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Dickson, William, photo engraver, 84 Leith
street ; house, 6 Burgess terrace
Dickson, William, 15 Brunton place
Dickson, William, engineer, Mmieston lane
Dickson, Wm., cabinet and camera maker, 11
Clyde street ; house, 8b Gayfield square
Dickson, AVilliam, 63 Comely Bank avenue
Dickson, William, coal merchant, 355 Leith
Dickson, Wm., tea merchant, 29 Forth street
Dickson, William George, 18 Corn hill terrace
Dickson, William T., grocer and wine merchant,
19 Saunders street
Dickson, Mrs Alexander, 3 Pilrig street
Dickson, Mrs Annie, 22 Learmonth grove
Dickson, Mrs A., dairy, 11 St Mary street;
house, 1 3 Jeffrey street
Dickson, Mrs C. C, Ardenlea, 18 Lygon road
Dickson, Mrs Francis, 5 West Maytield
Dickson, Mrs G. H., 159 Dalkeith road
Dickson, Mrs James, 52 Morningside drive
Dickson, Mrs J., 3 Cornwall street
Dickson, Mrs J. F., 1 Grosvenor gardens
Dickson, Mrs R. F., 57 Nicolson street
Dickson, Mrs W., 153 Mayfield road
Dickson, Mrs, 24 Westhall gardens
Dickson, Mrs, newsagent, 107 Rose street
Dickson, Mrs, 1 Livingstone place
Dickson, Mrs, 23 Stafford street
Dickson, Mrs, 12 Dublin street
Dickson, Misses, 13 Osborne terrace
Dickson, Misses, 2 Regent terrace
Dickson, Misses, 163 Colinton road
Dickson, Misses, 16 Bristo place
Dickson, Miss A. P., 23 Hillside street
Dickson, Miss J., 17 Dalmeny street
Dickson, Miss M., 17 Dalmeny street
Dickson, Miss, grocer, 44 Milton st. ; ho. 38
Dickson, Miss, 26 Stafford street
Dickson, Miss, 13 Clarendon crescent
Piokson, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 77
Great Junction street
Dickson, Miss, 15 Deanpark street
Dickson, Miss, 12 Greenbank terrace
Dickson, Miss, 9 Hope Park terrace
Dickson, Miss, 51 Dick place
Dickson, Miss, 31 India street
Dickson, Miss, 13 Woodburn terrace
Dickson, Miss, 22a Findhorn place
Dickson, Miss, 24 Saxe-Cobourg place
Dickson, Miss, 5 Upper Coltbridge terrace
Dickson, Miss, 3 Royal circus
Dicksons & Co., nurserymen and seedsmen,
1 Waterloo place ; nurseries, Craigmillar ;
Telegraph, 'Dicksons'; Telephone, 1066
Dierch, R. H. M., Queen's Hotel k Restaurant,
172 Constitution street
Dignall, Robert, 16 Brunton place
Digostino, Fred., confectioner, 175 and 208
Leith walk
Dill in. Miss Margaret, small wares, 21 Fox st.
Dillin, Elizabeth, smallwares, 36 Elbe street
Dillon, Patrick, 25 Bread street
Dilly, William, C.A., 30 St Andrew square
Dilly, Mrs, draper, 6 Gillespie place ; house, 10
Gillespie crescent
Dimarco, L., 89 Leith street
Dingley, M. K., stationer and newsagent, 8 E.
Register street
Dingwall, A., 1 Washington street
Dingwall, Daniel, grocer, 9 Thistle place ;
house, 2
Dingwall, Donald, 35 Comely Bank road
Dingwall, James, 9 Bell place
Dingwall, James, glass engraver, 13 Rossie
Dingwall, John A. , tailor and clothier, 136 Easter
road ; house, 160
Dingwall, Robert, 17 Blackwood crescent
Dingwall, Thomas, C.A. , 60 George st. ; house,
15 Kingsburgh road, Murrayfield ; Tele-
phone, 1886 Central
Dinnie, John, 10 Caledonian road
Dippie, James, 7 Burgess terrace ,
Dippie, J. Br, 3 Hailes street
James' squai'e
Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society, 51 Broughton
street ; agent, John Davies ; house, 23 Dublin
Disestablishment Council for Scotland, 13 So.
Charlotte street ; J. Denham, Secretary
Dishart & Rafhn, fancy repository and drapers,
40 Comiston road ; ho. 5 Morningside drive
Dishart, Mrs, Berlin wool repository, 22 Leven
street ; house, 1 3 Panmure place *
Disher, William, 74 Montgomery street
Dishington, Edward, 129 Canongate
Dishington, William, junior, baker and con-
fectioner, 2 East Adam street ; house, 37 St
Leonards street
Dishon, Andrew, 77 Lochend road, Leith
Dishon, Robert C, pie and pastry baker, 48
East Crosscauseway
Dispensary, Edinburgh Provident, 20 Marshall
Dispensary, New Town, 17 Thistle street
Dispensary, Royal, 21 West Richmond street;
secretary, R. C. Gray, S.S.C, 37 Frederick st.
Diss, Martin {Inland Revenue), 17 Brunton pi.
Distillers Company Limited, The ; W. H.
Ross, managing director ; head office, 8, 10,
and 12 Torphichen street ; distillers of fine
malt, old gtill, and patent still grain whiskies.
Distilleries at —
Port Dundas, . Glasgow
Loch Katrine, . Adelphi, Glasgow
Caledonian, . . Edinburgh
Carsebridge, . Alloa
Cameron Bridge, . Fifeshire
Kirkliston, . . West Lothian
Knockdhu, . . Banffshire
Glenochil, Menstrie, by Stirling
Cambus, . . by Stirling
Phoenix Park, . Chapelizod, Co. Dublin
Telegraph, 'Distillers' ; Telephone, 252 & 246
Distillery Co. Ltd., North British, Gorgie road ;
William Andrew, secretary
Diston, Miss, tobacconist and newsagent, 15
Portland place
Distress Committee for the City of Edinburgh,
Archibald Campbell, S.S.C, clerk, 30 Cock-
burn street ; Telephone, 979 Central
District Nurses' Home ; Miss Wilson, 3 Buc«
clench place
Divorty, Mrs, 35 Coates gardens
Divorty, Miss, day and boarding scliool for girls,
35 Coates gardens

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