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Cromar, Alexander {Gallie, Laird, d: Co.), 6 St
Catherine's place
Cromar, John, dairy, 137 West port
Cromarty, Alex. , shipmaster, 2 MulbeiTy place
Cromb, Robert, 10 Dean terrace
Crombie, Bell, & Matheson, W.S., 137 Princes st.
Ci-ombie, John, & Co., merchants, 14b George st.
Crombie, Alex, (of Thornton), 4 Magdala place
Crombie, Alexander, 1 Brunswick place
Crombie, David, architect, 34 St Andrew sq^uare ;
house, 6 Cobden crescent
Crombie, Francis, 37 Bennington road
Crombie, George {Somerville <t C), 18 Downie pi.
Crombie, Eev. James M. , 2 Alva street
Crombie, John, assistant inspector of schools, 22
Panmure place
Crombie, Mark, 35 Barony street
Ciombie, Robert {Mercer & C), 6 Cobden cres.
Crombie, Thomas, 2 Hope park crescent
Crombie, William, 2 Kilmaurs road
Crooks, Archibald, engine-driver, 4 Cobden ter.
Crooks, George, 50 Albany street, Leith
Crooks, George, hamcurer and provision mercht.,
97 Kirkgate ; house, 50 Albany street, Leith
Crooks, James {Eohertson <b C), 24 Grange loan
Ci'ooks, Samuel C, grocer and provision mer., 9
St Patrick street ; house, 4 Clerk street
Crooks, Wni., com. agent, 4 Clerk street
Crooks, Wm., photographer, 103 Princes street
Crooks, Mrs, 1 Glengyle terrace
Crooks, Miss, 16 Manor place
Croom, J. H., M.D.,'F.R.C.P.E.,25 Charlotte sq.
Crosbie, John, 68 Cumberland street
Crosbie, J., conlectr., 18 E. Richmond st.; ho. 16
Crosbie, Mrs, 69 York place
Crosbie, Miss H. , 27 York place
Crosbie, Miss, apartments, 75 Queen street
Cross & Donaldson, seed, oilcake, and maniire
merchants, 41 Constitution street, and W,
Bowling-green sti'eet
Cross, A. (C. ffc Donaldson), New bank, Trinity
Cross, Charles, 4 E. Montgomery st.
Cross, J., 22 Gayfield square
Cross, Mrs A., 33 Richmond place
Crossan, Misses, milliners, 29 Broughton street ;
house, 5 Picardy place
Crossley, Mrs, 5 Hermitage ter., Morningside
Crouch, W., & Son, manufacturing jewellers and
goldsmiths, 32 North bridge ; house, 21
Dalrymple crescent
Crouch, Dav. H. (C <t 'Son), 21 Dalrymple ores.
Crouch, H. Brougham, manufacturing goldsmith
and jeweller, 27 South Hanover street ;. house,
8 Cobden road
Crouch, M., 7 Shore
Crouch, Mrs, Brisbane villa, Craigmillar park
Groan, Patrick, iish salesman, 2 West port ; ho. '< Croucher, Robt. L. , gardener and florist, View-
15 Venn el ! park gardens, Warrender park crescent ; ho.
Crocket, Andrew, basketmaker, 208 Canongate ;: 19 Wright's houses
house, 170 Crouden, George B., 13 Murdoch terrace
Crocket, David, 19 Montrose terrace iCrow, Peter, 8 Myrtle terrace
Crocket, J., basketmaker, 110 Kirkgate; ho. 35 Crow, Philip, bootmaker, 14 Montague street
Crocket, John A., 30 Glover street iCrow, Thomas, builder and ho. carpenter, Tyne-
Crocket, T. G., 501 Lawnmarket | castle ; ho., 10 Ardmillan terrace
Crockett, David, grocer and wine merchant, 4 .Crow & Reid, dairymen, 3 Deanbank place
Rosehill place ; house, 26 Grove street Crow, William, tailor, 5 Nicolson street
Crole, David, 1 Roj^al circus Crow, Wm., dispensing chemist, 53 Nicolson st.
Crole, Gerard L., advocate, 1 Royal circus I Crow, Mrs Robert, 19 Panmure place
Croll, J., & Co., stationers, 9 Fountainbridge 'Crow, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 31 India street
Crichton, J. A., advocate, sheriff of Fife and
Kinross, 13 Nelson street
Crichton, Jas. {Hamilton, C. d- Co.), 5 Lennox st.
CRICHTON, JAS., teacher of dancing, fencing,
and swimming, 18 Montague street. JjiSee
Adv. index
Crichton, John, slater and glazier, 89 Rose st. ;
house, 1 Eastfield, Joppa
Crichton, Robert, messenger, B. L. Bank, 7
Register place
Crichton, W. M., designer and engraver, 31
Princes st. ; ho. Beulah, Linktield, Musselburgh
■Crichton, William, 128 Duke street, Leith
Crichton, Mrs James, 21 Marchmont road
Crichton, Mrs Maitland Makgill, 29 Moray pi.
Crichton, Mrs, 15 Bruntsfield place
Crichton, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 9 Trafalgar street
Crichton, Miss, 20 Marchmont road
Crighton & Thomson, wine and spirit merchants,
and family grocers, 77 South Clerk street
Crighton, James, 16 Dean terrace
Crighton, Mrs., dairy, 7 Marchmont rd. ; ho.,
7 Marchmont crescent
Crighton, Miss, 13 Glen.gjde terrace
Cripples' Home, 20 N. Mansionhouse road ;
Miss M'Millan, matron
Croal, Da-s-id A., 17 St Pati-ick square
Croal, George, teacher of music, 17 London street
Croal, Thomas A., 16 London street
Croal, William, insurance and private detective
• agency, 22 Oxford street
•Croal, Mrs R. E., 2 East Newington place
Croall, J. & W., coach and harness makers,
York lane
CROALL, JOHN, & SONS, coach proprietors,
postmasters, and funeral undertakers. New
Royal Caledonian Bazaar, Middlefield, Leith
walk, 23 and 24 Greenside place, Duncan
street Bazaar, Newington, Royal Horse Bazaar,
Castle terrace, Caledonian and Waverley rail-
way stations, 26 Nicolson street, 8a Haj^-
■ market terrace, and 35 Deanhaugh street ;
245 Great Junction street and 45 Constitution
street, Leith. ^i^See Adv. index
Croall, John, & Sons, coachbuilders, Middlefield,
Leith walk
Croall, P., & Sons, coachbuilders, 133 George st.
Croall, James, 28 Bell place
Croall, John (/. & W. C), 21 Broughton street
Croall, Robert (/. C. tf: Sons), Craigcrook castle,
Croall, Robert (P. C. <Sj Sons), 18 Castle street
Croall, William {J. & W. C), 16 Abercromby
Croall, Mrs H., 14 South Clerk. street
Croau, Jas. , horse dealer, 25 Grassmarket

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