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Crowden, Sam. G., chemist, 8 East London st
Crowe, J. D., teacher, 3 Meadow place
Crowe, Mrs, 113 Warrender park road
Crowe, Miss Burns, 4 Polwarth gardens
Crowe, Miss, 5 Thirlestane road, west
Crown Hotel, 2 West Register street
Crown Office, 9 Parliament sq[uare
Crown, John, 10 East Adam street
Crudelius, Hirst, & Co., wool merchants, 7 and 8
Crudelius, R. "W., 14 Inverleith terrace
Crudelius, Mrs, 6 Inverleith terrace
Cruelty to Animals, Scottish Society for the
Prevention of, 88 George st. ; A. Langwill,
C.A., secretary and treasurer
Cruickshank, Alexander, & Sons, hosiers, shirt-
makers, clothiers, hatters, and ladies', gentle-
men's, and childj-en's outfitters, baby linen
' Avarehouse, 57 and 61 George street
Cruickshank, Alex., 2 St David's terrace
Cruickshank, And., 6 Forrest road
Cruickshank, Edward, 8 MoUendo terrace
Cruickshank, George, 22 Buchanan street
Cruickshank, George, joiner and cabinetmaker,
2 Circus lane ; house, 59 Cumberland street
Cruickshank, George B., 16 Gladstone terrace
Cruickshank, James, builder and bricklayer, 28
Torphichen street ; house, 4 Roseburn terrace
Cruickshank, J., insurance surveyor and assessor
of fire losses, 73 George street ; house, 143
Warrender park road
Cruickshank, P., cabinetmaker, 74 Lauriston st.
Cruickshank, P., 10 Ardmillan terrace
Cruickshank, AVm., engraver, lithographer, sta-
tioner, and printer, 15 Elder street ; house, 13
Lee crescent, Portobello
Cruickshanks, G., & Son, upholsterers, cabinet-
makers, undertakers, appraisers, and house
agents, 78, 88, and 90 Leith walk, Leith
'Cruickshanks, Dan^, 8 Downie place
Cruickshanks, George {G. Cruickslmnlcs d; Son),
7 Crown street
Cruickshanks, James, 52 Marchmont crescent
Cruickshanks, James, 2 Gladstone place, Leith
Cruickshanks, Miss M., 99 Gilmore place
the institute of patent agents, 10 St Andrew
sq^uare. ^See Adv. index
Cruikshank, P. , joiner. Elm cottage, Gibson ter.
Cruse & Fils Freres, wine shippers, Bordeaux ;
agents, Robertson & Baxter, 13 Quality street
Cruttenden, Edward, cabinetmaker and up-
holsterer, 3 and 3a Shandwick place ; works,
39a Morrison street ; house, 10 Atholl place
Cruttenden, George, 1 Panmure place
Cruttenden, Mrs, 10 Atholl place
_Cuddie, Wm., teller, 11 Gladstone place, Leith
Culbert, Thomas, 5 Rosehill place
Cullen, Rev. G. D., 33 Royal terrace
CuUen, Martin, grocer and spirit niercht., 194
Cowgate ; house, 12 Gladstone place
Cullen, Michael J., 17 Melville terrace
Cullen, Thomas, inspector of stamps and taxes,
14 Waterloo place; house, 48 Findhorn place
Cullen, Wm. Jas., L.L.B., 48 Findhorn place
Cullen, Wm., 14 Thorn ville terrace
CuUen, Mrs, drysalter, etc., 9 W. Adam street
Culley, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 229
Leith walk, Leith ; house, 243
Cumming & Duff, S.S.C, 50 George street
Gumming Brothers, art photographers, 63 N. br.
Cumming, Thomas, & Son, trunk, portmanteau,
brush, basket, and packing -box makers, 2
Cockburn street ; workshop, 81 High street
Cumming, David, 16 Marchmont crescent
Cumming, George J., 13 Parkside terrace
CUMMING, JAMES, glass mercht. and glazier,
44 Chambers street ; ho. 17 St Patrick sqnare.
^See Adv. index
Cumming, James, wholesale Avine and spirit mer-
chant, 35 Forrest road ; house, 8 Chalmers st.
Cumming, Robt. (C <£ Duff), 31 Lauriston gdns.
Cumming, Thomas (C. d; Son), 8 Tantallon pi.
Cumming, W., M.D., F.R.C.P.E., 18 AinsliepL
Cumming, William, messenger. National Bank
(Limited), 24 Quality street
Cumming, Mrs E., tobacconist, 10 St Vincent st.
Cumming, Mrs R. Crawford, 31 Rutland square
Cumming, Mrs, 13 Blackford road
Cumming, Mrs, sen. , 4 Cockburn street
Cumming, Mrs, 20 Dean terrace
Cumming, Mrs, 8 Summerhall square
Cumming, Misses, dressmakers, 27 Cumberland
Cumming, Miss, 6 Scotland street
Cummings, John, boot and shoe maker, 4 Car-
rick's buildings ; house, 5 Caledonian place
Cummings, Wm., packing box maker, 236 Leith
Cunard Steamship Co., Lim.. 37 Constitution st.
Cundell, John Ross (agent, British Linen Co.
Bank), 44 Bernard street
Cundell, Joseph, 17 Brunswick street. Hillside
Cuningham & Co. , wine mers. , 56 Frederick street
Cuningham, Edmund C.,W.S. {Duncan, Archi'
bald, (t C), 24 Palmerston place
Cuningham, Thos., wine mercht., 56 Frederick
street ; house, 2 Admiral terrace
Cuningham, Mrs, 24 Palmerston place
Cuninghame, Miss, 61 Melville street
Cunio, Cavaliere Angelo, prof, of music, 3 Gran-
ville terrace
CunlifFe, James L. , Plewlands house, Spylaw road
Cunningham, Eraser, & Co., nurserymen and
florists. Comely bank nursery
Cunningham, Andrew, & Co. (successor to J.
Russel), plate-glass agents, glass mer., glaciers
and slaters, 18 Leith street
Cunningham, James, & Sons, house carpenters
and builders, malt and grain scoop manufac-
turers, packing box makers, and steam saw
mill, 11 Pattison street and 12 Poplar lane
Cunningham, J. & J., seed, linseed cake, and
artificial manui'e merchants : ofiice, mills, and
stores, West Bowling-green street ; chemical
works, 53 Salamander street
Cunningham, M. & H., dressmakers, 1a Crown
Cunningham, Peter, & Son, stockbrokers and
insurance agents, 5 St Andrew square
Cunningham, A. B. (/. C. <£•• Sons), 2 Prospect
bank villas
Cunningham, Adam, 6 ilurano place
Cunningham, Alex., market gardener, Bonning-
Cunningham, Alexander, 153 Ferry road
Cunningham, Alex. , coal merchant, 6 Port Hope*
toun ; house, 12 Gardner's crescent

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