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1 50 m'lellan — m'leod.
M'LELL AN, Archibald, & Son, coach maters, 81 Miller steeet
M'Lellan, Archibald, jun. of Archd. M'Lellan Sf Son, bo. 3 Dalhousie
street, Garnetbank
M'Lellan, Donald T. at M'Lellan §• Turner's, house 121 Wellington st.
M'Lellan, James, vfj. §• W. M'Lellan, house 192 Argyll street
M'Clelland, James, accountant, 17 S. Hanover st. ho. St. George's road
M'Lellan, J. & W. manufacturers, 113 Brunswick street
M'Lellan, John, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 52 Glassford street
M'Lellan, J. of M'Lellan Sf Turner, house 121 Wellington street
M'Lellan, Lewis, tallow chandler and flour dealer, 136 Gallowgate, ho.
2 Morris place, Monteith row
M'Lellan, Malcolm, pullicate & gingham manufacturer, 88 Glassford st.
M'Lellan, Peter, ironmonger, 129 Ti-ongate, house 26 Robertson street
M'Lellan, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 39 Stockwell street, house
South Wellington place
M'Lellan, Robert, spirit dealer, 47 Centre street, Tradeston
M'Lellan, Robert, merchant, 126 Hill street, Garnethill
M'Lellan, Samuel, at Thos. Buchanan jun.'' s, house 119 Hope street
M'Lellan, Thomas, victualler, 30 Main street, Gorbals
MacLellan, & Turner. Letters left at J. & W. M'Lellaus, 113
Brunswick street
M'Lellan, W. of J. Sf W. M'Lellan, ho. Blj'thswood cottage, S. Woodside
M'LENNAN, Donald, grocer and tea dealer, 139 Bridgegate
M'Lennan, George & S. distillers and yeast merchants, 37 Glassford st.
M'Lennan, George, of G. ^ S. M'/-,ennan, house 10 South Portland st.
M'Lennan, Simon, of G. ^ S. M'Lennan. bouse 98 South Portland st.
M'Lennan, Thomas, 22 Monteith row
M'Lennan, Mrs. Kenneth, grocer and spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road
M'Lennan, Mrs. hoot and shoe shop, 30 Saltmarket
M'LEOD, Alexander, currier and leather merchant, 30 Jamaica street
M'Leod, Alexander, wright, 31 M'Kechnie st. ho. 9 Park lane, Calton
M'Leod, Andrew, surgeon and druggist, 54) Queen street, house 49
West Nile street
M'Leod, Davidson & Co. zebra manufacturers, 77 Brunswick street
M'Leod, D. & Co. furniture brokers, 28 Miller's place
M'Leod & Miller, renovators, 33 Ingram street
M'Leod, D. fish-hook manufacturer, 193 Argyll street, works 28 St.
Enoch wynd
M'Leod, George, & Co. wholesale druggists, 20 Dunlop street
M'Leod, James, sen. 20 Dunlop street, house 5 Eldon place, Kingston
M'Leod, James, of M'Leod^ Davidson, house 37 Dalhousie street
M'Leod, James, jun. surgeon & druggist, 33 Argyll street
M'Leod, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 57 Bridgegate street
M'Leod, John, coal agent, 1'2 Moore street
M'Leod, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Parkhouse lane
M'Leod, John, cooper, 392 Gallowgate
M'Leod, John, bookseller and stationer, 20 Argyll street, house Poland
place, 60 South Portland street
M'Leod, John, of M'Leod, Davidson Sf Co. house 37 Dalhousie street
M'Leod, Malcolm, merchant, vice-consul for the Republic of New
Granada, 1 Royal Bank place
M'Leod, Rev. Dr. Norman, minister of St. Columba's, house 9 Bath st.
M'Leod, Robert, spirit dealer, 11 Charlotte lane

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