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Campbell, Donald, M.A., teacher, 61 Ashley
terrace, jSTorth Mercbiston
Campbell, Donald, chemist and druggist, 255
Great Junction street ; house, 175
Campbell, Donald, F.E. I.S., 1 Roseueath street
Campbell, Donald, 17 Teviot place
Campbell, Duncan ( Win. Hodge & Co.), 8 North
Bank street
Campbell, Edward, 4 Bright's crescent
Campbell, Edward, 1 3 Springvalley terrace
Campbell, Ewen {H. C. dk Son), 12 Drummond
Campbell, Eraser, auctioneer and furniture
dealer, 53, 55, and 59 St Stephen st. ; ho. 77
Campbell, George, W.S. and N.P., 51 Castle
street ; house, 2 Chester street
Campbell, George, 30 Gosford place
Campbell, George, 17 S. St James' street
Campbell, George [janitor, United Free Normal
School), Moray House, Canongate
Campbell, George A. {Toimisend <& Thomson),
79 George street ; house, 173 Bruntsfield pi.
Campbell, George N., 4 Dalkeith road
Campbell, G. C, Depute Town - Clerk, 31
Charlotte street, Leith
Campbell, G. W. B., 29 Comely Bank avenue
Campbell, H., 17 West Preston street
Campbell, H. J., 26 Easter road
Campbell, Hector, 51 Easter road
Campbell, Henry F. W., 74 Marchmont road
Campbell, Hugh Alex., conmiercial traveller, 18
Meadowbank terrace
Campbell, Hugh, tailor and clothier, 8 Glad-
stone jilace, Leith.
Campbell, Hugh A. {A. C. d- Son), solicitor, 29
Alban}' street ; house, 6 Bruntsfield crescent
Campbell, Hugh N. M., 48 Merchiston avenue
Campbell, James, 16 Hay terrace
Campbell, James, grocer, wine and spirit
merchant, 12 Leven street ; ho., 39 Viewforth
Campbell, James, insurance broker and business
agent, 2 Lochi'in place
Campbell, James, agent, 16 Hart street
Campbell, James, 73 Easter road, Leith
Campbell, James, 1 Westtield road
Cami^bell, James, 1a Dorset place
Campbell, James, spirit merchant, 172 Pleasance
Campbell, James, gardener, 61 Torphichen st.
Campbell, James E., 1 Brunswick street
Campbell, James M'K., 9 Viewforth square
Campbell, James P. , law agent, 55 Castle street ;
house, 155 Mayfield road
Campbell, J., fishmonger, 7 West Adam street
Campbell, J., 6 Mansfield place
Campbell, J. W., cork manufacturer, 31 Queen
street, Leith
Campbell, John (J. C. tb Co.), 16 Lauriston
Campbell, John, bookseller and librarian, 11
St Patrick square : house, 12 Dalkeith road
Campbell, John, 29 Lauriston gardens
Campbell, John, 16 Grindlay street
Campbell, John, 81 Cumberland street
Campbell, John, 5 Morningside drive
Campbell, John, S.S.C. {Mylne ds C, W.S.),
Millearne, 10 Gillsland road
Campbell, John, butcher, 40 and 102 High st. \
house, 15 Leven terrace ; Telephone, 1681
Campbell, John, house painter, 161 Warrender
Park road ; house, 1 Alvanley terrace
Campbell, John, plumber, 262 Causewayside ;
liouse, 260
Campbell, John, gardener, 20 Yeaman place
Campbell, John, invalid attendant and certifi-
cated medical rubber, 28 Cathcart place
Campbell, John, Prudential Assurance agent,
104 Spottiswoode street
Campbell, John, 18 Buchanan street
Campbell, John, 4 Deanpark street
Campbell, John, 139 Buceleuch street
Campbell, John S. [G. Campbell & Son), fish-
monger, 24 Morningside road
Campbell, John S., printer, 9 Thistle street
Campbell, John T., 37 Fountainbridge
Campbell, Kenneth, 11 Collins place
Campbell, Lt. -Colonel, Governor H.M. Prison,
30 Waterloo place
Campbell, Colonel Montagu D., 34 Abercromby
Campbell, Malcolm, wine and spirit merchant,
186 Easter road
Campbell, Malcolm, M.A., M.B., B.Ch.,
F.R.C.S.E., 17 Walker street; Telephone,
Campbell, Matthew, tea agent, 10 Forth street;
house, 14 Brunstane road, Joppa
Campbell, M., grocer, 26a. West Port
Campbell, Murdoch, joiner, 20 Sandport st. ;
house 39 Albany street, Leith
Campbell, Neil, 1 Glengyle terrace
Campbell, Otto, 37 Bryson road
Campbell, P. J., 38 York place; house, 26
Findhorn place
Campbell, P. (G.P.O.), 33 Darnell road
Campbell, P., 35 Caledonian crescent
Campbell, P. Sturrock, 2 St Peter's buildings
Campbell, P. W., W.S., P.C.S., 25 Ainslie place ;
house, 25 Moray place
Campbell, Peter, 22 Heriothill terrace
Campbell, Peter, 4 Royston terrace
Campbell, Peter, solicitor, 143 Princes street;
house, 15 Polwartli crescent
Campbell, Peter, s})irit merchant, 93 and 95
Buceleuch st ; ho- 137 St Leonard's st.
Campbell, Peter, 8 Avondale place
Campbell, Reginald H., artist, 24 Shandwick
Campbell, R., blacksmith, 125 High street;
house, 46 Marchmont crescent
Campbell, R. J. {G. P.O.), 5 Argyle Park fcetrftce
Campbell, R. S., 5 Perth street
Campbell, R. T., 13 Dalmeny street
Campbell, Robert, 1 Dorset place
Campbell, Robt. ( T. B. G. & Co. ), 7 Lansdowne
Campbell, Rob. shipmaster, 10 Allan st. Leith
Campbell, Robert, 31 Bread street
Campbell, Robert, architect, 15 Bellevue place
Campbell, Robt, bootmaker, 5 Northumberland
Campbell, Robert, 64 Comiston road
Campbell, Samuel, coach-hirer, 50 Merchiston
avenue and 1 Dorset place
Campbell, S. Scott, 31 St Stephen street
Campbell, Thomas, 31 Falcon avenue
Campbell, Thomas, 1 Learmonth place
Campbell, Thos., painter, 5 East Adam street

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