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John White, senior magistrate.
Robert Robinson and Arch. Auld,
junior magistrates.
William Anderson, William Gum-
ming, Hugh Keimedy, Camp-
bell King, David Blore, James
Moses, James Napier, Adam
Ramage, Matthew Walker, com-
missioners of police; Matthew
Walker, burgh-clerk ; William
Robertson, survej'or ; J. Pater-
son, M.D.,medical[officer; Gavin
Paislej', treasurer and collector;
Paul M'Coll, superintendent of
police, and fiscal.
Adam, James, flesher, Merkland
place, 355 Dumbarton road.
Aikman, Thomson, q/'P. <^'J. Aih-
man ; ho. 6 Hamilton crescent.
Alton, Wm., railway contractor;
ho. Fairlee park, Jordanhill st.
Alexander, Wm., goldsmith and
jeweller ; house, Crow road.
Allan, John, Laurel bank.
Allan, Wm., wine and spirit mer-
chant, Smith street, Whiteincli ;
house, 63 John street, Glasgow.
Allison, Hugh, of Wilson if A llison ;
house, 3 Meadowbank place.
Anderson, Arch., plain and deco-
rative painter, 344 Dumbarton
road ; house, Graham place.
Anderson, Rev. Henrj'^, of Free
Church ; house, Rosevale.
Anderson & Kenned}', gen. grocers,
wine & sp. mers. 298 Dumb. rd.
Anderson, John, of Anderson cf
Kennedy; house, Windsor pi.
Anderson, John, builder; yard.
Peel street ; ho. Alma cottage.
Anderson, John, of Wm. Anderson
4' Son ; ho. 8 Hamilton cresct.
Anderson, Wm , ofWm. Anderson
cj Son ; ho. 7 Hamilton cresct.
Anderson, Wm., jun., of William
Anderson cj- Son ; house, Rose-
land place.
Arthur, Allan, cf Henri/ Monteith
cf- Co ; house, Laurelbank.
Arthur, John, & Co., patent brick
and tile manufacturers. Crow
road ; house, Woodend.
Ashcroft, H. M., teacher of maths.,
Partick house, 14 Laurence pi.
Auld, Arch., of Anld tf Cross;
house, Oswald hill.
Barber, Robert, plumber and gas-
fitter, G Peel street.
Barclay & Co., iron shipbuilders,
Clydeholm bldg. yard, Whitein.
Barker, John, Greenbank.
Beattie, Wm., commercial travel-
ler ; house, Greenbank.
Binnie, Miss M., hardware mesch.,
Post-oifice, 326 Dumbarton rd.
Black, Jas., commission mercht. ;
house, 10 Laurence place.
Black, David, commission mer-
chant ; house, Partick hill.
Black, Thos., slater, 324 Hamilton
place, Dumbarton road.
Bow, Wm., late leather merchant;
house, Clydeview.
Boyd, Edmund, teacherof English ;
house, 1 Meadowbank place.
Boyd, Robert, brick-builder, Kel-
vin bridge ; ho. Kelvin bridge.
Boyd, Wm. salesman ; ho. West
bank, Partickhill.
Brace, Edmund, of Edmund Brace
f Co ; house, Clydeview.
Brand, W. at Arthur ^ Couper's,
83 Miller St.; ho. Clydeview.
Brown, James, Farlie park, Jor-
danhill street.
Brown, Thomas, at Wm. Stirling
<f Son's; ho. Rockbank, Par-
Burnside, Robert, baker, Castle-
bank St. ; ho. Douglas street.
Caldei-, Rev. John, of the Estab-
lished Church; manse,Churchst.
Calderwell, John Stewart, E. L.
Asylum, Gartnavel; ho. do.
Cairns, John, of John Cairns ^
Co ; house, Freeland bank.
Caledonian Patent Rivet Co. and
screw bolt manufacturers, Castle-
bank street.
Cameron, Duncan, stamp office, 78
Queen st. ; ho. Springfield ho.,
Cameron, R. H., silk bandana
manufacturer; house, Mulberry
cottage, Partickhill.
