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M'LEAN M'LEISfl. 149
M'Lean, Allan, plasterer, 28 Crown street
M'Lean, Archibald, spirit dealer, 84 Bell street
M'Lean, D. of Campbell, M'Lean Sf Kennedy, house 9 So. Portland st.
M'Lean, Daniel, chimney sweeper and soot merchant, 27 Stockwell
M'Lean, D. & A. manufacturers, 49 Virginia street
M'Lean, David, of D. ^ A. M'Lean, house 23 Carlton place
M'Lean, Donald, at P. M'Lean's, 27 Candleriggs
M'Lean, Duncan, warper, 63 Candlerigg court
M'Lean, Ewing, Post-office, residence 26 North Portland street
M'Lean, Captain Francis, 20 Whitevale
M'Lean, George, watchmaker and jeweller, 9 Argyll street
M'Lean, Hugh, baker, 93 Great Hamilton street
M'Lean, James, ofM'Lachlane ^ M'Lean, ho. 146 Hill st. Garnethill
M'Lean, John, at John Black §■ Co.'s, Royal Bank place
M'Lean, John, spirit dealer, 86 Main street, Anderston
M'Lean, John, grocer, victualler, ales, &c. and coal agent, 20 Bedford
street, and 47 Crown street
M'Lean, John, dyer, of William M'Lean §• Son, 61 Ladywell street
M'Lean, John, herbalist, 62 Blackfriar street
M'Lean, John, eating-house, 89 Eglinton street
M'Lean, John, & Co. manufacturers, 94 Miller street
M'Lean, Joseph, 27 Muirhead street
M'Lean, L. hosier and glover, 23 Argyll street, house 246 do.
M'Lean, Neil, grocer and spirit dealer, 552 Gallowgate
M'Lean, Neil, victualler, 25 George street, and 8 Stockwell street
M'Lean, Norman, restaurateur, 137 Argyll street
M'Lean, Peter, grain and spirit merchant, 27 Candleriggs
M'Lean, Peter, spirit dealer, 157 Stockwell
M'Lean, Robert, brewer, 25 Struthers' street, house Abercromby street
M'Lean, Thomas, victualler, 250 Gallowgate
M'Lean, Walter, smith, 81 John street
M'Lean, William, & Co. cotton-spinners, 15 Cochran street
M'Lean, William, & Co. calenderers and packers, 71 & 83 Virginia st.
M'Lean, William, Gorbals spinning factory, 27 Muirhead street, house
Plantation, Govan road
M'Lean, William, & Sons, dyers, 61 Ladywell street
M'Lean, William, jun. of William IBrodie 8f Co. house 63 Bath street
M'Lean, William, spirit dealer, 26 York street
M'Lean, Mrs. A. Brittania tavern, 20 Anderston quay
M'Lean, Mrs. D. spirit dealer, 74 London street
M'Lean, Mrs. Dr. 194 Main street, Gorbals
M'Lean, Miss A. lodgings, 52 York street
M'Lean, Miss Mary, 53 Oswald street
M'Lean, Miss, grocer, 17 West Nile street
M'Lean, Misses C. & A. milliners, 18 Nelson street
M'Lean, Miss M. spirit dealer, 9 Clyde street, Anderston
M'LEHOSE, Mrs. hairdresser, 5 Blackfriar street
M'Lehose, Mrs. Archibald, umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 5 Royal
Exchange square
M'LEISH, Archibald, hosiery and general furnisher, 94 Burnside
M'Leish, Kayser & Co. sugar refiners, 109 Virginia st. works Greenock
M'Leish, John, spirit dealer, 33 New Bridge street
M'Leish, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 204 Broomielaw
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