, 20 Glen street
Cuthbertson, Mrs, 14 Coates gardens
Cuthbertson, Miss, 8 Great King street
Cuthbertson, Miss, 31 Alva street
Cuthill, Alexander, 17 Castle street
Cutler, John, 40 Pilrig Jlodel buildings
Daffoeke, John J. , bookseller, stationer, & news-
agent, iB Arniston pi. ; ho. 4 Queensberry ter.
Dagg, Mrs, Episcopal Work Societj^, 9a S.-E.
Circus place
Daily, John, 28 Madeira street
Daily, Mrs, French stajanaker, 13 Carnegie st.
Daily Review Office, 20 and 22 St Giles street
DAISH, JOHN, cook and confectioner, 3 and 5
South St Andrew street. Jj^See Adv. index
Dakers, Mrs, dressmaker, 23 Avondale place
DALE & BLISLOP, die and stamp cutters and
general engravers, 6 Elder st. ^^^eAdv. index
Dale, Thomas R. {D. d Hislop), 12 Antigua st.
Dalgety, B., 7 Johnston terrace
Dalgety, Misses, of Corbs, 47 Minto street
Dalgleish & Bell, W. S. , 1 Rutland sq^uare
Dalgleish & Son, manufactm-ers and importers of
corks, S. B. Canongate ; ho. 5 Broughton pi.
Dalgleish, Adam, wine and spiiit merchant, 6
W. Adam street ; house, 8 Roxburgh terrace
Dalgleish, Adam, 15 Brougham street
Dalgleish, Andrew, grocer, 70 Grove street
Dalgleish, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant,
3 Orchardfield street
Dalgleish, Colonel, 6 Viewforth place
Dalgleish, David, 10 Elm row
Dalgleish, David, 24 Dock street
Dalgleish, Jacob, dairyman, 14 Riddle's close ;
house, 83 St Andrew street, Leith
Dalgleish, James, 40 Prince Regent street
Dalgleish, James, contractor, Leith station ; ho.
2 Windsor street lane
Dalgleish, Jas., 17 Abbey hiU
Dalgleish, Jas. {Henderson d; D.), 24 Dairy road
Dalgleish, John, 177 Fountainbridge
Dalgleish, John, 2 Couper street
Dalgleish, John J. , of Westgrange, 8 AthoU cr.
Dalgleish, Laurence, of Pitfirrane, 4 Magdala pi.
Dalgleish, Thomas, S.S.C, 39 Castle street
Dalgleish, Thomas, 136 Gilmore place
Dalgleish, Thos. Y. , cooper, 38 Charlotte st., Leith
Dalgleish, W. Scott, M.A., 25 May field terrace
Dalgleish, Wm. , Holyrood glass works ; house, ,
17 St John street
Dalgleish, William, 10 South College street
Dalgleish, Mrs, 8 AthoU crescent
Dalgleish, Miss, 1 Merchiston bank terrace
Dalkeith Colliery Office, St Leonard's depot;
David Johnstone, agent
Dall & Miller, C.A., 24 Hill street
Dall, W., & Co., glass and china merchants, 4'
Hanover street

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