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Livingston, John (of John Inglis
& Co.), 3 Regent Park ter
M'Adam, Peter, grocer, 3 Elgin
place ; bouse, 2 Matilda place
M 'Allan, A. S. district manager,
10 Regent Park ter
M'Allister, John, 5 Regt. Park ter
M'Auslin, Jas. 1 Regent Park ter
M'Creath, Jas. mining engineer,
24 Regent Park sq
M'Donald, Ewen (at Arnott &
Co.'s), 9 Regent Park ter
M'Farlane, Thos. (at Tillie & Hen-
derson's), 6 Regent Park ter
Macfarlane, John R. portrait pain-
ter, 5 Regent Park ter
M'Geoch, A. (of M'Geoch & Co.),
11 Regent Park sq
M'Gowan, James, manufacturer,13
Regent Park ter
M'Gowan, Jas. jun, manufacturer,
16 Regent Park ter
M'Gregor, A. B. accountant, 41
Regent Park square
Macgregor, Rev. John, Stockwell
Free Church, 27 Regt. Park sq
M'Gregor, Misses, 8 Reg. Park ter.
institution for young ladies
Macintyre, Andrew, & Son, buil-
ders, 2 Lome terrace
M'Intyre, Duncan (of M'Intyre &
Barclay), 9 Regent Park ter
M'Intyre, Mrs. 4 Lome terrace,
Nithsdale road
Mackinnon, A. 14 Regent Pk. sq
Mackinnon, Mrs. 14 Regt. Park sq
M'Lachlan, Dugald, wine & spirit
merchant, Strathbungo ; house,
2 Matilda place
M'Lauchlin, D. wine and spirit m
JI'Lard}-, schoolmaster, school-
M'Laren, T. mercht. 9 Queen's sq
M'Lean, Donald (at A. Shaw's),
14 Regent Park ter
M'Naught, Rev. J. (of Maitland
FreeChurcb, Rose St.), 7 Moray pi
M'Naughton, stationer, 3 Lome ter
M'Neil, Alexander, commiss. agt.
Regent Park ter
M'Pherson, Evan, 3 Regt. Pk. ter
M'Phun, William Rae, jun. 22
Regent Park sq
M'Tear, A. (of A. & W. M'Tear),
11 Moray pi
M'Tear, â– William (of A. & W.
M'Tear), 11 Moray pi
Manwell, Wilson (at G. L. Walker
6 Co.'s) Strathbungo
Martin, Thos. 4 Regent Park ter
Mather, George, mason
Mathieson, Mrs. spirit merchant
Maxwell, Alexander, ho. propriet.
286 Pollokshaws rd
Meiklejohn, Wm. pianoforte tuner,
7 Regent Park ter
Miller, John, pawnbr. 4 Lome ter
Moore, W. P. 15 Queen sq
Morrison, W. 8 Regent Park ter
Muir, Jas. designer, 5 Elgin pi
Muir, John, slater
Murdoch, Thos. lithographer, 21
Queen's sq
Murray, Alex. City of Glasgow
Bank, 2 Regent Park ter
Nicoll, A. joiner & cabinetmaker
Opray, Arch, roperaaker
Orme, Mrs. J. 12 Regent Park ter
Panton, Miss, 2 Regent Park ter
Paterson, James, tea merchant and
family grocer. Queen's Park pi.;
house, 2 Elgin pi
Patterson, Mrs. 11 Regent Park ter
Pettigrew, Jessie, teacher, 4 Regent
Park ter
Petrie, John (of Petrie, Colledge,
& Guy) 2 Matilda pi
Porteous, James, 4 Queen sq
Proudfoot, Hew, manufacturer, 13
Regent Park ter
Pugh, Alex. jun. 286 Polloksh. rd
Reid, F. C. goldsmith, &c. 14
Regent Park ter
Reid, Dr. J. W. 7 Regent Park ter
Reid, Robert (City of Glasgow
Bank), 7 Regent Park ter
Ritchie, Jas. architect, 2 Rosslyn
Robertson, Robert, wine merchant
Ross, William, ropemaker, Butter-
biggins rd.; ho, 271 Eglioton st
Rossborough, Rev. Wm. (of East
Campbell st. Free Church), ho.
