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Watt, Andrew, upholsterer, 1 Maitland street
David, seal engraver, 37 North bridge
George, surgeon, esq. 29 Drummond place
George, esq. W.S. 29 Drummond place
George, lodgings, 18 Drummond street
Hugh, bookseller and stationer, 44 Leith street
James, wright, 22 Dean street
James, working jeweller, 17 Rose street
J. B. (of Watt and Cornwall), 19 Elder street
— — James, veterinary surgeon, 6 James place
James, spirit merchant, 7 Causewajside
James, lodgings, 11 Calton street
Mark, esq. 25 Minto street
Peter, esq. accountant, 25 Queen street
Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 12 Grassmarket
Thomas, esq. of Allanhill, 1 1 east Claremont st.
Thos. tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 22 Union pi.
Wm. (oiirXean and Watt,) 11 e. Claremont st.
William, smith and ironmonger, 6 Elder street
Mrs Alexander, lodgings, 24 Arthur street
Mrs John, 11 King's place
Wauchope, And. ivory turner and toy shop, 21 South.
bridge — house 9 Salisbury road
— — George, esq. 8 IMoray place
Mrs David, 6 Manor place
Mrs John, 28 Abercromby place
Miss, of Niddry, 54 George square
Miss, 4 Great King street
Wauch, Captain, R.A. Trinity
Waugh & Innes, booksellers to his Majesty, 2 Hunter.
square, and 31 Hanover street
John (of Waugh and Innes), 60 George square
John, late teacher, 3 Norton place
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 65 Fountainbridge
William, bread and biscuit baker, 51 Thistle st.
Mrs, of Foxhall, 8 Grove street
Miss, 20 Rankeillor street
Webb, John, shoemaker, 60 Princes street
Mrs, midwife, 7 little King street
Webster, Alex, upholsterer, 29 Thistle street
Francis, esq. W.S. 13 Drummond place
George, surgeon, 5 Gibb's entry
George, writer, 19 Pitt street
James, factor. Laverock villa, Newhaven
John, watchmaker, 107 West port
John, merchant, 14 Adam street
Robert, esq. S.S.C. of Signet office, 3 Hanover st,
— house IS Comely bank
Thomas W. esq. advocate, 13 Drummond place
William, grocer and spirit dealer, Morocco close
• Mrs, 13 Drummond place
Miss, lodgings, 3 west Register street
Misses, 17 Meadow place
WadJell, James, writer, 25 Dundas street
William, esq. W.S. 25 "O'alker street
William, esq. 21 George square
Weddell, Jas. confectioner and grocer, 8 Hanover st.
James, & Co. manufacturers, hosiers, and glovers,
1 so. St Andrew st. — ho. 71 wester Newington
Thomas, manufacturer of hosiery, 4(5 South bridge
*-— ]\Jr.s, 5 Keir street
i3W(^ff Hti.

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