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Oliver, Thomas, esq. Lochend
W. wine merchant and grocer, IMansfield
pi. — house 48 London street
W. grocer and spirit dealer, 152 Cowgat?
■ Mrs, midwife and nurse, .51 Nicolson st,
■ Mrs, ladies' nurse, 4 Raeburn place
Mrs, 3 Saunders street
Miss, G Rankeillor street
Miss, 8 London street
Oman, John, jeweller, 11 Canning place
Mrs Charles, hotel, 6 Cliarlotte square
Miss, 3 Ahercromby place
Omond, Robert, M. D. Fellow of the Royal
College of Surgeons, 4 Forres street
Miss J. grocer, Hillhousefield
O'Neil, A. figure maker and fireworker, 16 w.
Register street
John, clothier, 5Q St Mary's wynd
Ordnance Office, Castle, and Leith Fort
Orme, Miss, 67 Great King street
Ormiston, G. snoith & ironmong. 100 George st.
John, baker, 3 Orchardfield place
■ John, gardener, 29 Haddington place
Ormston, Frederick, writer, 59 Laurieston pi.
■ H. bookseller and stationer, IS south
College street — ho. 59 Laurieston place
Mrs, 59 Laurieston place
Orphan Hospital, Dean, J. G. Wood, treas.
Orphoot, John, printer, 46 Nicolson street —
house 25 Gilmore place
Orr and Martin, e.sqs. W.S. SAthoIe crescent
Orr, Alexander, solicitor, 6 Leopold place
Andrew, letter-carrier, 9 Baker's place
Charles J. F. esq. W.S. 3 Atholl crescent
Capt. E. M., E. L C. S., 59 York place
Js. painter &' glazier, 23 Crosscauseway
■ James {Scott and Or?-), J 3 Forth street
Captain J. superint. Scot. Naval and
Military Academy, 43 St Cuthbert street
1 Jn. paper-sorter, (G. P. 0.) 3S Abbey hill
• Jo. wine & spirit mercht. 6 so. College st.
• Patrick, esq. W.S. 15 Moray place
Mrs M. A. 8 Northumberland fetreet
Mrs, green grocer, Broughton Market
' Miss A. 22 Brovighton place
Orrock and Romanes, bookbinders, 35 So.brid.
Alex, spirit and wine merchant, 48 Dun-
das street
— — Alex, bookbinder, 16 Salisbury street
■ Charles, tailor, 26 Frederick street
■ James, tailor, 1 Leslie place
James, esq. surgeon- dentist, 2 York pi.
? Misses, milliners, &c. 6 Northumber. pi.
Oswald, J. tobacco and snufF manufacturer,
5 Lothian st. — ho. 59 Laurieston place
Rev. John, teacher, Heriot's Hospital
Mrs, (of Dunnikier), 26 Moray place
Outram, Mrs, 18 Pitt street
Owen, Charles, painter and glazier, 2 West
Preston street
■ J. S. esq. 19 London street
Oxley, George, spirit dealer, 280 Canongate
' George, hat manufacturer, 327 Canong.
— — John, spirit dealer, 123 Canongate
Pack, Dr J. G. 12 Howe street
Packwood, Tho. shipmaster, 21 Couper st.
Padmore, John, spirit dealer, Jock's lodge
Padon, Thomas, writer, 15 Hart street
Mrs, 15 Hart street
Pagan, Oswald, spirit dealer, 10 High riggs
- — Dr, M.D. F.R.C. of surgeons, 3 Melville
Pairman, J, portrait painter, 30 Royal Circus
— Wm. grocer, 3 south Richmond street
— house 16 Salisbury street
Pallatmum Life Assurance, 96 George st.
— See Appendix
Palleser, ]\I. grocer & spirit dealer, 4 Home st.
Palmer, David, hairdresser, 13 St Anthony pL
Geo. Wright and house factor, Newhaven
— Jas. teacher of music, 1 7 so. St James st.
— John, manufacturer, 5 Canning place
— William hosier, 15 Earl Grey street
— Misses, straw-hat makers, 9 Canning pi.
Pantons and M'Intosh, clothiers, 11, 14, & 15,
Bank street
Panton, Geo. English teach, Geo. Heriot's Hos.
— Wm. {P. and JU'Jntosh)— house 3 Fin-
gal place
— Miss Jane, teacher. Orphan Hosp. Dean
Pargiter, G. tea dealer & newspaper agent, 19
Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Paris, John, boot & shoemaker, 98 Kirkgate
T. builder & spirit dealer, 61 Cumb. st.
Parke, Alex, teacher and translator of French,
17 Dundas street
Park, Andrew, timber merchant, Leith walk
Arch. & Jn. tea, wine, & spirit merchts.
5 Hunter sq.
Eben. coach- builder, Clyde street lane
John, esq. advocate, 14 Frederick street
John, surgeon, R.N. 15 Hart street
Robt. merchant, 23 London street
Tho. boot and shoemaker, 161 West port
Tho. boot and shoemaker, 8 India place
Thos. tailor and clothier, 76 Thistle st.
—ho. 47
Wm. Wright, Circus lane
Wm. esq. stamp & taxes 10 Middleby st,
Mrs Jlungo, 5 west Claremont street
Mrs, 2 west Nicolson street
Mrs, sicknurse, Gibb's entry
Miss, 15 Hart street
Miss Jane, toy shop, 19 Clerk street
Misses, 2 Carlton street
Parker, Jn. esq. S.S.C, prin. extractor Court
of Session, Regr. ofiSce — h. 7 Mary pi.
John {Legacy Duty), 21 Buccleuch place
■ Matthew, oil merchant, 19 Crown street
- — William, cabinet maker, York lane
house 25 Regent arch
Parlane, Miss, lodgings, 16 Cumberland street
Pasley, Thomas, esq. 1 St John's place
Paston, Miss, 33 east Ciaiemont street

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