2 Queen sq
Rowe, John, & Sons, manufactu-
rers, 28 Regent Park ter
Russell, Rev. David (of Eglinton
St. Cong. Ch.) 15 Moray pi
Russell, Geo. 1 Regent Park ter
Russell, H. J. 1 Regent Park ter
Scott, James P. (of Reichmann &
Co.) 32 Regent Park sq
Scott, John, manuf., 1 Lome ter
Scott, Thomas, 6 Queen sq
Shields, John (of Shields & Duff),
3 Moray place
Sillars, James S. 12 Queen sq
Simpson, James, 4 Matilda pi
Simpson, J. 8 Moray place
Simpson, Mrs. 4 Matilda pi
Sinclair, Thos. writer, 2 Rosslyn ter
Smellie, Jas. R. 1 Regent Park sq
Smith, Alex. Union Bank of Scot-
land, 8 Regent Park ter
Smith, A. Browning, 4 Lome ter
Smith, G. grain merchant, Park
lodge, Victoria rd
Smith, Hugh C. 25 Regent Park sq
Smith, Jn. M. 2 Regent park ter
Snodgrass, James, manager to the
Stirling Square Loan Co.
Sommerville, James, 3 Regent
Park square '
Somerville, W. B. tea merchant,
3 Regent Park sq
Stamm, James, marble cutter and
sculptor, Victoria road ; house,
3 Birnam ter
Stenhouse, A. 12 Regent park ter
Steven, Henry, tea merchant, 3
Regent Park ter
Stevenson, Wm. stone merchant.
Orchard, Giffnock, and Over-
wood quarries, 13 Moray pi
Stewart, Peter, engineer, 2 Rosslyn
Stobo, John, bedding manufactr.
4 Lome terrace
Stobbs, T. house factor, Violet cot
Stobbs, Wm. (at John Wight's),
ho. Violet cot
Stobbs, Wm, (at T. & T. Smith's),
Queen's Park place
Storry, John (of Storry & Smith),
38 Regent Park sq
Taylor, Robert (of Darling & Tay-
lor), 17 Moray place
Thomson, Jas. Alex, (of A. & G.
Thomson), 1 Moray pi
Thomson, Jas. 42 Regent Parksq
Thomson, W. C. (of J. & W. C.
Thomson), 10 Regent Park ter
Torrance, John, grocer
Turnbull, A. (of Wheeler & Co.).
10 Regent Park ter
Veitch, J. D. (at Robin & Hous-
ton's), 14 Regent Park ter
Verel, W. A. 35 Regunt Park sq
Waddell, James, coal masters, 10
Moray pi
Waghorne, G. A. (at Thos. Bras-
sey & Co.'s), 9 Regent Park sq
Wallace, Jas. 12 Regent Park sq
Walker, Robt. Kaye, manufacturer,
1 Lome terrace, Nilhsdale rd
Westenenk, C. T. surveyor to regis-
ter Veritas, 37 Regent Park sq
Wightman, Francis (Cork and
Waterford steamers), 4 Rosslyn
Wilson, John, 14 Moray pi
Yuill, John C. (of YuiU & Aitchi-
son), 14 Regent Park ter
Aikman, Mrs. W. sp. del. Foxley pi
Allan, John, farmer, Lusshill
Alston, George, blacksmith
Archibald, David, fruit merchant
Archibald, Thomas, carrier
Auld, Wm. Ardoch cot
Austin, A. J. & J. millers, Carmyle
Baird, J. cashier, Clyde Ironwork.
Baird, Matt, farmer, Burnbroom
Baker, T. boiler tube manufac-
turer, Coatbridge ; ho. Beechbk
Barr, Jas. farm overseer, Kenmuir
Bell, John, grocer
Brechan, Jas. spir. deal, Carmj'le
Brechan, Robt. sexton and beadle
Brown, Malcolm, wine and spirit
merchant, 170 Great Hamilton
St. ; house, Annbank cottage
Brown, R. grocer, Carmyle
Christie, G. F. writer and notary,
The Cottage, Mount Vernon
Caldwell, J. engineer, Clyde Ir. wk.

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