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GO WAN, W. & B., wet and dry gas-meter
manufacturers, brassfounders, etc. ; works, 58
Buccleuch street ; also, factories and ware-
houses. Smith square works, Westminster,
London, S.W., and Button street, New
Bridge street, Manchester
Cowan, A. G., accountant, 9 Graham street
Cowan, Archibald, 50 Albany street
Cowan, David, G.A. and stockbroker, 10 North
St David street
Cowan, Dugald, 35 Lady Menzies place
Cowan, Frederick H. , 4 Valleyfield street
Cowan, George, agent for the Cadzow Coal Co.
(Limited), 56 Morrison street depot ; house,
9 Argyll terrace
Cowan, George, S.S.C., 1 George street ; house,
2 Cochran terrace
Cowan, Eev. Henry, of New Greyfriars, 25
Chalmers street
Cowan, James, grocer, 58 Sciennes.
Cowan, James, 39 Prince Kegent street
Gowan, James, 35 Eoyal terrace
Cowan, James, fire superintendent, Caledonian
Insurance Co., 15 Arniston place
Cowan, Jas. M., accountant, insurance, and
shiping agent, 1 India buildings ; house, 6
Craigie terrace
Cowan, John, flesher, 15 West Nicolson street
Cowan, John {Eedpath, Broion, <b Co.), 6
Salisbury road
Cowan, John, W.S. (C. cfc Dalmalioy), 7 Green-
,, hill gardens
Cowan, Professor John B., M.D., LL.D (late of
Glasgoio University), 4 Eglinton crescent
Cowan, John, 6 Whitebank
Cowan, John James, 33 Palmerston place
Cowan, Joseph A., fishing-tackle and gymnastic
apparatus maker, 53 Piose street
Cowan, P., Rose villa, Wardie crescent
Cowan, Eobert, W.S., 9 Carlton terrace
Cowan, Robert, contractor, 17 Poplar lane
Cowan, R. Cameron, C.A., 6 N. St Andrew st. ;
house, 12 Dundas street
Cowan, Thomas, 22 Gayfield square
Cowan, Thomas, 19 Ujjjier Grove place
Cowan, William ( W. <£• B. C. ), 5 Colinton road
Cowan, William (C. d; Strachan), 2 ilontpelier
Cowan, William, 3 Leopold place
Cowan, William, 8 Tarvit street
Cowan, William, grocer and coal agent, 1
Lindsay place, Leith
Cowan, Mrs Alexander C, 12 Church hill
Cowan, Mrs D. , 27 Regent place
Cowan, Mrs George, 6 Craigie terrace
Cowan, Mrs, 14 Gladstone terrace
Cowan, Mrs, 2lA York place
Cowan, Miss C. , 8 Romilly place
Cowan, Miss J., 34 London street
Cowan, Miss, Elmbank, Whitehouse loan
Cowan, Miss, dressmaker, 47 North Hanover
street ; house, 3 Leopold place
Cowe, J. & W., straw and felt hat makers, 15
Nicolson square
Cowe, Henry, 26 Beechwood terrace
Cowe, James, wine and spirit merchant, 100
Cowe, James, apartments, 10 Stafford street
Cowe, Mrs, 33 Gillespie crescent
Cowgate Fkee Chukch, 227 Cowgate
Cowie & M'Leod, builders, 1 Viewforth park
Cowie, A., 14 Queensberry terrace
Cowie, W. F., Hunter, & Co., wholesale ware-
housemen, 3 Chambers street ; house, 16
Bonnington place
Cowie, Major D. , 17 Blantyre terrace
Cowie, James, builder, 39 Haddington place ;
house, 1 Rosslyn street, Pilrig
Cowie, James, 15 W. Newington place
Cowie, Rev. Hugh, 4 Whithead place
Cowie, Robert, 16 Murdoch terrace
Cowie, Robert, 12 Grindlay street
Cowie, W. H., 57 Prince Regent street
Cowie, Mrs Margaret, spirit merchant, 14 West
Maitland street ; house, 3 Grove place
Cowie, Mrs, 5 Middlefield
Cowie, Mrs, lodgings, 1 London street
Cowie, Mrs, 3 Reid's buildings, Morningside rd.
Cowieson, P., publisher, printseller, picture
frame maker, gilder, and general warehouse-
man, 39a and 41 Lothian street, and 1, 3, 5,
and 7 Brighton st. ; ho. 4 Morningside place
Cowieson, Mrs, 8 Rockville place
CoA\ieson, Miss, 3 West Preston street
Cowley-Brown, Rev. G. J. {Incumbent of St
John's Episcopal Church), 9 Grosvenor street
Cownie, W., & Sons, tailors and clothiers, 63
South bridge
Cownie, David (TF. C. d: Sons), 12 RiUbank ter.
Cownie, Francis S., solicitor, 17 Upper Gilmore
Cownie, J. G. , tailor and clothier, 39 So. bridge
Cownie, Stephen, 2 West Circus place
Cownie, T. 0. ( W. C. & Son^), 26 Dalrymple
Cownie, Wm., clothier and outfitter, 80a Prices
street ; house, 14 Dundas street
Cownie, W. F., 63 Frederick street
Cownie, Mrs, Windsor villa, Wardie road
Cownie, Mrs, dressmaker, 2 West Circus place
Cowper, Charles N., S.S.C. {Cicrror <h C), 3
Bruntsfield crescent
Cowper, James B., grocer and wine merchant,
2a Picardy place ; house, 10 Dublin street
Cowper, John, B.A, Moray House Training Col-
lege, 26 Pilrig street
Cowper, Thomas, 56 E. Crosseauseway
Cowper, W. H. , 7 Scotland street
Cowper, Mrs William, 7 Scotland street
Cowper, Miss, 31 Buccleuch place
Cowper, Miss, 11 Caledonian road
Cowper, Miss, 111 Marchmont road
Co^vper, Miss, 2 Melville street
Cox, Robert, of Gorgie, 34 Drumsheugh gardens
Cox, Mrs George, 3 Chester street
Coyle, Peter, spirit merchant, 1 Main point ;
house, 5 Haj^'s court. Main point
Coyne, Roderick A. F. A. , civil engineer, super-
intendent of works (Edinburgh and District
Water Trust), 11 Royal Exchange ; house, 21
Archibald place
Crabb, Peter, 7 Little King street
Crabbe, Miss, 6 West Preston street
Crabbie, J., k Co., wine and spirit merchants
and rectifiers, 108 Great Junction street
Crabbie, George, 56 Palmerston place
Crabbie, John, 22 Royal terrace
Crabbie, John Millar, 33 Chester street
Craib, A., dairyman. South Marchmont road

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