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BRUG'iIOTTI, P., modeller and tigure-maker, 187
Sauchiehall street.
BRUHUS, (J., merchant, .57 Miller street.
BRUiNSDON, Richard, of J. cj- C. Broion, 56 Hill
street, GaniethiH,
BRUNTOX, Charles, oven and furnace builder, &c.,
3 Pitt street.
Brunton Henry, H.M. Customs, 37 Abercorn street.
Brunton, James, tailor and clothier, 2 Cly'^s terrace.
Brunton, Robert, H.M. Customs, 37 Abercorn street.
Brunton, Thomas, 37 Abercorn street.
Brunton, Thomas, tailor, 9 C;mon street.
BRUYERK, Thos., & Co., merchants, '22 Renfieldst.
BRYAN, Hiigli, church officer, Sandyford church ;
house, 47 Kclvinhaugh street,
Bryan, James, slater, 20 Nelson street, Tradeston ;
house, 9 do.
Bryan, Mrs. John, painter, 63 Dale St., Tradeston ;
house, 61 do.
BRYCE, Alexander, & Co , tea, wine, and spirit
meicliants, 40, 42 St. Andrew's street.
Bryce, Alex , wine and spirit merchant, 27 Clyde
street, Port-Dundas; house, 31 do.
Bryce, Andrew, smith and farrier, 183 New Dal-
marnock roail.
Bryce, Andrew C, boot and shoe warehouse, 49
Adelplii street.
Br3-ce, A. S., manufacturing chemist, 47 Calton entry.
Bryce, A. S., wire, metnl, and general commission
merchant, Calton entry; house, 47 do.
Bryce, David, bookseller & stationer, 129 Buchanan
street ; hou.se, 19 India street.
Bryce, James, slater, 51 Norfolk street; house, 45
Shullle street.
Bryce, James, spirit merchant, 1 Broomhill street,
Port-Dundas ; house, 3 do.
Br)'ce, James, spirit merehaut, 191 Castle street ;
house, 6 Parliamentary road.
Brj'ce, James, LL. I)., master of mathematical and
commercial department. High School ; residence,
Bowes hill, Blaulyre.
Bryce, .J. S, writer, 146 Buchanan street; house,
2 Osborne place, Copland road.
Bryce, John, spirit dealer, 20 Cheapside street; ho.
21 Warrocli street.
Br^'ce, John, hatter, 55 Argyle street; house, 141
Cumberland street.
Bryce, John, plumber and gasfitter, 10 Dunlop st. ;
house, 18 Norfolk street.
Bryce, J. D , o/ Play fair, Bryce, cj- Co.; house, 13
Buckingham terrace.
Bryce, Morison, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 162,
164, and 166 Hope street; house, Darnley ter.,
Brj'ce & Orr, wine and spirit mers., 66 Saltmarket.
Bryce & Ross, writers, 146 Buchanan street.
Bryce, Thomas, 80 St. Andrew's square.
Bryce, Wm , beadle, North Hanover St. Independent
Chapel ; house, 84 North Hanover street.
Bryce, William, & Co., commission merchants and
agents, 61 Miller street.
Bryce Wm., (f Bryce cf- Orr; ho. 36 St. Andrew sq.
Brj'ce, Wm., o/'//-i,7'rte tf' Bryce; ho. 1 W. Princes St.
Br3'ce, William, & Co., foreign seed merchmits, 61
Miller street ; .stores, Wood lane, Broomielaw.
Bryce, Wm., of Wm. Bryce cf" Co.; house, 3 Queen's
place, Great Western road.
Bryce, C.ipt. Wm.. at. G. cf- J.Burns', 9 Buchanan St.
Bryce, Mrs., 1 West Prince's street.
Brvce, Miss, 3 Queen's place. Great Western road.
BRYDEN, Alex., of Bryden 4' Christie ; house, 5
Kew terrace.
Bryden & Christie, commission merchants and ship
agents, 62 Jamaica street.
Bryden, James, commission agent, 20 Union street ;
house, 39 South Apslej' place.
Bryden, John, & Co., slioe-heel and toe plate manu-
facturers, 100 South Wellington street ; house, 35
Rutherglen road.
Brydon, John, & Co., merchants, 5 Dixon street.
Bryden, John, & Sons, bell-hangers, bras.'^f mnders,
gasfitters, and locksmiths, Venetian, wire-gauze,
and Holland window-blind manufacturers, 112
Buchanan street, 16 Frederick street, Edinburgh,
and 33 John street, Perth.
Bryden, Thomas G., at John Freio's, manufacturing
chemist, Port-Dundas; house, 34 Forth street.
Bryden, Wm., & Son, bell-hangers, brassfounders,
.gasfitters, smiths, Venetian and roller-blind manu-
facturers, 7 Royal Bank place, and 55 George
street, Edinburgh.
Bryden, W. C, of John Bryden cj- Sons, 112 Bu-
chanan street; house, 124 Douglas street.
Brydon, Mrs. John, 8 Kingston pi., 40 St James' St.
Brj-den, Mrs. Robert, lodgings, 105 So. Portland St.
BRYDIE,i\Ir.s. Isabella, 162 Main street, Anderston;
house, I Cranston place, do.
BRYDSON, Wm., 15 Eglinton street.
BRYMNER, Mrs., 63 Cumberland street, West.
BHYSON, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 47
Nelson street, Tradeston.
Bryson, George, milliner and draper, 34 Bridge st. ;
liouse, 30 do.
Bryson, James, flesher, 10 Kinning street; house,
68 Abbotsford place.
Bryson, Jas., superintendent of fire-engines, central
station, 34 College st. ; hou.-e, 31 Shuttle st.
Bryson, John, house factor, 55 RentVew street.
Bryson, John, victualler, 128 King street, city.
Bry.son, John, Contractor, 32 Warwick St.; ho 36 do.
Bryson, John, boot and shoe manufacturer, 6
Candleriggs and 30J Eglinton street.
Bryson, John, at J. C- Brown cj' Co's. ; ho. Hill
place, 20 Siirling's load.
Bryson, John, flesher, 66 Abbotsford pi. ; ho. 68 do.
Brvson, Mungo, flesher, 475 St. Vincent street; ho.
473 do
Bryson, Robert & Son, merchants and cotton bro-
kers, Virginia place, 111 Ingi-am street.
Brvson, Robert, of Robert Bryson <^- Son; house. 24
Woodbide place.
Bryson, Robert, grocer, 148 Main street, Gorbals;
house, 107 Hospital street.
Bryson, Robert, jnn., of Robert Bryson 4- Son; house,
24 Woodside place.
Bryson, William, of E. Hastie ^ Co.; house, 13
Thistle street.
Bryson, Miss, furnisliing shop, 28 Dnndas street.
Brv.son, Miss E., fruiterer, 54 Stockwell St.; h., 132 do.
BUCHAN, Alex. W., teacher, 144 West Regentst.
Buchan, Hngh, brassfounder and ga.sfitier, 24
Jamaica street; house, 46 Gloucester street.
Buchan, Robert, at ]V. G. Blackie if Co.'s ; house,
169 Shamrock street.
Buchan, Thomas, brassfounder and gasfitter, 249
Argyle street; hou.se, 49 Cadogan street.
Bnchan, Thomas, & Co., timber merchants. 47, 49
Govan st. ; ho. 49 Cumberland st, Laurieston.

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