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Wilson, John, manager (Hyde-
park Locomo. Works, Spdug-
vale), house, Cowlairs
Wilson, Sam. farmer, Cardowan
Wilson, Thos. dairyman, 19 New
Keppochhill rd
Wilson, Elizabeth, grocer, 228
Springburn road
Wood, Robert, 9 Keppochhill rd
Wotherspoon, Mrs. John, Frank-
field house, Millerston
Wordie, Peter, brewer, City of
Glasgow Brewery, Petershill ;
(House of Call, 103 W. Geo. st.)
ho. Balgray cot. Springburn
Young, David, quarrier, Keppoch
and Balgray quarries
Young & Rennie, quarriers, Kep-
poch and Balgray quarriers
Y''oung, Robert, farmer, Blochairn
Young, Isabella, teacher, Barnhill
Poor House ; residence, Barnhill
Younger, David, 62 Cowlairs rd
Yuill, James, bookkeeper, Stepps
cottage, Stepps rd
Adams, John, 15 Regent Park sq
Allan, Peter, butcher, 1 Elgin pi
Austin & M'Auslin, nursery and
seedsmen ; nursery, Coplawhill
Austin, \V. (of Austin &M'Auslin),
2 Regent Park sq
Austin, Mrs. Coplawhill house
Baird, David, 36 Regent Park sq
Barr, John, 20 Regent Park sq
Barr, Wm. T. 20 Regent Park sq
Bassett, Wm. (of Bassett & Co.),
ho. 3 Elcho pi
Birkmyre, Rev. A B. (of Kinning
Park Free Church), 19 Queen sq
Bogle, J. & W. 4 Regent park te
Brock, John, 11 Regent Park ter
Brown, Hugli, 9 Regent Park ter
Brown, John, designer, 5 Elgin pi
Brown, Wm. mason and builder,
6 Regent Park ter
Buchanan, J. 13 Regent Park sq
Burns, Jas. colliery agent, Lome
Rurton, A. H. 4S Regent Park sq
Cain, Michael, 15 Regent Park ter
Caldwell, Archibald, plumber,
Cameron, D. 5 Regent Park ter
Campbell, William, surveyor of
police, 4 Lome terrace
Carmichael, Jas. M. 15 Regent
Park terrace
Cassels, John (of Laidlaw & Son),
2 Lome terrace
Christie, D. R. commission agent,
14 Regent Park ter
Clarksou, Jas. 1 1 Regent Park ter
Coats, Jervis, 4 Regent Park sq
Coghill, John, builder & contractor,
40 Regent Park sq.
Coghill, Wm. Orr, 40 Regt. Pk. sq
Crawford, J. P. 6 Regent Pk. ter
Crawford, M. L. w right, Moray
rd. ; ho. 3 Elcho pi
Crawford, Thos. spirit merchant,
2 Elcho pi. ; ho. 5 Elgin pi
Crawford, Wm. teacher of piano-
forte, 6 Regent Park ter
Crystal, David D. (Actuary,
Scottish Commercial Insurance
Co.), Darnley ter
Davidson, Alexander, 15 Regent
Park ter
Dawson, Jn. M. 18 Regent Pk. sq
Dawson, W. 12 Regent Park ter
Dick, Rev. Geo. Hill (of EgUnton
St.), 22 Queen's sq
Donaldson, Robert, pianoforte
music seller, 8 Regent Pk. ter
Drysdale, Misses, 5 Regent Pk. tr
Duncan, Daniel (of D. & T.
Duncan), 2 Rosslyn ter
Duulop, Mrs. G. draper, 3 Bute
ter. (4 Bute ter.)
Eadie, Jas. contractor, 4 Rosslyn
Egliuton, Edward C. mercantile
clerk, 12 Regent Park ter
Ewen, Robt. architect, 7 Albert
Ewing, John, grocer & wine
merchant, 5 Moray pi
Ewing, John, 21 Regent Park sq
Ewing, Joseph, 21 Regent Park sq
Farquhar,Hugh, tailor and clothier,
10 Regent Park ter
Fenwick, John, chemist and drug-
gist, 6 Elgin pi. ; house, 84
Cumberland st. souih side
Fenwick, W. M.D. 9 Moray pi
Ferguson, John, commission agt.
