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Craib, Miss, 231 Great Junction street
Craig Brothers & Co., -woollen warehousemen,
14 Chambers street
Craig, Christie, & Co., hat nianuf., 23 Potterrow
CRAIG, J. & M., manufacturers of fire-clay and
terra cotta goods ; depot, Canning st. Dochard
& M'Lean, agents. ^See Adv. index
Craig & Rose, paint, colour, and varnish
manufacturers, oil boilers, refiners, and mer-
chants, and drysalters, Caledonian oil and
colour works, 172 Leith walk, Leith, and at
100 Holm street, Glasgow, and 75 Southwark
street, London, S.E.
Craig, Alexandei-, C.A., 122 George street
Craig, Alex. , tailor & clothier, 32 Caledonian ter.
Craig, Andrew, 13 Marchmont crescent
Craig, Arch. (O. Brothers dj Co.), 16 Blacket pi.
Craig, Charles, 12 Clyde street
Craig, David {Inland Revenue), 3 Wardie avenue
Craig, David, draper, 47 Clerk street
Craig, David, junior, baker, 76 Thistle street ;
house, 26 Frederick street
Craig, David, tea dealer, 8 Morningside terrace
Craig, F. "W., S.S.C, 25 Torphiciien street
Craig, George, architect and surveyor, 85 Con-
stitution street ; house, 6 E. Hermitage place
Craig, G. D., shirtmaker and hosier, 145 Princes
street ; house, 8 Grove st.
Craig, I., wine mer. and grocer, 40 Broughton st.
Craig, James T. Gibson, W.S., 24 York place
Craig, James, M.A. (teacher of classics, Edin-
burgh Institution), 28 Hillside street
Craig, J., general draper and clothier, 257 High
. street ; house, Eastfield, Joppa
Craig, James, confectioner, 41 North bridge
Craig, James, grocer and wine merchant, 40
Clerk street ; house, 26 Rankeillor street
Craig, James, 24 Manor place
Craig, James, 23 Kemp place
Craig, Rev. J. Kerr, Dean Street U.P. Church,
5 Malta terrace
Craig, J. Montgomerie, 8 Magdala crescent
Craig, J. B. (C. Brothers d; Co.), 18 Queen's cr.
Craig, John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
263 and 265 Canongate
Craig, John, engineer, 19 Hawthornbank ter.
Craig, Rev. John, 15 Lindsay place, Leith
Craig, J. Millar, teacher of music, 23 Torphiciien
Craig, John, M.A., English master, Heriot's
Hospital, 4 Argyle park terrace
Craig, Robei't, 2 Lord Russell place
Craig, Robert, 5 Claremont terrace
Craig, Thomas, 34 East Preston street
Craig, Thomas, 19 Livingstone place
Craig, Tom, teacher of music, 22 Rutland square
Craig, William, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., 7 Lothian
Craig, William, water officer, 14 Brickwork close,
Craig, Mrs D. M., 25 West Preston street;
house, 56 Clerk street
Craig, Mrs E. , spirit merchant, 5 Ritchie place ;
house, 5 Craigside place
Craig, Mrs G. W., 6 East Hermitage place
Craig, Mrs James, 38 Broughton street
Craig, Mrs James, 4 Bernard terrace
Craig, Mrs Thomas, 3 Barony street
Craig, Mrs T. M., 15 Leven terrace
Craig, Mrs, 8 Blackwood crescent
Craig, Miss, 13 Montgomery street
Craig, Miss, 6 Carlton street
Craig, Miss, 28 Hillside street
Craigdallie, T., pipe-clay manufacturer and fire-
wood merchant, 225 Canongate
Craighill, The Hon. Lord, 3 Ainslie place
Craigie, Adam, 165 Ferry road
Craigie, David, grocer, 4 North-West Circus pi.
Craigie, David, plasterer, Gilmore park
Craigie, Edward H. {Gallie, Laird, ifc Co.), 1
Blenheim place
Craigie, H. {R. BaUoch & Co.), 13 Polwarth gards.
Craigie, James, butcher, 15 High market ; house,
46 Cockburn street
Craigie, M., grocer and spirit merchant, 29
Water street ; house, 6 Hamburgh place
Craigie, William, tailor, 12 Drumdryan street
Craigie, Mrs, 13 Polwarth gardens
Craigie, Miss, sen., of Dumbarnie, 17 Rutland st.
Craigie, Miss, 5 South Clerk street
Craiglockhart Hydropathic Co. (Limited) ; reg.
office, 88 George street, Arch. Langwill, C.A.,
Craigmillar Steam Laundry Co. (Limited), W.
Savile terrace ; Mrs M 'Clary, manageress ; J.
C. Penney, C.A., secretary, 123 George street
Ci-aik, And., railway guard, 9 S. Elgin street
Craik, And. , 9 Avondale place
Craik, James, W.S., 9 Eglinton crescent; office,
66 Queen street
Craik, M., 27 Montague street
Cram, Peter, 22 Broughton street
Cramb, John, housekeeper, 34 St Andrew square
Cramond, Mrs, laundress and clear starcher,
Crows cottages. Eyre place ♦
Cran, John, & Co., engineers and boilermakers,
6, 7, and 8 Timber bush, and Tower street
Cran, Alex., bank messenger, 25 St James' sq.
Cran, John, engineer {J. G. & Co. ), 1 Summerfield
Cran, Peter, 20 Spittal street
Crandles, Alexander, 4 Braid place
Crandles, James, 249 Great Junction street
Cranston & Elliot, general drapers, silk mercers,
and house furnishers, 47, 48, 49, 51, and 53
North bridge
Cranston & Scott, painters and decorators, 26
Argyle place
Cranston, James, & Co., stevedores, 8 Bernard
Cranston, James (/. C. <£; Co.), 2 Eastfield
Cranston, R., junior (C. cC- Elliot), 8 West New-
ington terrace
Cranston, Robert, New Waverley temperance
hotel. Old Post Office l)uildings, Waterloo pi.
Cranston, Robert, Waverley temperance hotel, 43
Princes st. ; ho. 18 Spring gardens. Abbey hill
Cranston, Elizabeth C. , 20 Lauriston gardens
Cranstoun, Jas., LL.D., classical master, Royal
High School ; house, 16 Glenorchy terrace
Cranstoun, C, dressmaker, 2 S. Charlotte street
Crauford, George, wine and spirit merchant, 15
Rose street ; house, 5 North St James street
Crauford, Lieut. James, 3 Crighton place
Craven, Rev. John E., 2 Woodburn terrace
Craven, AVilliam, lace merchant, 4 Castle street ;
house, Brunnington house, Corstorphine
Craw, Alexander, builder, 4 Arthur street, Leith
walk ; house, 2

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