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Brook, Jona", and Bros., cotton thread mannf,tc-
tuters, 25 Cochran street; works, Melthani Mills,
near IIiKklersfield.
Brooks, Williiim, Baltic timber merchant, 52 West
Nile stieet; house, 21 India street.
Brooks, Miss Eliza, milliner and dressmaker, 41
Charlotte street.
BROOM, Alexander, huilder, 5 Stewart street.
Broom, David, of Duncanson cf- Broom; house, 75
Bath street.
Broome, George, teacher, 75 Waterloo street.
Broom, John & James, com. merchts., C7 George sq.
Broom, William, bootmaker, 39 South Portland st.
Broom, William, of Blnchairn Iron Co.; house, 160
Hill street, G^rnethin.
Broom, Will., Glasgow and S.W. Railway; house,
4C Dundas street, Kingston.
Broom, M.& A., milliners, 90 Cowcads. st ; ho. 88 do.
BROSNAHAN, William, inland revenue; house,
25 Warwick street.
BROUGH, Alex., at Simpson, Hunter, cj' Younff's ;
house. 173 Eglinton street.
BROWN, Rev.^Alexander, Kingston Free Church,
Commerce street; house, 21 Roseland terrace,
Cumberland street.
Brown, Alexander, Bank of Scotland, Ingram street;
house, 19 Lansdowae crescent.
Brown, Alexander G.v grocer and spirit dealer, 64
Govan street; house, 62 do.
Brown, Alexander, herbalist, 5^ Bedford street.
Brown, Alexander, grocer and victualler, 34 West
College street.
Brown, Alexander, of Robertson, Broivn, ^ Co.;
liouse, 5 East Houston street.
Brown, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 179
New City road; house, 181 do.
Brown, Andrew, dairyman, 15 South Coburg street.
Brown, Andrew, factor to Sir Archd. J. Campbell,
Bart., Garscuhe ; resid. Garscube cot., Maiyhill.
Brown, Andrew, of Lnnghland (^ Brown ; house, 10
Buckingham terrace.
Brown, Andrew, 55 Abbotsford place.
Brown, Andrew, at A. 4' J- Inglis'' ; liouse, G
Dumbarton road.
Brown, A. C, coalmaster, CO Oswald street; resi-
dence, Binnieliill hou.se, Slamannan.
Brown, A., flesher, 126 London street.
Brown, A. G., agent, West-end Branch Citj' of
Glasgow bank, 174 Argyle street; house, 296
West Baih street.
Brown, Anthony, warper, 19 Cochrane street; ho.
184 West Nile street.
Brown, Archibald, & Co., silk gauze, dress, and
shawl manufacturers, 104 Virginia place.
Brown, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 1
Grseme street; house, 20 East Campbell street.
Brown, Brothers, chemists and manuf'.icturers of
aerated waters, 38 and 52 Old wynd.
Brown, Brothers, chemists, druggists, and aerated
water manufacturers, 110 and 112 Trongate ;
house, 24 Monteith row.
Brown & Caldwell, wholesale grocers, 70 Howard st.
Brown, Campliell, leather merchant, 163 Bridgegate.
Brown, Charles, of Duncan Brown ^ Co.; house, 4S
Windsor terrace, St. George's road.
Brown & Co., nmnufHCIurers of patent metallic casks,
kegs, cisterns, tanks for ships, &c. ; office, 135
BuchanaTi street; works, 03 Wigton street, Port-
Duadas. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Brown, Colin, of Stewart ij- Brown; house, 6 South
Wellington street.
Brown & Co., warehousemen, 116 Candleriggs.
Brown, Colin, of Colin Brown ^ Co. ; house, 3
Mansfield place.
Brown, Colin, & Co., sugar merchts., 41 Virginia st.
Brown, Colin, provision merchant, 81 New Dal-
lUHrnock road ; house, 30 Old Dalmarnock road.
Brown, C. R., & J Macindoe, auctioneers of fine art
and 01 her proper! J', 1 19 St Vincent street.
Brown, C R., ofC. R. BroiomfJ. Macindoe; house,
Paikhall, Knn.
Brown, C. AVilsone, of William Brown, Sons, (J- Co.,
22 St. Enoch sq. ; house, Weniyss, Renfrewshire.
Brown, D. Campbell, merchant and commissioa
agent, 1 Prince's square; ho. 8 Mansfield place.
Brown, Daniel, pastry-baker and confectioner, 60
Queen streeL; house, 92 Regent terrace.
Brown, Daniel, pastry-baker and confectioner, 155
Canning street ; house, 6 London road.
Brown, David, merchant and commission agent,
253 Argyle street.
Brown, David, bagpipe maker and hardware dealer,
131 Bridgegate; house, 7 Guildry court.
Brown, Hev. David, minister of St. Enoch's; house,
7 Eldon pbice, Kingston.
Brown, David, shoemaker, 159 Canning street, Gal-
lon ; house, 157 do.
Brown, David, heddle manufacturer, 18 Thomsou's
lane, Green street, Calton.
Brown, David, spirit dealer, 1 Wesleyan street,
Mile-end ; house, 3 do.
Brown, David, shuttle, shuttle-mounting, weaving
utensil maker and turner, 18 Thomson's lane,
Green street, Calton; house, 2 Broomward place.
Brown, David, spirit merchant, Philharmonic Concert
hall, 57 Argyle street; ho. 71 South Portland st.
Brown, David, City and Suburban Gas Co. ; house,
7 Hopetoun place.
Brown, Don., parish .schoolmaster, 41 Commercial rd.
Brown, Downes, & Co , wholesale grocers and tea
merchants, 22 Dunlop street.
Brown & Diysdale, smallware merchants, 93 Bu-
chanan street.
Brown, Dugald, carter, 55 Sauchiehall lane.
Brown, Duncan, & Co., drysalters and wool mer-
chants, 273 George street.
Brown, Duncan, grocer and provision merchant, 2
Calton-moulh, and 370 Gallowgate; ho. 219 do.
Brown, Duncan, janitor. School of Art, 16 Ingram
street; house, do.
Brown & Dunlop, writers, 49 Virginia street, agent3
for Argus Life Assuuance Company of London,
and Guarantee Society of London.
Brown, Gavin, of Brown (^ Co., 92 Gt. Hamilton st
Brown, George, of P. 4' G- Brown; house, 15 Car-
narvon street.
Brown, George, clerk, at Panton cf' Co.''s, Corn Ex-
change; house, 241 Buchanan street.
Brown, George D , ot James JIPKenzie 4' Co.'s, 24
Siockwell street; house, 203 Castle street.
Brown, George, victualler, 44.^ Adelphi street,
llutchesontown ; house. 51 Commerce street.
Brown, George, at Alex. Johnston tj- Co.'s; house, 7
Hamilton drive.
Brown, George, wine and spirit merchant, 207 Gal-
lowgate; house, 194 do.
Brown, George, of J. tj- C. Brown 4 Co.; house, 16
Newton street.

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