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$'7 Insurance Companies,
^tsx'mui) Wixmn
In considering the numerous Establishments, formed and
forming, for carrying on the business of Life Insurance, the
public attention is called to the following leading points re-
lative to this Establishment : —
First, — That it ranks, in point of business, above every
other Life Insurance Office, except the Equitable Society
of Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London.
Second, — That from the great extent of its business, the
advantage of an average decrement of life, so essential to
the prosperity of a Life Insurance Office, is secured.
Third, — The security of an accumulated Fund of up-
wards of One IMiUion, in addition to an annual Income of
■Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds per annum.
Fourth, — The distribution of the whole profit amongst
the parties insured, which, at June 1816, was declared to
be twenty per cent; at July, 1823, twenty-four per cent ;
and at July, 1830, twenty-five per cent, making in all
sixty-nine per cent.
Fifth, — The reduction of its rates, which is equivalent
to an annual bonus.
Sixth, — The insured are permitted to go in steam or
other decked vessels, to and from any part of the United
Kingdom ; and in time of peace, to and from any part of
the Continent, situate between the Elbe and Brest, without
being required to pay any additional premium, or procure
a license from the Directors.
This Society was originally established in 1797.
It is a part of the constitution of the Society, that losses
may be substantiated before local Committees, a system
which greatly facilitates the prompt settlement of claims.
The capital of the Society is L.530,000, and the parties
insured are completely guaranteed from all responsibility.
The Fire Society is wholly distinct from the Life.
In proof of the public confidence in the principles and
conduct of this establishment, it may be sufficient to state,
that the duty for the year ending on the 2oth March last,
amounted to L. 62,385, 18s. 2d. ; and that the total busi-
ness of the Society now exceeds roRTy-rouB, millions.
Chief Office for Scotland,
Board of Management for Scotland.
Sir H. Jardine, K. R., Chairman,
Alex. Wood, Esq.
John Ferrier, Esq. W.S,
Robert Hall, Esq.
John Craig, Esq.
Alex. Scot, Esq. W. S.
Wm. Dallas, Esq. W.S.
Cashiers — The Royal Bank.
Surgeon — William Newhigging, Esq.
fSecre^arj/^-Fraucis Bridges.

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