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Campbell, Alex. & Sons, black-
smiths, Fullerton ; ho. Dunlopst
Clark, John, farmer, Foxley
Co-operative Society (Limited),
99 Main street; J. Stark, salesm.
Deans, A. boot and shoe maker
Deans, E. sp. merch. 639 Gallow.
Deans, T. spirit dealer
Deans, "Wm. spirit dealer
Drummond, Robt. engineer (late
of Calton Foundry), Broomho.
Dunlop, James, & Co. coal and
iron masters, Clyde Ironworks
Dunlop, Jas. Geo. Tollcross house
Dunlop, James (of James Dunlop
& Co.), Tollcross house
Fairburn, A. sp. deal. Broomhouse
Findlay, Thos. D. (of T. D. Find-
lay & Co.) Easterhill
Foster, John, woollen rag mercht.
22 Blackfriars st. ; ho. Burn-
side cottage
French, George, grocer
French, Robert, wright
Gourlay, Jas. farmer. West farm
Granger, Andw. teacher, Carmyle
Hart, John, dairyman
Henderson, M. grocer, Broomho.
Home, R. Mount Vernon cot
Howat, John, farmer, Bogleshole
Kenmuir Colliery, R. Horn
Kenmuir Colliery, J. Dunlop & Co.
Kennedy, G. P. architect, 43 Bath
St. ; house, Yucca lodge
Kennedy, John, teacher, Point cot
Ker, Isabella, spirit dealer,
Kinniburgh, John
Latta, M. R. farmer, Carmyle
Leek, J. & J. bleachers, Carmyle
Leek, J. (of J. & J. Leek), Carray.
Lundie, James, pawnbroker and
jeweller, 8 East Clyde st. ; ho.
Rosewood villa
M'Allum. W. (of A. Cousland&
Co.), house, W. Daldowie
M'Arthur, Wm. Boghead cot
M'Aulay, Joseph, grocer
M'Beth, W. carter and dairyman
M'Call, Frederick, Daldowie
M'Call, George; resid. Daldowie
M'Call, Henry, yr.; resid. Daldowie
M'Connachie, James, grocer, Ful-
M'Farlane, Geo. tailor, Fullerton
M'Feat, Walter, postmaster, house
factor and insurance agent
M'Uquham, Jas. grocer, Broomho.
M'Phee, John, carrier, Tollcross
and Glasgow, 89 Trongate,
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Fri-
day; departure, 4 p.m.
M'Phee, Wm. grocer
Mair, John (at R. Meiklejohn &
Son's, Morrison court), house,
Marshall, Archd, wright, Clyde
Iron works
Martin, Mrs. John, Bellevue villa
Martin, Robt. (of Robt. & James
Martin), house, Westerhill
Miller, Alex. Carmyle
Miller, Jas. iron merchant, Coat-
bridge, Westerhill
Morris, Jas. iron and metal mer.
129 St. Vincent st.; house,
Morrison, Dan. (at Colin Dunlop
& Co.'s) Thorn
Morrison, T. wine and spirit mer-
chant, 6 Duke St. ; ho. Fullerton
Muir, Wm. flesher
Muirhead, Mrs. fancy goods, 48
Argyle arcade ; ho. 89 Tollcross
Murray, Jn. (at Roberston, Fer-
guson, & Co.'s) Daldowie
Murray, W. farmer, W. Daldowie
Murray, Misses, Gowanbrae
Naismith, J. grocer, Carmyle
Newton, John (of Robt. Burns &
Co.), house, Broomhouse
Niven, Peter, manager, Clyde Iron
Works ; ho. Eastthorn villa
Park, William, Park villa
Peterkin, Wm. Beechgrove
Rankin, Js. cabinetmaker, Carmyle
Rankin, Robert, farmer, Kenmuir
Rennie, John, grocer and spirit
Ritchie, Andrew, fancj' box manu-
facturer, ho. Richmond villa
Ritchie, G. wright, Broomhouse
Robertson, H. grocer & spir. deal.
ho. Balderston villa
Rodger, A. storekeeper, Clyde store
Rodger, George, National Bank of
Scotland, Braidfauld cottage
Rodger, John L. Clyde Ironworks
Scott, Robert, Greeuockhill
Shaw, James A. flesher
Slowan,W. J. secy, to Bible Society,
60 Virginia st. ; ho. Sunnyside
Smith, Alex. B. accountant, 33
Renfield st.; res. Carmyle ho.
Smith, F. boot and shoemaker
Smith, Hugh, commission merch.
94 Miller St.; res. Carmyle ho.
Smith, R. spirit dealer
Smith, Robt. jun. grocer
Smith, Wm. B. manufacturer;
resid. Carmyle house
Smith, Agnes, draper
Speirs, John, farmer, Dalbeth
Spence, A. spirit dealer, Fullerton
Spittal, R. farmer and contractor
Stark, James, 99 Main st
Steven, R. surg. Braidfauld lodge
Todd, James, grocer
TurnbuU, John, farmer, Boghall
Turnbull, J. W. Daldowie
Walker, Alex. Edenbank
Wallace, G. millwright, Carmyle
Watson, John, dairyman, Carmyle
Wilkie, Wm. (of S. Woolfield &
Co.), Mount Vernon
Williamson, Miss, Boghead cottage
Young, Peter, house factor, ac-
countant, and fire and life in-
surance agent; ho. Mound villa

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