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BUNTEN, Hugh, of Mill 4- Bunten ; ho. 1 34 Sauchie-
hall St.
Bunten, James, timber mercht., 34 Bothwell st. ;
resid. Braehead house, Cathcart.
Bunten, James, jun., timber mercht., 84 Bothwell
St. ; resid. Braehead house, Cathcart.
Bunten, James, & Co., merchts., 145 St. Vincent st.
Bunten, William, at D. Brown cj- Co.'s; ho. 1 Clifton
Grove erst.
Bunten, William, win. & spir. mer., 64 High st. ;
ho. 253 George st.
Bunten, Mrs. Robert, 22 Elmbank erst.
BUNTING, David, at G. ^' J. Burns' ; ho. 26 Pa-
terson St., Kingst.
Bunting, Mrs. James, draper, 22 Stobcross st. ; ho.
11 do.
BURBRIDGE, John, artist, 331 Renfrew st.
Burbridge, Mrs., ladies' school, 331 Renfrew st.
BURDEN, John, painter & paperhanger, 35 Salt-
market; ho. 28 do.
BURGESS, Adam, mail guard, 89 John st.
Burges, David, 9 Abbotsford pi.
Burgess, G. G., at Mr. Macharg's, 21 St. Vincent pi.
Burgess, Robert, prov. mercht., 162 Cowcds. st. ;
ho. 154 do.
Burgess, Robert, victualler, 53 Saltmarket ; ho. 154
Cowcds. st.
Burgess, William, prov. mercht., 159 Cowcds. st.
Burgess, William, clothier, 31 Queen st. ; ho. 515
We. St. Vincent st.
Burgess, Rev. Wm., A.M., minister of Eglinton
Street U. P. Church; resid., Wakefield villa,
Burgh Sasine Oifice, City chambers, Andrew Cun-
BUELEY, Robert, & Co., joiners, blockmakers,
turners, and hammer-handle manufrs., by steam
power, 22 Dale st., Tradst. ; ho. 31 Morrison st.
Burley, William, victualler, 23 Little st.; ho. 28
Well St., Calton.
BURMOND, John, manufr., 52 Glassford st.
BURN, Peter, & Co., auctioneers, valuators, and
furniture dealers, 9 Royal Exchange pi.
Burn, Peter, of Peter Burm <.f Co. ; ho. 74 Buc-
cleuch St.
Burn, Wm., of Peter Burn <S^ Co. ; 9 Exchange pi.
BURNET, Archibald, haircutter, 44 Catherine st.,
Burnet, George, at Muirs, Connel, cj- Brodie's ; ho.
193 Chesham pi., Kent rd.
Burnet, George, 3 Buccleuch st.
Burnet, James, smith & farrier, 1 70 Duke st. ; ho.
4 Parkhouse la.
Burnet, James B., writer & agent, & solicitor to the
National Provincial Fire & Life Insurance Co.,
144 Queen st. ; ho. 129 Grafton ter.
Burnet, John, secretary to the Glasgow Corporation
Water Works, 23 Miller st. ; ho. 2 Richmond st.
Burnet, John, bookseller & stationer, 181 High st.
Burnet, John, architect, 113 We. Regent st.
BURNLEY, William R, & Co., merchts., 11 Vic-
toria pi.. We. Regent st.
Burnley, William F., of William F. Burnley ^ Co. ;
1 1 Victoria pi., We. Regent st.
BURNS, Alexander G., warper & twiner of cotton,
silk, & woollen yarns, 14 Garthland st.
Burns, Alex. G., win. & spir. mer., 10, 12 Garth-
land st. ; ho. 89 No. Frederick st.
Burns, David, hairdresser, 36 Shuttle st.
Burns, David, victualler, 93 Carrick st.
Burns, George, of George (f James Burns; ho, 1
Park gardens.
Burns, G. & J-, steamers & railway printing office,
9 Buchanan st.
Burns, George & James, steam packet office, 9
Buchanan st.
Bums, George, coffee house, & curriers' club-house,
1 Havannah.
Burns, James C, at G. cj- J. Burns\ 9 Buchanan
St. ; ho. 1 Park gardens.
Burns, James, hat manufr., 27 St. Andrew st.
Burns, James & George, merchants, 9 Buchanan st.
Burns, James K., wright & glazier, 8 Melville st.
Burns, James, of James <f George Burns; ho. 224
We. St. Vincent st.
Burns, James, flesher, 200 Stirling's rd. ; ho. 183 do.
Burns, J. P., fruiter. & green grocer, 42 We. Nile st.
Burns, John, victualler & spir. deal., 203 Main st.,
Bridgt. ; ho. 205 do.
Burns, John, surgeon, 42 John st., Bridgt.
Burns, John, of G. cj" J. Burns, 9 Buchanan st. ;
ho. 1 Park gardens.
Burns, John, broker, 13 Goosedubbs.
Burns, John, coal mercht., 15 Low Green st.
Burns, John, house painter, 16 George st.
Burns & Miller, wriglits, 81 Garscube rd.
Burns & Maclean, writers, 41 We. George st.
Burns, Robert, & Co., soap & candle manufrs., lard
refiners, and oil merchts., 99 Clyde st., Anderst.
Burns, Robert, of B. Burns ^ Co. ; ho. 407 St.
Vincent st.
Burns, Robert, clerk, Monkland Canal basin ; ho.
109 Parson st.
Burns, Thomas, spir. mercht., 287 Argyle st.
Burns, Thomas, architect, 187 Buchanan st.
Burns, William, writer, of Burns (^- Maclean; ho.
26 Lansdowne erst.
Burns, William, spir. dealer, 44 Rose st., Hutchn.
Burns, William, of Burns cf Miller; ho. 59 Milton st.
Burns, Mrs. Hay, 8 Falkland pi., St. George's rd.
Burns, Mrs. James, furnishings, 32 Brown st.
Burns, Mrs. John, grocer, 13 Carrick st.
Burns, Mrs., 79 Abbotsford pi.
Burns, Mary, broker, 45 Bell st.
BURNSIDE, John, fringe, tassel, & fancy trimming
manufr., 55 Argj'le arcade & 108 Argyle st.
Burnside, John F., agt. for the Falkirk Iron Com-
pany, 22 Dixon st. ; ho. Mugdock, by Milngavie.
Burnside, James, gro. & spir. dealer, 140 London
Burnside, J. & M., fleshers, 165 Main st., Bridget. ;
ho. 195 do.
Burnside, John F., agt. for Kennard & Sons, 22
Dixon St. ; ho. Mugdock, by Milngavie.
Burnside, Mrs., 140 George su
BURR, Alexander, & Son, com. merchts. & agts., 37
Glassford st.
Burr, Alexander, of Alex. Burr 1^ Son; ho. 30 Rose
pi., Garnethill.
Burr, James, of Alex. Burr (f Son; ho. 30 Rose pL,
BURRELL, Alexander, writer, ofBurrell cf- Auld;
ho. Parkgrove, Paisley rd.
Burrell & Auld, writers, 4 So. Hanover st.
Burrell, James, jeweller, 32 No. Albion st.
Burrell, George, ship & forwarding agt., Grange-
mouth & Alloa wharf, Port-Dundas ; ho. 72 New
City rd.

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