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107 Colquhoun, John, carter, 204
Great Eastern road.
Convent of the Good Shep-
herd Catholic Reformatory
School, and Magdalene
Asylum, Dalbeth house.
91 Crichton, G. spir. deal., West.
Cullen, Alex., grocer, 206^
Great Eastern road.
70 Davidson, D., builder, Westm.
Eadie, James, of Eadie and
Spencer, Dalmarnockhouse.
Ferguson, John, manager,
Camlachie Distillery ; res.,
Burnpoint house, Camlach.
15 Finlay, J. Ravel row, Westm.
108 Fleming, A. grocer & provi-
sion merchant, G. East road.
Fleming, Wm. farmer, West-
Forsyth, Jas. grocer, 248 G.
E. rd.; ho. 28 Burgher St.
Gallacher, C, general broker,
3 Burgher street.
317 GUchrist, Thos., cooper. Great
Eastern road.
113 Glen, John, salesman. Co-
operative Society, Camlac.
Glen, Thos., grocer, 341 Gt.
Eastern road,
114 Gosland, J., spir. deal., Caml.
Gourlay, George, grocer, 366
Great Eastern road.
86 Gray, J. builder, Westmuir,
and quarrier, Shettleston
299 Gray, John, land-measurer,
Great Eastern road.
Gray, R. & Co.,|;coal masters,
Westmuir, Coal 'Works;
office, G Oswald sti-eet.
Guild, William, brickmaker.
Porter street, Camlachie.
214 Hart, Jn., carter, Westmuir.
221 Millar, Wm.,& Sons, Turkey-
red dyers and calico print-
ers, 54 Gordon st. ; works,
Springfield, Dalmarnock.
Mitchell, Mrs. David, green-
grocer, 259 George street ;
house, Haghill.
Moffat, Jn., purchaser. Park-
head and Westmuir Econo-
mical Society, Westmuir
street ; ho. 68 New road.
76 Moffat, Robert, spirit dealer,
Westmuir street.
18 Moffat, T., cowfeeder. New rd.
379 Montgomery, H., grocer, Gt.
Eastern road.
Montgomery, Alex., Dalmar.
301 Muir,R., Post-off., G.Eas.rd.
Muir, Brown, & Co., turkey-
red dyers and calico-print-
ers, Strathclyde works,
305 Murray, J., grocer and spirit
dealer, 819 Gt. East. rd. ;
house, 303 do.
10 Naismith, Mrs., tea dealer.
New road.
53 Nisbet, Thomas, grocer, West-
muir street.
116 Parkhead Forge Company,
manufacturers of every de-
scription of forgings. New
road ; W. Rigby, manager,
Netherfield; ho. Duke st.
90 Rae, A., carter, Camlachie.
119 Rae, J., agt., Gt. Eastern rd.
224 Rae,W.,carter, Gt.Easternrd.
40 Reid, James, wine and spirit
men 251 Gallowgate; ho.
Mountainblue, Gt. Eas. rd.
287 Reid, Jn., tailor, Gt. Eas. rd.
Rennie, A., sheriff-officer and
constable, Camlachie; ho.
21 East Hope street.
109 Revie, Arch., Gt. Eastern rd.
236 Robb, W., carter,. Gt. Eas. rd.
195 Robertson, Chas. , superintend.
E. Necro. ; ho. 84 Dal. st.
117 Russell, A., saddler, Camlach.
194 Sommerville, W., carter, Gt.
Eastern road.
Spring Colliery, London road,
24 St. Vincent place.
Stedman, George, life buoy
manuf. 82 Dalmarnock rd.
62 Steel, Thos., vict. & grocer;
ho. 5 Coalhill St., Camlach.
Stewart, Alex. 37 East Hope
street, Camlachie. ■
Stevenson, W. , far. , Newlanda.
Steven, Wra., brick maker
and brick builder. Vinegar
hill, Carol. ; ho. 34 Kent st.
Taylor, Henry J., Springbk.
15 Waddell, J., Westmuir, comb
and spoon manufact., 35
Trongate & 79 Argyle St.;
works, 15 Westmuir st.
222 Waggett, J., brok., G. Ea. rd.
25 Wallace, W., & Sons, bleach-
ers and finishers, Burnbk.
Letters and orders left at 5
W. Nile St. ; ho. Burnbk.
125, 129 M'Lachlan, Haddow,
grocer & spirit m., Westm.
214 Hodge, William, brickmaker.
Porter street; house, 4 Gt.
Eastern road.
343 Honey man, G., spir. mer., G.
E. rd. ; ho., 3 New rd.
Howat, J., carter, Dalmar-
nock street, Parkhead.
Jackson, J., farmer, Cart3'ne.
Jenkins, James, dairyman.
High Belvidere.
Irvine, John, spirit mercht.,
48 New road.
17 Kerr, Robert, flesher, West-
muir street.
32 Kelso, Wm., carter. New rd.
296 Kinniburgh, H., carter, Gt.
Eastern road.
267 Lochhead, Robert, spir mer.,
' Gt. E. rd.; ho., 283 do.
270 Livey, A. & D., bakers, Gt.
Eastern road.
311 Lawson, David shuttle and
weaving utensil maker, Gt.
East, road; house, 313 do.
Lawson, John, engineer and
millwright, Mountainblue,
Caml.; house, 50 White-
vale street.
7 Letham, R., Westmuir street,
hosier, glover, & yarn mer.,
3 High street.
258 Lyon & Co. brick, tile, and
pottery manufac. Mount-
blue; works, Camlachie;
house, Mountblue.
99 M'Callum, Mrs. D., spir. deal.
Scotstown, London road.
M'CuUoch, J., tollcontractor,
128 Great Eastern road.
M'Murray, John, grocer, 70
Great Eastern road.
18 M'Allister, Andrew, rope and
twine maker, Cumbernauld
road; house, 90 Belgrove
20 M'Feat, Thos., house factor,
Salamanca st.j Parkhead.
200 M'Pherson, Alex., slater, Gt.
Eastern road.
M'Kenzie, Daniel, at Strath-
clyde Print Worhs, Dal-
marnock; house, 259 New
Dalmarnock road.
29 Marshall, J., grocer, Westm.
244 Mather, Alexander, flesher,
Great Eastern road.
Maxwell, R. G., surgeon;
letters left at Messrs. M.
& J. Brown's, 29 Glassford
street; ho. Haghill nurserj'.
221 Millar, A., victual., G. Ea. rd.
Millar, David P., of Wm.
Millar cj- Son's, at Spring-
field works, Dalmarnock.
Millar, John S., of Wm.
Millar <^ Son's, Springfield
house, Dalmarnock.
25 Wallace, James, of William
Wallace tj- Son; ho. Burn-
bank. Letters left at Mr.
Fisher's, 5 West Nile st.
Walker, Mrs., spirit dealer,
Springbank, London road.
345 Watson, George, ofTioaddle,
Watson, (Sf Twaddle, Long
Park cot., Gt. Eastern rd.
Watson, G._, baker, G. E. rd.
11 Watson, R.,"groc.. Westmuir;
68 Wellwood, S., spirit dealer,
Great Eastern road.
155 Wilson, William, carter and
contractor, Westmuir st.
143 Wilson, W., groc, Westmuir.
50 Winning, Thomas, grocer,'
Great Eastern road.
70 Young, T., surgeon & drug-
' gist. Great Eastern road. -
274 Young, W., sur^., G. E. rd.

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