2o Regent Park sq
Ferguson, John A. 6 Moray pi
Ferguson, William, brickbuilder,
Finlaysou, Joseph (of Finlayson &
M'Coll), 6 Regent Park ter
Fisher, David, house carpenter &
joiner, 329 Pollokshaws rd
Fleming, Daniel, 2 Moray pi
Frazer, Rev. H. E. M.A. (Lang-
side Road U.P. Church), 12
Moray pi
Frazer, J. printer & book pub-
lisher, 4 Moray pi
Frew, Robert, mining engineer, 10
Regent Park sq
Fyfe, James, 16 Regent Park 8<i
Fyfe, Wm. & Co. 13 Regent
Park ter
Galloway, Jn. artist, 16 Queen sq
Gait, Adam, hon. sec. Clydesdale
Cricket Club, 38 Regent Park sq
Gait, Robert (of Wm. Gait & Co.),
16 Regent Park ter
Gardener, Wm. baker, Queen's
Park pi
Gemmell, Robt. T. joiner and horti-
cultural builder, Muirhouses
Glover, Robert (of Anderson &
Glover), 23 Regent Park sq
Gordon, Thos. 5 Regent Park ter
Govan, Colin, 2 Elgin pi
Gowans, Adam, bookbinder, 9
Regent Park ter
Grainger, Capt. Jno. 4th L.R.V.
7 Queen's sq
Granger, John, 19 Regent Pk. sq
Grant, Allan, plumber and gas-
fitter, 4 Renton ler
Gray, Alex. D. (of Blair & Gray),
4 Lome ter
Grenville, Rev. Palmer, LL.D.
8 Queen sq. Park Grove Con-
gregational Church, Paisley rd
Guthrie, John B. 29 Regent Park
Hamilton, J. Struthers, AJelphi
Cotton Works, 8 Regent Park sq
Hamilton, Charles, wine merchant,
4 Rosslyn terrace
Hardie, James, 2 Elgin pi
Hector, R. L. 5 Elgin pi
Henderson, G. 30 Regent Park sq
Henderson, James, Muirhouse pi
Henderson, Wm. T. 3 Queen sq
Henderson, W. T. (of Coustonholm
Weaving Co.), 3 Queen sq
Henderson, Mrs. John, 3 Queen sq
Henry, Wm. (of Small & Henry),
2 Lome terrace
Hillcoat, Robert, wine and spirit
merchant, 7 Elgin pi
Hoff'man (of Hofi'inan Brothers),
7 Regent Park ter
Horn, John, Nithsdale place
Howell, Alfred, tobacconist, 3
Lome terrace
Howie, Wm. (of Alexander &
Hogg), 26 Regent Park sq.
Hubbard, Walter, baker & con-
fectioner, Bute terrace
Hunter, James (of Austin &
M'Auslin), Coplawhill house
Hunter, Robt. clothier, 16 Regent
Park ter
Imrie, D. dairyman. Park dairy
Jack, Wm. 10 Regent Park ter
Johnston, Rev. A R. clergyman,
8 Regent Park ter
Johnston, Miss, 8 Regt. Park ter.
Kay, Charles 2 Darnley street,
Nithsdale road
Kelley, Andrew, watchmaker and
goldsmith, 10 Queen sq
Kennedy, Gilbert, Rosslyn ter
Kenneth, W. (of Kenneth & Co.),
23 Queen's square
Kidd, G. agent for Chas. Price &
Co. Loudon ; ho. 13 Queen sq
King, Jas. W. 16 Regt. Park ter
Kirkpatrick, Wm. 1 Queen sq
Laidlaw, David L. 15 Regent
Park ter
Laidlaw, Sara. 16 Reg. Park ter
Laird, Wm. Gartsherrie Office, 2
Regent Park ter
Lawson, W. B. 12 Regt. Park ter
Leitch, William, coal merchant, 2
Regent Park ter

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