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BURRETT, Thomas, & Co., smiths & chahamakers,
110 Renfield st. ; ho. 98 Cowcaddens st.
BURT, John, nail nianufr., 3 Martyr st.
Burt, John, currier & leather mercht., 20 Main St.,
Calton; ho. 46 Groeme St., do.
Burt, John, English teacher, 5 Scott St., Garnethill;
ho. 12 Glasgow St., Hillhead.
Burt, Wm., beadle, St. Mark's ; ho. 30 Stobcross st.
Burt. William, tailor & clothier, 36 Gallo^^'gate.
BURTON, Alexander, 31 So. Apsley pi.
Burton, Andrew H., com. mercht. & yam agt., 78
Miller st. ; ho. 31 So. Apsley pi.
Burton, Henrj', hosier, glover, and shirtmaker. 111
Buchanan st. ; ho. 58 Renfield st.
Burton & Henderson, grocers, tea & coffee dealers,
192 Sauchiehall st.
Burton, William, of Burton ^ Henderson; ho. 129
Cambridge st.
BUSBY, E. S., at James Lumsden if Son's; ho. St.
James' st.
BUSH, Charles P., Buck's Head hotel, 61 Argyle st.
BUSHEZ, Frederick Stephen, teacher of music &
pianoforte tuner, 35 Buccleuch st.
Bushez, Mrs. F. S., teacher of pianoforte & singing,
35 Buccleuch st.
BUTLERS, James, flesher, 3 Charing cross.
Butler, William, remnant warehouse, 329 Gallowg.
BUTT, George, agt., 38 Cheapside st.
BUTTERS, John, spirit dealer, 45 Young st. GaUowg.
Butters & M'Gregor, hamcurers & provision mers.,
65 Wilson st.
BUTTLE, F. C., warehouseman, clothier, & outfitter,
163, 165 Argyle St.; resid. Carfin house, near
BYARS, David, of Mann, Simpson, cj- Byars ; ho.
6 Clifton pi.
Byars, Robert, fruit dealer, Bazaar, Candleriggs ; ho.
12 Stirling sq.
CABBELL, John, Scottish Provincial Assurance Co.,
Ill St. Vincent st. ; ho. 7 Woodside pi.
CADENHEAD, Allan, traveller, 70 Rose st., Hutc.
Cadenhead, Robert, at Barclay, Paton, tj- Co.\s; ho.
Wakefield villa, Pollokshields.
Cadiz & Glasgow Traders, office, 51 Union st. ;
M'Kean & Lamont, agts.
Cadiz Wine Co., London ; Reid & Dick, agts., 14
Dixon St.
CAD^OW, W. & R., carters and contractors, Glas-
gow Iron Co. ; ho. 96 Garngad rd.
CAIE, Rev. Thomas, superintendent, Glasgow City
Mission. Letters, &c., left at the Religious Insti-
tution Rooms, 75 St. George's pi.
CAIRO, J., plasterer, 80 Hope st.
Caird, James, of James Caird <^ Co.; ho. 19 Clare-
mont st.
Caird, James, & Co., merchts., 13 Dixon st.
Caird, William, builder, 94 No. Frederick st. ; ho.
CAIRNEY, John, glass-stainer, glazier & house
painter, 46 Bath st. ; ho. 1 Hill st., Garnethill.
CAIRNS, Adam, manager. Friendly Bread Associa-
tion, 10 Carlton court; ho. 45 Eglinton st.
Cairns, Charles, accountant & sharebrokr., 57 We.
Nile St. ; ho. Milliken park.
Cairns, James, & Son, tailors & clothiers, 37, 39
London st.
Cairns, James, of James Cairns ^- Son; ho. 2 Morris
pi., Monteith row.
Cairns, James, at Dougall cj- Mathies' ; ho. 42 We. st.
Cairns, John, of James Cairns cf Son; ho. 20 Mon-
teith row.
Cairns, John, of John Cairns cJ' Co.; ho. Hamilton
erst, Partick.
Cairns, John, painter & paperhanger, & oil & colour-
man, 97 High st.
Cairns, John, & Co., cotton-brokrs., 168 Ingram st.,
& 100 Queen St.
Cairn, J., of Ross cf- Cairn; ho. 18 Little Hamil-
ton St.
Cairns, John, landscape painter, 188 Sauchiehall st.
Cairns, Joseph, clothier, -i Saltmarket.
Cairns, P., &, Co., smiths, bellhangers, and gas-
fitters, 164 We. Graham st., 62 St. George's rd., &
5 Woodla,nds rd. ; ho. 157 Shamrock st.
Cairns, Walter, paper ruler & bookbinder, 93 Vir-
ginia St.
Cairns, William, glass & china wareho., & artist, 38
Jail sq.
Cairns, Wm., plumber & gasfitter, 43 Bridge st. ;
ho. 45 Eglinton st.
Cairns, Mrs. James, 32 Westminster ter.
Cairns, Mrs. Thomas, lodgings, 66 South Portland
Cairns, Mrs., French staymakr., 42 Candleriggs.
CALDER, D., at J. cj- V. Wriyht's ; ho. 1(31 New
City rd.
Calder, James, spir. dealer, 51 Main st.
Calder, John, commission mercht., 35 Miller st.
Calder, Thomas, & Co., sugar brokrs., 27 Vir-
ginia st.
Calder, Thos., of Thomas Calder <f Co. ; ho. 14
Royal ter.
Calder, William, Ayrshire inn & carriers' quarters ,
66 New yfj.
Calder, Mrs., victualler, 65 Brown st.
Calder, Mrs., 81 Abbotsford pi.
Calder, Mrs., 25 Killermont st.
Caldek Ironworks office, 1 Dixon st.
CALDERHEAD, Mrs., spir. retailer, 56 Bishop St.,
Anderston. <,
CALDERWOOD, Andw., fruiter. & confecr., 151J
Eglinton st.
Calderwood, David, teacher, Murdoch's English &
Commercial School, 40 Blackfriars st. ; ho. 24
Adelphi st.
Calderwood, J. & M., leather merchts., 56 Main st.,
Gorbals ; ho. 102 Hospital st.
CALDWELL, D., at A. Balderston's; ho. 66 Com-
merce St.
Caldwell, Henry, cartwright, 85 Main st., Gorbals ;
ho. 230 do.
Caldwell, Hugh, 23 St. Vincent erst.
Caldwell, James, of Caldwell, Robertson, tj- Co.
Croy pi.
Caldwell, Job, general brokr., 153 Castle st. ;
151 do.
Caldwell, John, 136 Renfrew st.
Caldwell & Ritchie, calico-printers, Kelvinhaugh.
Caldwell, Robertson, & Co., drysalters & merchts.,
12 Croy pi.. Maxwell st.
Caldwell "& Scoular, merchts., 28 Cochran st.
Caldwell, William, cabinetmakr., upholsterer, &
decorator, 136, 146 We. Nile st. ; ho. 148 do.
Caldwell, William, of James M'Aulay ^ Co. ; ho.

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