Campbell, Alexander, prov. mer.,
Ill Dumbarton road.
Campbell, Arch, grocer and prov.
mercht., 341 Dumbarton road.
Campbell, Arch, music seller, 44
Douglas street.
Campbell, Duncan, grocer and
provision merchant, 364 Dura-
barton rd. ; ho. Peel street.
Campbell, Eev. John M'Leod,
Laurel bank;
Campbell, Wm. cartoon maker;
house, 3 Church street.
Campbell, Wm. spirit merchant,
102 Orchard street; ho. 361
Dumbarton road.
Campbell, Mrs. Wm, 2 Lawrence
place, Dowanhill,
City of Glasgow Branch Bank,
Windsor place, 314 Dumbarton
road; Gavin Pasley, agent.
Clark, John, gardener, 350 Dum-
barton road.
Chalmers, James, of J.Q.Chalmers;
ho. Meadowvale, Partick.
Cooper, John, Ashburue lodge,
Craig, James, manager. Weaving
Factory ; ho. Gowanbank cot.
Craig, John, brickbuilder, Partk.;
house, Turnersfield grove.
Gumming, Wm. Greenbank.
Curie, Robert, of Barclay <^- Curie;
house, Jordanbank, Whiteinch.
Cochrane, Robert, cotton broker,
17 Exch. sq. ; ho. Windyedge.
Deviue, Andrew, spirit merchant,
14 Gastlebank street.
Dewar, Wm. dairyman, Castle-
milk place, 345 Dumbarton rd.
Dick, George H. of Mitchell, Dick,
<f Co., 3 Maule terrace.
Dick, Robert, farmer, Broomhill,
Jordanhill street.
Dickie, Thomas, brickmaker. Bun-
house brickwork.
Donaldson, James, com. mercht.,
Hayburn cottage.
Douglas, Wm. slater; yard, An-
derson street; ho. 302 Dumbar-
ton road.
Dowanhill Quarry, Dowanhill,
Byres road.
Dunn, Ja.mGa,of Robinson (f Dunn;
house. Sawmills.
Dykes, A. C. merchant, 6 Jamaica
St. ; ho. 1 Hamilton crescent.
Easton, David, M.D.; ho. 3 Mea-
dowbank place.
Ebbels, Henry Ellis, 8 Windsor pi.
Ewiug, John, grocer, 277 Dum-
barton road.
Fairie, Thomas, wholesale grocer,
273 Argyle St.; ho. Inchbank.
Fairlie, John, spirit merchant, 130
Dumbarton road.
Ferguson, James, provision & wine
merchant, 338 Hamilton place;
house, Clydeview.
Ferguson, James, Greenbank.
Ferguson, John, of J. <fJ. Fergu-
son ; house, Clyde street.
Finlaj'son, James, writer. Hillside;
house, Partickhill.
Forrest, John, grocer. Smith street,
Fozier, M. T., mercht., Partickh.
Eraser, Jas. P., inspect, of bi'anch.
City of Glasgow Bank ; house,
2 Lawrence place, Dowanhill.
Fulton, Wm., carriage hirer; offi.
2 Crown pi. ; ho. 29 Orch. St.
Galbraith, Wm., of Galhraith ^
Winton; ho. 20 Lawrence pi.
Gait, Robert, of Robert Gait ^
Son ; ho. 9 Annfield terrace.
Gardner, J., flesher, 346 Ham. pi.
Gardner, J. flesher, 860 Hepb. pi
Gardner, W., smith, 116 Dum. rd.
Gardiner, Wm., grocer and provi.
mercht., Skateriggsto., by Part.
Gas Work, Partick, 171 Dum. rd.
Gemmell, Adam, Campbell <f Co. ;
ho. 3 Hamilton place.
Gemmell, Jas., tea mer., Partickh.
Gibb, David, 14 Lawrence place.
Gibson, James, 20 Lawrence pi.
Gilbert, J. Graham, York hilL
Gilchrist, Arch., of Barclay, Cvrle,
(f Co. ; house, Jordan vale.

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