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Clarke, Eobert, 18 Canaan lane
Clarke, W. E., 35 Braid, road
Clarke, Mrs J. ¥., 8 Royston terrace
Clarke, Miss, 46 Ann street
Clarkson, Jas. & Co., ham curers and sausage
makers, 34 & 36 Bath st., Leith ; ho. 122
Duke street, Leith
Clarkson, Alexander, 31 Ryehill avenue
Clarkson, Frank V., 96 Pitt street, Leith
Clarkson, George, 17 Hillside crescent
Clarkson, James {com. traveller, Stafford
Northcote & Co. Ltd., London), ■ A:\ Brunts-
field gardens
Clarkson, Jas. C, surgeon-dentist, 20 Forth st.
Clarkson, Joseph, confectioner, 2 Roseburn place
Clarkson, N. M., draper, 195 Morningside road ;
house, 221
Clarkson, Robert, 144 Duke street, Leith
Clarkson, William, park officer. Braid hills
Clarkson, Mrs A., 221 Morningside road
Clarkson, Mrs James, 206 Dairy road
Clason, James H. , 8 Merchiston crescent
Clay, A. Thomson, W.S. (Princjle <L- C),
24 Charlotte sq. ; house, 18 So. Learmonth
. gardens.
Clay, Mrs, 8 Magdala crescent
Cleaning and Lighting Department, City Cham-
bers, 331 High street ; George A.D. Mackay,
Cleave, Fran., R.N"., shipmaster, 7 Trinity eras.
Cleghorn, M., & Co., trunk and portniantean
manufacturers, 13 South St Andrew street and
100 George street ; Telephone, No. 4064 ;
house, 15 Bright crescent
'Cleghorn, A., grocer, 149 St Leonard's street
Cleghorn, Richard, 18 Viewforth
Cleghorn, "William, 6 South Oxford street
Cleghorn, Mrs, 19 Montpelier park
Cleghorn, Mrs, 26 Queen street
Cleghorn, Mrs, 74 Leamington terrace
Clecrhorn, Miss, 30 Easlemont road
CLELAND, H. & D,, Dean Carriage
and Motor Works, Belford bridge ;
Telegraph, 'Motivity'; Telephone,
Cleland, David (H. & D. C), 53 Belford road
Cleland, George, agent. Bank of Scotland branch,
61 Leith walk; house, 15 Braid crescent
Cleland, H. {H. tC- D. C), 59 Belford road
Cleland, John, gi-ocer and spirit, merchant, 30
Damside, Water of Leith ; house, 32
Cleland, Patrick Robert, 6 M'Laren road
Cleland, T., 10 E. Adam street
Cleland, Misses, 1 6 Viewforth gardens
Cleland, Miss, 1 Coates place
Clelland, Mrs, dairykeeper, 19 London street
Clement, William, & Son, agents for United
Creameries Limited, Dunragit, 13 Tarvit
Clement, Adam F. [telegraph engineer N.B.E,),
Egmont, 59 Braid road
Clement, George (freo. G. d: Co.), 17 Yeaman pi.
Clement, James, 7 Caledonian road
Clement, Walter, 4 Haymarket terrace
Clements, Mrs, 28 Shandon street
Clendinnen, Thomas, 10 Wilton road
Clennell, Thos. J., ordnance surveyor, 21 Hugh
,; Miller place
Clephane, Alexander, 10 Chancelot terrace ,
Clephane, George, 18 Parsonsgreen terrace
Clephane, James, gardener. The Cottage, John
Watson's Institution, Belford road
Clephane, John, .drysalter, ■ 154 Pleasance ;
house, Jane cottage, Duddingston
Clephane, W. P., paperhangings manufacturer,
57 High street ; house, tlO Rankeillor street
Clephane, Mrs Hunter, 6 Gladstone terrace
Cleugh, A., 13 Richmond terrace
Cleugh, James M., commercial traveller, 107
Dudley avenue
Cleugh, John, 3 Brandon terrace
Cleugh, Thomas T., cabinet maker and removal
contractor, 218 Morrison street ; house, 73
Haymarket terrace
Cleugh, Mrs, certificated ladies' nurse, 2 Had-
dington place
Cliffe, Robert A., 106 Polwarth gardens
Cliffe, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 135 Bruntsfield place
Clift, Henry, 47 William street
Clingan, W. H., 5 Abbey street
Clippens.Lime Co. Ltd., limeburners, 25 North,
Clode & Baker. Oporto ; agents, W. Helm &
Co., 4 Assembly street
Clouston, T. S., M.D., T.P.R.C.P.E., J.P.,
physician superintendent. Royal Asj'lum ;
house, Tipperlinn house, Morningside place
Clow, W. & A., wood carvers, 108 Hanover
street ; house, 29 Comely Bank road
Clow, Alex. ( TV. <bA. C), 29 Comely Bank road
Clow, James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 237
Clow, Peter, mason, 34 Dean street
Clow, Mrs, 14 Clerk street
Clow, Mrs, 24 Duncan street
Clowe, Simon, 7 South Elgin street
CLUBS (See Index for list. of)
Clues, John A., 10 Dublin street
Clunas, W,, & Co., tile, marble, and slate
merchants, slate enamellers, tilefixers, mosaic
workers, and dealers in grates and interiors,
15 Annandale st., and Gayfield Lane works
Clunas, Hugh, 48 Polwarth gardens
Clunas, Wm. ( W. C. & Co.), 41 Park road
Clunie, Alex., 27 St Leonard's street
Clunie, Alex. F., 20 Noble place, Leith
Clunie, Geo. T., C.A., 2 St Andrew square;
house, 23 Murrayfield gardens
Clunie, Henry, joiner, 15 Fingzies place, Leith
Clunie, James, 23 Noble place, Leith Links
Clunnie, G. T. & Scott, C.A., 2 St Andrew, sq.
Clutterbuck, Miss B. E., 3 Inverleith gardens
Clyde, James, M.A., LL.D., 27 Moray j^lace
Clyde, James Avon, M.A., K.C., 27 Moray pi.
Clyde, John,, electrotyper, 4 Hillside street
Clydesdale Bank Ltd., 29 George st. : branches,
271 High street, 1 Melville place, Croall
place, Leith walk; 11 Easter road, 43 Morning-
side road; 27 Bernard st., Leith ; and High
street, Portobello
Clydesdale Distillery Co. Ltd., Wishaw ; agents,
Robertson & Baxter Ltd., 90 Constitution st,
Clydesdale Tea Company, wholesale tea mer-
chants, 159 Morrison street
Clyne, Daniel, teacher, 24 Blackwood crescent
Clyne, Wm. C. , optician, cutler, and mathe-
matical instrument maker, 69 Nicolson
street; house,.33 St iPatrick square

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