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Buchan, Walter, teacher, 21 Little Hamilton street;
house, 95 Abercroinby street.
Buchan, W. E., writer, and commi^5sioner of the
High Court of Chancery, 43 Renfield St. ; house,
2 Holy roiid crescent.
BUCHANAN, Alexander, 303 Eglinfon street.
Buchiinan, Alexander, cowfeeder, 80 Stol)cross St.
Buchanan, Alexander M., 97, 99 Trongate.
Buchanan, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 15 Par-
sou street; house, 188 Stirling's road.
Buchanan, Allan, of George Buchanan ^ Sons; ho.
Chapeltiekl, Helensburgh.
Buchanan, Andrew Allan, tailor and clothier, 23
London street.
Buchanan, Andrew, clothier, 75 West Nile street.
Buchanan, Andrew D., of Bitchanan <)'• Maclean;
house, 98 Parson street.
Buchanan. Andrew, woollen draper, 40 High street;
house, 19 North Portland street.
Buchanan, Dr. Andrew, professor of the institutes of
medicine, University of Glasgow ; house, 4 Athol
place, 186 Bath street.
Buchanan, Angus, metal refiner, 42 Graham street,
Buchanan, X. & T., grocers and provision merchts.,
32 Port-Dundas road.
Buchanan, Archibald, painter and paperhanger, 25
Kent street ; house, 29 do.
Buchaniin, Archibald, of James Finlay ij- Co.; resid.
Barskimniiiig, near Mauchline.
Buchanan, Brothers, Western Apothecaries' hall,
275 Argyle street.
Buchanan, Charles, grocer, 31 Cook street.
Buchanan, Daniel, chronometer, watchmaker, gold-
smith, and jeweller, 96 Argyle street; ho. Green-
bank, Partick.
Buchanan, Daniel, milk dealer, 163 Stobcross st.
Buchanan, David, of Herald Office; house, 168 St.
George's road.
Buchanan, David, dairj-man, 13 Douglas street.
Buchanan, David, dairyman, 240 Egiinton street;
house, 48 Cavendish street.
Buchanan, David, tobacco manufacturer, 127 George
street ; house, 32 Blackfriars' street.
Buchanan, D., tonnage master, harbour office, Port-
Dundas ; house, 145 Possil road.
Buchanan, Donahl, cab proprietor, 10 Eldon street
and 103 St. George's road; house, 10 Eldon St.
Buchanan, Edward, builder, 75 East Howard st.
Buchanan, Francis B., wine and spirit merchant,
213 Egiinton st. and 59 Cavendish st. ; house,
217 Egiinton street.
Buchanan, George, M.D., 117 Douglas street.
Buchanan, George, surgeon dentist, 147 Bath st.
Buchanan, George, & Sons, calenderersand bleachers,
95 Caiidleriggs.
Buchanan, George S., of George Buchanan (^ Sons ;
house, 140 West Campbell street.
Buchanan, George, at Ckarles Tennant ^ Go's, St.
RoUox ; house, 4 Garngad road.
Buchanan, Hamilton, & Co., merchts.. West Milest.
Buchanan, Herbert, merchant, 28 Miller street;
house. 241 West George street.
Buchanan, James, spirit merchant, 42 Montrose st.
Buchanan, James, & Son, grain and seed merchants,
270 Gallowgate; house, 7 Somerville place.
Buchanan, James, smith and gastitter, 79 Stockwell
street ; house, Shawlands.
Buchanan, J., tobacconist, 352 High street.
Buchanan, James, mail contractor, 120 London st,
Buchanan, James A., at William Gourlie ^- Sons' ^
house, Havelock terrace. Paisley road.
Buchanan, J., lock and hinge manufacturer, and
house factor, 38 M'Plierson st. ; ho. 21 Castle st
Buchanan, James, merchant and commission agent,
176^ Hope street.
Buchanan, James, painter and paperhanger, 18
York street ; house, 53 Cadogan street.
Buchanan, James, fish-hook maker, 2S St. Enoch
wynd ; warehouse, 195^ Argyle street.
Buchanan, James, teacher of elocution, geography
history', grammar, and composition ; academy,
8 Thistle street, off Sauchiehall st. ; ho. 310 do.
Buchanan, John, & Co , coach builders, 339 St. Vin-
cent street ; works, Cadzow street.
Buchanan, John, 87 Union street.
Buchanan, John, tobacconist, 21^ Crown street.
Buchanan, John, contractor & dairyman, 67 Centre st-
Buchanan, John, merchant, 101 Miller street.
Buchanan, John, 26 Hamilton drive.
Buchanan, John, bar officer to Justice of Peace
Court, and constable and sheriff officer, County
buildings; house, 17 Hospital street.
Buchanan, John, & Brothers, wholesale confectioners,
Madeira court, 267 Argyle St.; works, Cadzow st.
Buchanan, John, sealing wax manufacturer, 72
Nelson street, city — See Advt. in Appendix.
Buchanan, John, tinsmith, gasfitter, bellhanger, and
furnishing iionmonger, 332 Argyle street; house,'
50 Gloucester street.
Buchanan, John, at C. Tennant 4 Go's, St. Rollox ;
house, 7 Ronald street.
Buchanan, John, proprietor of Lyceum halls, 72 and
74^ Nelson street, city ; house, 72 do.
Buchanan, John, dairyman and provision dealer,
48 Cavendish street.
Buchanan, John, of Hamiltons <f Co. ; house, 13
Jane street, Blythswood square.
Buchanan, John, grocer and provision merchant,
144 New Daliiiarnock road.
Buchanan, John, com. agent, 21 Canning st., Calton,
Buchanan, John, nf Buchanan <^' Pearson ; house, 22
South Apsley place.
Buchanan, John C, at George Buchanan if Sons,
95 Candleriggs.
Buchanan, John, provision merchant, 16 Merchant
lane, oflF Bridgegate ; house, 25 East Clyde st,
Buchanan, John, of Dennistoun, Buchanan, ^' Co.,
158 St. Vincent street.
Buchanan, John, wine merchant, 80 West Nile
street; house, 194 St. Vincent street.
Buchanan, John, of Pasley, Jardine, cf Co.; house^
Ibroxholin, I'aisley road.
Buchanan, John, 20 Hamilton drive, Gt. Western rcL
Buchanan, John & James, plain and sewed muslin
manufacturers, 108 Hutcheson street.
Buchanan, John, fish and provision merchant, 12,
14 Stockwell place; house, 109 Crown street.
Buchanan, John, Temperance hotel and coffee-house,
3 Ciyde place.
Buchanan, Joshua, & Son, ham curers, butter and
cheese merchants, 71, 73 Candleriggs.
Buchanan, Joshua, of Joshua Buchanan tf Son;
house, 98 Paiscm street.
Buchanan & Maclean, tobacco and snuff manufac-
turers, 164 Trongate.
Buchanan, M. S., M.D., professor of anatomy, An-
derfcon's University; house, 14 Lynedoch crescent.

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