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BREWSTER, John, spirit merchant, 27, 29 Kirk
street, Tov/nhead ; house, 25g- do.
BRIDGE, Samuel, fruiterer, 22G George street; ho.
73 John Street.
Beidgegatk Church (Estab.), 14 East Clyde st. ;
Rev. Jas. Mitchell, minister: ho. 28 Abbotsford pi.
Beidgeton Bowling Green, 237 Main st., Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Church (Estab.), Rev. G. Simpson, A.M.,
minister, Dale street, Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Free Church, John street, Bridgeton ;
Rev. Alexander Wilson, minister.
Bridgeton Old Victualling & Baking Society; Thos.
M'Gibbon, grocer and spirit dealer, 98, 98^, and
102 Main street, Bridgeton ; ho. 51 Franklin st.
Bridgeton Public Library and Reading Room ; Wm.
Wishart, librarian and stationer, 97 Main street ;
house, 92 John street, Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Public School, 94 llain st., Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Registration OfEce, 44 Canning street,
Calton ; Alexander Waddel, registrar ; ho. King's
Park place, Grecnhead.
Bridgeton Tobacco Pipe and Blacking Works, 44 &
40 Dale street, Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Victualling Society, grocers and spirit
merchants, 176 Main street, Bridgeton; Dugald
Butler, manager; house, 66 Rumford street.
BRIGGS, John, ofBriggs cf- Machllan; house, 28
Cumberland place.
Briggs & Maclellan, tailors, clothiers, and hatters,
57 Union street.
Briggs, Thomas, manufacturer of patent colliery
ropes, carl, and railwaj' waggon covers, tarpaulins,
oil-cloth, canvas, twine, &c , 72 & 98 Hutcheson st.
BRISBANE, Peter, cowfeeder, 163 West Graham st.
Bristol Shipping Office, 51 Union street; Wm.
Sloan & Co., agents.
Britannia Life Assurance Co., 126 Renfrew street ;
Neil Johnston, agent.
British American Steam Packet Office; Handy-
sides & Henderson, agents, 45 Union street.
British Aspbalte Co. ; Gregory Bird, manager ;
naphtha and tar distillers, 92 Stirling st., Port-
British Empire Mutual Life Assurance Co. ; Robert
Walker, jun., 80 Buchanan street.
British Economical Manure ; James Watt & Co.,
56 Howard street, agents.
British and Foreign Steam Navigation Co. ; G. & J.
Burns, 9 Buchanan street.
British Guarantee Association ; D. & A. Cuthbert-
son, 110 Fife place. West George street, and S. M.
Pennj-, 16 St. Vincent place, agents.
British Iron Works ; Alston & Gourlay, 598 Gal-
British and Irish Magnetic Telegraph Co. (limited);
offices, 22, 24 Roj-al Exchange square, and Rail.
station, Bridge St.; Ed. Tansley, superintendent.
British Linen Company Bank, 110 Queen street,
corner of Ingram st. ; Andrew L. Fowler and John
Gunn, agents.
British & North American Royal Mail Steam Packet
Company ; G. & J. Bui'ns, 9 Buchanan street,
British Plate Glass Co., glass manufrs. ; Wm. Niven
& Co., 80 Great Clyde street, agents.
BRITTAIN, Martin, tailor, 1,S2 Trongate.
BROADFOOT, Alex., o/Broadfoot, Dovglas, 4 Co.;
residence, Lochside house, Lochwinnoch.
Broadfoot, Douglas, & Co., shawl and dress manu-
facturers and printers, 8 John street.
Broadfoot, James, commercial traveller, 42 St.
Andrew's street; house, 166 Upper Crown street.
Broadfoot, John, at Heatley, Cowan, (J- Go's; house.
17 Florence street, Hutchesontown.
Broadfoot, John, plumber and lead merchant, 28
Lancefield quay ; house, 184 Dumbarton road.
BROADLEY, John, of Robert Smith <.f Co. ; ho. 21
Florence place.
Broadley, John, grocer, 60 Muse lane, Cowcaddens.
Broadlej', Mrs., confectioner, 25 Milton street.
BROCK, Archibald, eating-housekeeper, 110 Maia
street, Anderston.
Brock, Henry, at John Orr, Eioing, (f Co.'s; house,
22 Sandy ford place.
Brock, Hugh, wine & spirit merchant, 74 Carrick st.
Brock, James, tobacco manufacturer, 60 Stockwell
street; house, 115 Thistle street, Hutchesontown.
Brock, John, fruiterer and green - grocer, 9 Great
Western road ; house, 217 New City road.
Brock, John S., engraver and lithographer, Sydney
court, 62 Argyle street; house, 217 New City rd.
Brock, Robert, grocer, G Rulherglen road ; house,
91 Nelson street, Tradeston.
Brock, William, & Son, grain merchants, 88 Hopest.
Brock, William, of William Brock tj- Son ; house,
48 Rosebank terrace. Grant street.
BROCKAT, William, joiner, ship carpenter, and
blockmaker, 20 York street ; house, York place
339^ Argyle street.
BROCKlE,Misses,rails. and dressms.,51W. Regent st.
ERODE, Julius, fanc}' paper and drapers' fancy box
manufacturer, 53 Blaxuell st. and 3 Eagle lane;
house, 352 St. Vincent street.
BRODIE, 7\.lexander, spirit merchant, 8 Tobago st.;
house, 3 Struthers street.
Brodie, Burnet, & Malcolm, British and foreign
straw-hat manufacturers, 28, 30 Royal Exch. sq.
Brodie, David, 34 Houston street, Paisley road.
Brodie, Dugald, victualler and grocer, 133 Nelson
street, Tradeston ; house, 135 do.
Brodie, Hugh, of Mulrs, Connell, q Brodie; house,
Maryfield, Pollokshields.
Brodie, Janies, at Muirs, Connell, cj- Brodie' s ; house,
Maryfield, Pollokshields.
Brodie, James, 303 Queen's Park ten, Eglinton st.
Brodie, John, wine and spirit merchant, 118 Stob-
cross street; house, 124 do.
Brodie, John A., of Kerr, Anderson, cJ- Brodie; house-,
167 St. Vincent street.
Brodie, Maclean, of Stewart, Wilson, (|- Brodie;
house, 9 Holyrood crescent.
Brodie, Robert, of ir dure, Naismith, cj- Brodie;
house, 9 Holyrood crescent. Great Western road.
Brodie, Thos., millwright, Dennistoun's mill, Charles
street ; house, 152 London road, Bridgeton.
Brodie, William, 29 Paterson street, Kingston.
Brodie, William, church officer of St. Peter's, 481
St. Vincent street,
Brodie, William, 303 Eglinton street.
Brodie, Wm., tailor, clothier, & hatter, 70 OxfonJ st.
Brodie, Mrs. Robert, coal agent, 88 John street.
Brodie, Mrs., spirit dealer, 3 Cranston street.
Brodie, Misses, teachers of music, 68 Walworth
terrace, Kent road.
BRONEHEAD, Horatio K, architect and measurer,
152 West George street.
BROOKS, David, refreshment rooms, 90 Glassford st.
Brookes, George, fruiterer, 165 Ingram street.
Brodk, James, at Rochsoks Coal Co.

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