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Watson^ David, innkeeper, 11 Candlemaker row
George, esq. W.S. 5 Picardy place
George, esq. portrait painter, 10 Forth street
G. (of National Bank), 2 Queen street
George, writer, 7 south Charlotte street
. George, bookseller & auctioneer, 7 so. College st.
Henry George, esq. accountant, .^2 Albany street
Hugh, and James Haig, esqrs. W.S. 1 Charlotte
Hugh, esq. W.S. 1 Charlotte square
Inglis, coal agent, 3 Grove place
James, esq. W.S. 12 Henderson row
James, spirit dealer, 152 High street
Captain James, R.N. 21 east Claremont street j ^^
James, bookbinder, 6 Milne square ^
.James, cooper, foot of Dickson's close
James, spirit dealer, 17 Salisbury street
James, musician, 2 Greenside place
Jeremiah, grocer, 61 north back of Canongate
Captain J. 50 Rankeillor street
John, grocer, 6 India place — ho. 6 Saunders st.
John, wine merchant, 5 Picardy place
John, manager and treasurer of the Gas Light
Co. 6 Annandale street
• John, tailor and clothier, 219 High street
.John, confectioner, 2 Union place
John, Wright and picture frame maker, Union
street — house 9 Antigua street
Lieut. John, 5 Duke street
John, tailor and furnisher, 35 Bristo street
Peter, victual dealer, 32 Abbeyhill
Robert, and Son, builders. Mound place
Kobert, esq. Comely garden
Robert, accountant, St Andrew square
Robert, coach & harness maker, 1 12 Canongate
Stewart, portrait painter, 2!) Gilmour place
Tbomas, esq. 2 Morningslde place
Thos. cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 5 Elm row
M'alter, esq. 3 Charlotte square
W. Smellic, esq. portrait painter, 10 Forth street
Wm. (of Finlny and Watson), 16 Calton street
Mrs A. 19 Union street
Mrs George, It Argyle square
Mrs James, 16*2 Rose street
I\Irs, 5 Picardy place
Mrs, 35 Dublin street
Mrs, 7 Union street
Miss, 2 Alva street
Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 1 6 Salisbury st.
Miss, 3 Gloucester place
Miss, is Leopold place
's HospiTAi., Meadows — Samuel Aitken, trea-
surer, 12 Bank street
's, .John, Institution, Dean
Watt and Cornwall, esqs. W.S. 19 Elder street
and Macalpin, watchmakers, 1'5 Princes street
Alexander, tailor and clothier, 20 South bridge
Alexander H. Jeweller, 100 Lauriston place
Alexander, of General Post Office, 86 Canongate
Alex, tailor, 1 Simon sqiiarc
Andrew, saddler, 7 south St David Street
— — And. wooden^dish maker, 29 Blackfriars wynd

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