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Cameron, Mrs, register for servants, 7a London
Cameron, Mrs, 76 Marchmont cret cent
Cameron, Mrs, 13 Panmure place
Cameron, Mrs, 16 Strathearn road
Cameron, Mrs, 16 Kilmaurs road
Cameron, Mrs, 2 Coltbridge gardens
Cameron, Misses, 12 Hartington gardens
Cameron, Miss Agnes, fruiterer, 121 Kirkgate
Cameron, Miss A., 78 Brunswick street
Cameron, Miss M., 63 Montpelier park
Cameron, Miss Minnie, professional nurse, 22
Rutland square
Cameron, Miss M. M., artist, studio, 11 Melville
Cameron, Miss Munro, 27 Dick place
Cameron, Miss S. A., teacher of jpi^i^o, 14
William street
Cameron, Miss, 19 Comely Bank place
Cameron, Miss, 68 Spottiswoode street
Cameron, Miss, china merchant, 137 Lauriston
Cameron, Miss, 120 Buccleuch street
Cameron, Miss, 17 Bellevue crescent
Cameron, Miss, milliner, 47b George st. ; house.
94 Spottiswoode street
Campbell & Co., vinegar manufacturers, etc.,
Albany Street lane
Campbell & Martin, AV.S., 25 Ainslie place
Campbell & Smith, S.S.C, 21 St Andrew sq.
Campbell, Alex. & Son, S.S.C, 29 Albany st. ;
Telephone, 312
Campbell, A. & A., W.S., 51 Castle street
Campbell (Archibald), Hope, & King Ltd.,
brewers to His Majesty the King, and to
H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, Argyle brewery,
17 Chambers street and 147 Cowgate ; malt-
ings, Lyne street ; Telegraph, ' Campbell ' ;
Telephone, 737
Campbell, A.. B., & Sons, tool and machine
makers and brassfinishers, 15 Howe street ;
house, 67 Raeburn place
Campbell, A. & E., painters and decorators,
60a Inverleith row
Campbell, Geo. & Son, fishmongers, 26 Morning-
side road and 18 Staiford street; house,
Cairnduna, 56 Morningside drive
Campbell, G., & Son, jobbing gardeners, 257
Morningside road
Campbell, Hugh, & Son, wholesale tea merchants,
7 Nicolson square
Campbell, J., & Co., drapers and clothiers, 16
Lauriston gardens
Campbell, J. A., & Lamond, C.S. and N.P.,
2 Albyn place
Campbell, J. F. & Co., upholsterers, cabinet-
makers, and furniture dealers, 105, 115, and
117 High street ; house, 14 George iv. Bridge
Campbell, J. & W., & Co., wholesale ware-
housemen (Glasgow), and 30 Hanover street
Campbell, P. & Co., bookbinders, 43 Jeffrey st.
Campbell, P. & P., The Perth Dye Works, 19
Waterloo place, 31 Newington road, 3 View-
forth, and 1 Royston terrace, Goldenacre
Campbell, Stark, & Ross, clothiers and drapers,
21 Lothian street
Campbell, Thomas B., & Co., metal merchants,
lead smelters, and manufacturers, 8 Picardy pi. ;
works, 61 Constitution St. ; Telegraph, 'Metal'
Campbell, W. A., & Sons, painters, 3 W. Mait-
land St.; ho. 3b ; Telephone, 115 x Central
Campbell, Adam, 5 Coltbridge avenue
Campbell, Albert Scott, 6 Leopold place
Campbell, Alexander, 37 Forrest road
Campbell, Alexander, N. B. Railway, 20^
Cambridge avenue
Campbell, Alex., S.S.C. (A. C. dcSon), 29 Albany
street ; house, 6 Bruntsfield crescent
Campbell, Alex., 1 Ferrier street
Campbell, Alex., 33 Thirlestane road
Campbell, Alex., 31 Marchmont crescent
Campbell, Alex., 82 Coburg street
Campbell, Alex., 62 Marchmont road
Campbell, A., 16 Marchmont crescent
Campbell, A., 3 South Oxford street
Campbell, A., newsagent and tobacconist, S
St Leonards street
Campbell, A. D. , 8 Bellevue crescent
Campbell, A. J., 10 East Hermitage place
Campbell, A. Lome, architect, 44 Queen street ;
house, 7 Inverleith terrace
Campbell, A. Menzies, house paintel- and
decorator, 36 Fowler ter. ; ho. 34
Campbell, A. {The Falcon Cycle Depot), 207
Morningside Road ; house, 257
Campbell, A. N., agent for Commercial Union
Assurance Co. Ltd., 15 Hartington pi.
Campbell, A. R., painter and decorator, 11 West
Maitland street
Campbell, A. S., 15 Scone gardens
Campbell, A. W., tailor, 3 Airlie place
Campbell, Andrew, 49 Thirlestane road
Campbell, Angus, 3 Freer street
Campbell, Sir Archibald, Bart., advocate, 23
Moray place
Campbell, Archibald, S.S.C. {Connell & C),
10 North St David st. ; house, 80 Great King
street ; Telephone, 1358
Campbell, Arch. B., W.S. {Mylne db C, W.S.),
12 Lansdowne crescent
Campbell, Benjamin, 22 Gilmore place
Campbell, Bruce, 10 Greenbank place
Campbell, Buchanan, W.S. {Bell <fc C), 22"
Rutland street ; house, 7 Lansdowne
Campbell, Charles, 7 Kemp place
Campbell, Charles F. , vocalist, 13 Comely
Bank grove
Campbell, Crawford, 28 Hillside crescent
Campbell, C. D., 21 Montagu terrace
Campbell, C. M'Arthur, L. D.S.Ed., 2 North.
Charlotte street
Campbell, Colin, 27 Drummond place
Campbell, Daniel, 13 Glengyle terrace
Campbell, Daniel, 59 M'Donald road
Campbell, Daniel, 44 Montpelier park
Campbell, Daniel M., telegraphist (G. P.O.), 157
Morningside road
Campbell, David, S.S.C, 31 Moray place ^
house, 7 Merchistcn park
Campbell, David, 3 Wellington street
Campbell, D., 6 Summerhall square
Campbell, D., 3 Brunton terrace
Campbell, D. H., 189 Ferry road
Campbell, D. M., 24 Caledonian road
Campbell, D. Robertson, L.D.S.Ed., D.D.S.,
2 North Charlotte street ; Telephone, 2605'

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