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Cunningham, A., church officer, 30 Chambers st.
Cunningham, Alexander, 76 Pitt st., Bonnington
Cunningham, Alex., 2 Craigrossie place
Cunningham, Andrew {A. C. d- Co.), Craigend,
Ferry road
Cunningham, Andrew, 42 Great junction st.
Cmmingham, Charles, lodgings, '6 Frederick st.
Cunningham, Charles, coal merchant, 10 Port
Hopetoun ; house, 9 Brougham street
Cunningham, D., hat manufacturer, 55 Princesst.
Cunnmgham, David, man. Union Barm Co.,
44 Candlemaker row
Cunningham, D. G., 103 Gilmore place
Cunningham, E., 35 London street
Cunningham, Geo. (iV. B. Ry. ), 4 Warriston ores.
Cunningham, George M., civil engineer, 135
George street ; house, 2 Ainslie place
Cunningham, Henry, 79 Fountainbridge
Cunningham , J. , plasterer, Eobb's ct. , High riggs
Cunningham, James, merchant, 49 Gt.- Junction
street ; house, 5 Ferrier street
Cunningham, Jas., hydraulic engineer, 302
Leith walk
Cunningham, J. B., joiner, 13 Blackwood cres.
Cunningham, John, jun., coal and general
merchant, S. Leith station ; ho. , 8 Kirk st.
Cunningham, John Thos., L.D.S., R.C.S.Engd.,
dental surgeon, 41 Lauriston place
Cunningham, Eev. J. G. (Free St Luke's), 7
Brandon street
Cunningham, John {H.M.C.), 8 Kirk street
Cunningham, John, 24 Warrender park road
Cunningham, John, 22 Charles street
Cunningham, L. T., M.D., 20 Warriston cres.
Cunningham, Peter B., ironmonger, tinplate
worker, andgasfitter, 14 Guthrie street ; house,
2 Greyfriars place
Cunningham, P. {P. C. tb Son), 25 Royal ores.
Cunningham, P. Maxton (P. G. <t Son), 25
Royal crescent
Cunningham, Peter, 2 Greyfriars place
Cunningham, Peter, baker, 25 Home street
Cunningham, R. S., joiner and undertaker, 281
Canongate ; house, 170
Cunningham, "Walter (/. C. <L Sons), 1 Prospect
bank villas
Cunningham, William H., 13 Queen's crescent
Cunningham, William, 35 Restalrig terrace
Cunningham, Wm., cabinetmaker, 16 Spittal st.
Cunningham, Mrs C, apartments, 51 Albany st.
Cunningham, Mrs Geo., grocer, 12 Prospect st.
Cunningham, Mrs J. S., 94 Lauriston place
Cunningham, Mrs John, 2 Laverockbank terrace
Cunningham, ISIrs John, 40 Bernard street
Cunningham, I^Irs R. AV". , 3 Strathearn place
Cunningham, Mrs W., 189 Leith walk
Cunningham, Mrs, grocer and spiiit merchant,
7 Canning place ; house, 12 Gladstone place
Cumiingham, Mrs, 25 Dean park street
Cunningham, Mrs, 5 Annandale street
Cunningham, Mrs, 19 Rosevale place
Cunningham, Mrs, 57 ]\Iontgomery sti-eet
Cunningham, Mrs, 37 London street
Cunningham, Mrs, 17 Salisbury road
Cunningham, Mrs, young ladies' boarding house,
21 Pitt street
Cunningham, Mrs, 2 Haddington place
Cunningham, Misses, 12 Warrender park ter.
Cunningham, Misses, 18 Graham street
Cunningham, Miss Georgina, matron, Donald-
son's hospital. West Coates
Cunningham, Miss, 88 Lauriston place
Cunningham, Miss, 20 Rankeillor street
Cunninghame, G. Godfrey, advocate, 45 Manor pi.
Cunnison, T., provision merchant, 50 Broughton
street ; house, 15 London street
Cunyngham, Sir R. K. A. Dick, Bart. , Preston-
field, Priestfield road
Cunyngham, Miss Dick, 18 Palmerston place
Cunynghame, A. M., Surveyor- General to the
General Post Office for Scotland, 27 Glencaini
Cunynghame, R. J. Blair, M.D., F.E.C.S.E.,
6 Walker street
Cupples, Geo., Admiralty house, ISTewhaven rd.
Curie, Arthur J., teacher of pianoforte and har-
monium, 52 Hanover street ; ho. 12 Abbots-
ford park
CURLE, JAMES, pianoforte, harmonium, and
American organ saloons, 52 Hanover street ;
workshop, Broughton market ; house, 12
Abbotsford park. ijiSee Adv. index
Curie, Jas., bootmake-r, 40 Buccleuch st. ; ho. 10
Carle, J. P., manager, Royal Aquarium,
Waverley market
Curie, Robert, toys and smallwares, 4a Lord
Russell place ; house, 3
Curie, Robert, 2 Lord Russell place
Curie, Wm., tobacconist, 25 St Leonard's street ;
house, 51 Earl Grey street
Curll, Mrs, 1 Rochester terrace
Curll, Miss, teacher of music and singing, 14
Dundas street
Currer, Adam, grocer and wine merchant, 79
Queen street ; ho. 6 Merchiston avenue
Currer, H. W. {G.P.O.), 46 Albert street
Currer, Robt. H., 10 East London street
Currer, Misses, dressmakers, 3 Antigua street
Currie & Co. , wholesale confectioners and agents,
31 and 33 George iv. bridge
Currie, J., & Co., rag, paper, wool, and metal
merchants, So. Elliot street and 120 Cowgate
Currie, J. & W., wine merchants and aerated
water manufacturers, 3 and 5 Elbe street
Currie, James, & Co. , agents of the Leith, Hull,
and Hamburg Steam Packet Co. , 1 6 Bernard st.
CURRIE, JOSEPH A., & CO., 22 Bernard street;
telephone exchange. No. 480 ; Portland and
Roman cement, plaster of Paris, Keene's and
Parian cement merchants ; agents for I. C.
Johnson & Co., cement manufacturers, Lon-
don and Gateshead ; Joseph Robinson & Co.,
plaster of Paris manufacturers, Carlisle ; con-
signees in Edinburgh and district for Gibbs t
Co., Lim., cement manufacturers. Grays,
Essex, and J. B. White & Bros., Lim., cement
manufacturers, London ; agents for Dr W.
Michaelis' cement testing apparatus
Currie, Wm., & Co., indiarubber and waterproof
manufrs., Caledonian rubber works. Dairy road
Currie, A., shipmaster, 24 Easter road
Currie, Adam, gi'ocer, 96 Ferry road ; house, 100
Currie, Adam, 2 Glen street
Currie, Arch., shipwright, 16 Albany st., Leith
Currie, David, 4 Blacket place
Currie, Edward, 145 Fountainbridge
Currie, G., 87 Prince Albert buildings
Currie, Heriot, engineer, 17 N. Fort street

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