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Clark, J., bootmaker, 221 Canongate
Clark, J. A., picture-frame maker and artists'
material, 108 Bruntsfield place ; liouse, 122
Clark, J. 1)., 19 Caledonian crescent
Clark, J. Smith, S.S.C. {J. & D. S. C), 24
Drumsheugh gardens
Clark, J. T., Crear villa, 196 Ferry road
Clark, J. W., spirit merchant, 76 Newhaven
roa 1
Clark, Jolm, mining engineer, 46 Fountainhall
Clark, John {district superintendent, The Singer
Manufacturing Co.), 113 Brnntstield place
Clark, John, butcher and poulterer, 69 Comely
Bank road ; ho. 9 Saunders street
Clark, John, 14 Melville terrace
Clark, John, 4 Cambridge avenue
Clark, John, 14 Roseneath place
Clark, John, 70 Ashley terrace
Clark, John, 8 Chancelot terrace
Clark, John, 1 AVellington street
Clark, John, printer, 16 Gayfield square
Clark, John, 35 Lauriston gardens
Clark, John, 2 Bellevue terrace
Clark, John, 2 St Peter's place
Clark, John, butcher, 1 Cumberland street
Clark, Rev. Jolm Aitken, clergyman {Cairns
Memorial U.F. Church), 7 Leamington terrace
Clark, John B., 60 Merchiston avenue
Clark, John B., M.A., F.R.S.E., 146 Craiglea
Clark, John H. , master mariner, 9 Derby street
Clark, Sir John M., Bart. {T. & T. €.), 14
Rothesay place
Clark, John M., 16 Fowler terrace
Clark, John T., 18 Roseneath terrace
Clark, Joseph C. , grocer and provision merchant,
38 Easter road ; house, 144 Bruuton gardens
Clark, Lewis A., 8 Pirrie street
Clark, Peter, solicitor, 53 Frederick street ;
house, 8 Bangholm terrace
Clark, Richard, 20 Learmonth terrace
Clark, R., 346 Leith walk
Clark, Kobert, 27 Gilmore place
Clark, Robert, hatter and hosier, 210 Morrison
street ; house, 36 Bonaly road
Clark, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 46
Bridge street ; house, 1 East Cromwell street
Clark, Robert, 4 Cambridge street
Clark, Robert D. , 21 Stanley road
Clark, Thomas, 17 Blackwood crescent
Clark, Thomas, 1 Leven terrace
Clark, Thomas, writer, 31 Scotland street
Clark, Thomas, West Grange stables ; house,
Grange loan
Clark, Thomas ( Whitecross da C), 52 Marchmont
Clark, Thomas G. {T. & T. C), Ormidale,
East Suffolk road
Clark, T. A. { Workshop superintendent, George
HerloVs Hospital School), 23 Mentone terrace
Clark, T. Bennet, C.A., J. P. (i?. cfc E. Scott), 64
Queen st. ; house, Kewmills, Balerno ; Tele-
phone, 6 Currie
Clark, r. L., 6 Middleby street
Clark, T. Rutherfurd, advocate, 17 Gt. Stuart st.
Clark, Yf alter {Museum of Science and Art), 96
Clark, Walter, 18 Carlton street
Clark, Walter, 5 Merchiston grove
Clark, W. Inglis, D.Sc, Rosedene, 29 Lauder
Clark, W. Fordyce, insurance secretary, 4 York
buildings ; house, 10 Lismore crescent
Clark, W. L., 16 Springvalley gardens
Clark, W., 15 Caledonian crescent
Clark, Wm., boot & shoe maker, 74 Albert st.
CLARK, WILLIAM, North British Loan Office,
312 Lawnmarket; house, 3 West Mayfield.
>i<See Adv. index
Clark, William, clerk of works, 7 London road
Clark, William, dairyman, 9 Elbe st. ; house, 5
Clark, William, ,4 Moat street
Clark, William, 15 Warrender Park terrace
Clark, William C, 63 Montgomery street
Clark, William M., 29 AVoodbine terrace
Clark, William V. {G.P.O.), 11 Maryfield pi.
Clark, Dowager Lady, 11 Melville crescent
Clark, Mrs Agnes, 24 Braid crescent
Clark, Mrs A., 156 Dalkeith road
Clark, Mrs A., apartments, 99 Shandwick place
Clark, Mrs A. B., 33 Dublin street
Clark, Mrs Campbell, 127 Marchmont road
Clark, Mrs Chas., Perciville, 36 Willowbrae rd,
Clark, Mrs C. , 5 Viewforth square
Clark, Mrs Elizabeth, baker and confectioner,.
142 & 144 Dalkeith road; ho. 9 Melville
Clark, Mrs E. , 40 Claremont terrace
Clark, Mrs George, 2 Heriot row
Clark, Mrs Isabella, 41 Clerk street
Clark, Mrs John, 2 Gosford place
Clark, Mrs Rose, 8 Jameson place
Clark, Mrs, 13 N.-W. Circus place
Clark, Mrs, 32 Comely Bank street
Clark, Mrs, 2 Hazelbank terrace
Clark, Mrs, 5 Caledonian crescent
Clark, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 31 Nicolson square
Clark, Mrs, 97 Kirkgate
Clark, Mrs, 66 Marchmont road
Clark, Mrs, 11 Dalmeny street
Clark, Mrs, 6 Lauriston park
Clark, Mrs, 34 Comely Bank avenue
Clark, Misses C. & J., dairy, 4 Polwarth cres. ;,
house, 112 Polwarth garilens
Clark, Miss A., milliner, 74 Great Junction st.
Clark, Miss H. G., apartments, 13 Castle ter.
Clark, Miss Isabel, 94 Polwarth gardens
Clark, Miss Rutherfurd, 17 Gt. Stuart street
Clark, Miss Towers, 29 Walker street
Clark, Miss, music teacher, 20 Dundonald street
Clark, Miss, 2 Bellevue terrace
Clark, Miss, dairy, 2 South St James' street
Clark, Miss, 1 6 Gladstone terrace
Clark, Miss, 19 Raeburn place
Clark, Isabella, Kainies road
Clark, Louisa, superintendent, Day Industrial
School, St John's Hill
Clark's Royal British Hotel, 18, 19, and 20
Princes street
Clarke, Alfred J., law clerk, 8 Hermand ter.
(!larke, Andrew, tailor and clothier, 1 Jamaica
street ; house, 16 Learmonth grove
Clarke, Ben. W., 48 Albion road
Clarke, G. I., milliner, 64 Newington road;
house, Argvle crescent, Jopjia
Clarke, J. M., shipmaster, 153 Constitution
street, Leith

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