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Paterson and Roy, pianoforte and music sa-
loon, 27 George street
' and Co. grocers, 8 north Melville place
Adam ( G. P. Office), 1 Francis place
— — Adam, esq. W.S. 11 India street
. Alex. (Aitchison, P. Sf Co.), 1 Hillside
I Andrew, machine maker, 29 Leith walk
— ho. 1 Elm row
Andrew, jun. (A. andJ. P.) 5RomilIypl.
' ' A. & J. smiths, St Cuthbert's lane
■ • Arch, silk mercer and linen draper, 65
George street — house 7 Annandale st.
' David F. comm. agent, 3 Johnston's pi.
David, brassfounder, 39 George street
— — Geo. (teller B. of Scotland), 35 Minto st.
George, builder, 13 Montgomery street
Dr Geo. F.R.C.P. of surgeons, 12 Nor-
thumberland street
James, builder, 82 Rose street
.Jas. {Romanes and Paterson), 4 India st.
J. watchmaker, 429 High st. — h. Toller.
James plasterer, Bellevue cres. — ho. 24
Greenside st.
I Jas. jun. modeller, Bellevue cres. — h. 24
Greenside st.
Jas. {Stamp and Taxes), Glower Gray st.
■ James, esq. advocate, 54 Northumber-
land street
James {A. &c J. P.) 5Romilly place
i i J. grocer and spirit dealer, 9 e. Grey st.
— — John, solicitor-at.law, 4 Bank street
J. W. cabinet and fancy turner, east
Thistle street lane— ho. 39 Thistle st.
. John, farmer, Blackford
John, esq. Coltbridge house
Rev. Dr John, 12 Northumberland street
John, esq. S.S.C. 47 Albany street
— — John, cowfeeder, Duke street, Leith
John, vintner, 21 Fleshmarket close
— — John and son, machine and patent axle
maker, 25 Greenside row
. Matthew, bookseller and publisher, 7
Union place
Maurice, bookbinder, 21 Catherine street
R. (P. and Roy), 27 George street
Robert, button and trimming warehouse,
313 High street
-, Robert, architect, 138 Causewayside
Robt. flesher, 19 Richmond place
' Robt. late of excise, 52 Constitution st.
Robert, M.D. Madeira street
— — Robert, jun. painter, Sandport street
. Tho. grocer, wine, and spirit merchant,
5 east Register st — house 3
— — Thomas, builder, 6 Earl Grey street
William and Son, dyers and scourers, 87
Princes street — house 1 ToUcross
Rev. William, teacher, 451 Lawnmarket
■ William, gardener, Dean
William, hairdresser, 32 Horse wynd
Mrs A. 2 Upper Gray street
Mrs Ann, lodgings, 7 Charles street
r Mrs A. 16 Chapel street
Paterson, Mrs, 23 Duke street
Mrs George, 39 Dublin street
Mrs James (of Carpow), 111 Princes
Mrs M. spirit dealer, 2 Saunders street
Mrs, lodgings, 5 Dundas street
Mrs, 26 Windsor street
Mrs, 1 Hillside crescent
Mrs Isabella, hair manufr. 20 Rose st.
Mrs John, jun. card manufac. 16 Char-
lotte street, Leith
Mrs Robert, Madeira street
Mrs, 47 Albany street
Mrs, 51 Hope park end
Miss, dressmaker, 108 George street
Miss, 52 Albany street
Miss, milliner, &c. 61 Broughton street
Miss J. straw-hatmaker, 5 Salisbury st.
Miss Mary (of Castle Huntly), 11 War-
riston crescent
Miss, teacher, 7 Charles street
Miss, dressmaker, 24 Nicolson street
Misses (of Castle Huntly), 9 Brandon st.
's Comm. tavern and hotel, 13 Terrace,
Leith St.
Patterson, Henry, agent, 17 Fettes row
Hugh, writer, 16 Broughton place
■ James, leather merchant, 4 Princes street
J. R. {Edin. Foundenj), 12 Maryfield
Wm. esq. S.S.C. 8 Manor pi.— h. 14
Hope street
Mrs'j. B., 6 Comely bank
Mrs, 14 Hope street
Mrs, W. 31 Cumberland street
Paton & Fleming, tobacco and snutf manufac-
turers, 28 Princes street
and Gemble, printers, 4 N.W. Circus pi.
Alex, boot and shoemaker, 28 So. bridge
■ A. shoemaker, 1 south east Circus place
A. saddler and harness maker to her Ma-
jesty, and accoutrement maker to the
Board of Ordnance, 1 Princes st. Re-
gister St.
David, builder, 1 7 Greenside street
H. printseller, carver and gilder to the
Queen and Duchess of Kent, head of
Horse wynd. College. — See A2)p.
Jas. spirit dealer, 3 Haddington place
John, builder, 66 Great King stree:f
John, mason, 26 Earl Grey street
Thomas, solicitor, 14 Elder street
— — ' Thos. bookseller and stationer, 4 n.-west
Circus pi. — house G6 Great King street.
Walter, cabinetmaker, 16 Brandon st.
Walter, surveyor for Lloyd's, Dock gates
, — ho. 2 Bank place
Walter, spirit dealer, 16 Leven street
William, victual dealer, 3 Baker's place
Mrs, 5 Archibald place
— — Mrs. 24 Gayfield square
Miss, 7 London street
Patton, George, esq. advocate, 38 Frederick st.
Thomas, esq. W.S. 38 Frederick street
Patten, John, esq. W.S. 1 Fettes row

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