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Dixon Brothers, grocers and teamen, 1 Heriot
: mount
Dixon, C, & Son, joiners and cabinetmakers, 4
Comiston drive ; house, 13 Greenbank terrace
Dixon, Arthur P., artist (portrait), 47 York
t place ; house, 5 Wardie avenue
Dixon, David A., butcher, 46 Dundas street ;
house, 18 Brandon terrace
Dixon, James, newsagent, 178 Eose street
Dixon, Jas. {Baikie ds D.), 16 Gilniour road
Dixon, James W., 2 Blackwood crescent
Dixon, K. , china merchant, 27 Water street and
105 Kirkgate ; house, 1 East Restalrig terrace
Dixon, R. H., commercial traveller, 247 Cause-
wayside i
Dixon, Thos., draper and clothier, 10 Broughton
■ place
Dixon, T. W., 31 Willowbrae road
Dixon, Mrs J. H., Invertiel house, 46 Blacket
. place
Dixon, Mrs "W. E., 5 Wardie avenue
Dixon, Misses, apartments, 23 Royal crescent
Dixon, Misses, dressmakers, 28 Lauriston place
Dixson & Forrester, W.S., 25 George street;
Telephone, 1044
Dobbie, J. Alexander, & Co., paving and public
works contractors, merchants and agents,
Waverley works, Pattison street ; house, 65
Easter road, Leith
Dobbie, Alexander, 16 Roseneath pl-ace
Dobbie, Andrew, dairyman, 4 Antigua street
Dobbie, David, commercial traveller, 64 Pol-
wartli gardens
Dobbie, D., 20 Caledonian crescent
Dobbie, James, Starbauk house, Laverockbank
Dobbie, James Johnston, M.A., D.Sc, F.R.S.,
Director Royal Scottish Museum, Chambers
street ; house, 27 Polwarth terrace
Dobbie, James Miller, pawnbroker, 45 and 47
Bridge street ; house, Primrose bank, 16
Primrose street
Dobbie, J. (/. A. D. & Co.), 65 Easter road,
Dobbie, J. B., agent, Royal Bank of Scotland,
Broughton District Branch, 9 Mansfield
Dobbie, Joseph {Dalgleish & D.), S.S.C, 21
Hill street
Dobbie, Rev. Lockhart, 115 Dalkeith road
Dobbie, William Ritchie, 10 Ashville terrace
Dobbie, Mrs, 2 Hailes street
Dobbin, Leonard, Ph.D., lecturer on chemistry,
Edinburgh University ; house, 6 Wilton road
Dobie, George, & Son, painters and decorators,
23 George street; Telegraph, 'Dobie'; Tele-
phone, 168
Dobie, John, ironmonger and tinsmith, 11
Comiston road, 8 and 10 Braid road; house,
57' Craiglea Drive
Dobie, John, S.S.C, 8 York buildings
Dobie, Thomas, caretaker, 18 St Andrew square
Dobie, W. Fraser {Geo. D. & Son), 47 Grange rd.
Dobie, Mrs Jane, 12 Springfield street
Dffbie, Mrs, 83 Mayfield road
Dobson Brothers, birtchers, poulterers, and
game dealers^ 74 Morningside road and 14
, Easter road ; Telephone, 569 Central ; house,
45 Colintcn road i .
Dobson, MoUe, & Co. Ltd., wholesale stationers,
bag makers, lithographers, printers, and paper
shaving manufacturers, St Clair works, St
Ciair street, off Ea^ster road ; Telegrams,
'Papermen' ; Telephones, 1020 and 1590
Dobson, Alexander, & Son, slaters, plasterers,
and glazieis, 2 Bernard terrace ; yai'd, 161
Causewayside ; house, 21 Mayfield road
Dobson, Edward, 1 Leven terrace
Dobson, H. J., A.R.C.A., R.S.W., the studio,
108 George street
Dobson, James, 12 Oxford street
Dobson, James, commercial traveller, 35 Dal-
meny street
Dobson, James, 20 Dickson street ■
Dobson, James M., 13 Yeaman i^lace
Dobson, John A., 55 Dudley crescent
Dobson, John R. , 5 Henry place
Dobson, JohnRanken, dentist, 1 Lord Russell pL-
Dobson, Thomas, 84 Marchmont road
Dobson, Thomas, 17 Richmond terrace'
Dobson, Thomas D., 6 John's place, Leith
Dobson, Wm., confectioner, 69 Causewayside
Dobson, William, general public works con-
tractor, Yeaman lane ; house, 8 Polwartli
terrace ; Telephone, Central 1414
Dobson, W. T. , 64 Comiston road
Dobson, W. Turnbull, 1 Sciennes Hill place T]
Dobson, Mrs John, 37 William street
Dobson, Mrs, 10 Gladstone terrace
Dobson, Mrs, 76 Inverleith place
Dobson, Miss, draper, 13a. Bristo place
Docharty, P., 4 Glen street
Docherty, Hugh, 9 Greenside place
Docherty, Hugh, shooting saloon, 14a and 15^
Greenside place
Docherty, John, com. trav., 60 Raeburn place
Docherty, Thomas, 15 Albion road
Doctor, John, 52 Dairy road
Dodd, Rev. Henry, 173 Bruntsfield place
Dodds, Adam, spirit dealer, 521 and 523 LalVB"-
market ; house, 66 Brunswick street
Dodds, Alexander, 51 Dudley ci'escent
Dodds, Alexander R. . 51 Eyehill avenue-
Dodds, C. H., G.A.' (IF. F. d- O. H. D), 4£
Frederick street ; house, 4 Inverleith terrace
Dodds, David, 12 Alderbank place
Dodds, Gilbert E., 156 Dalkeith road
Dodds, H. M., 12 Viewforth square
Dodds, Ja;mes, 14 Springwell place
Dodds, James, wine and spiiit merchant, Guild-
ford Arms, 1 W. Register street ; house, 22"
Spottiswoode road
Dodds, James, printer, 60 St. Leonard's hill
Dodds, James [Belfast Ro2Kwork Co. Ltd.), Ti
Strathearn road
Dodds, James S., 6 St John street
Dodds, John, 11 Blackwood crescent
Dodds, John H. , 6 Albert place, Leith walk
Dodds, Marshall, dairyman, 10 Alvanley ter. p:
house, 32 Merchiston avenue
Dodds, Nicholas F., 25 Royal Park terrace
Dodds, Peter, 13 Gayfield square
Dodds, Richard Hally, engineer, 2 Cambus-
nethan street
Dodds, Robert, 23 Roseneath place
Dodds, Roliert E., com. trav., 39 Mentone tei,
Dodds, R. H., 14 Brunswick road
Dodds, T., 11 Caledonian road

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